You did it! You have finally moved out of your parent’s house or rented apartment and bought your very first house! Great job, but if you bought it without any furniture and the next step is home furnishing.

So what should you do? What should you look for? What are the main things that you cannot live without? A house requires a lot more furniture than a tiny apartment or room in your parents’ house.

If you find yourself in a hurry to get a lot of new furniture, then this post is just for you – so stop, put that phone away. Facebook can wait.

And meanwhile, let’s take a look at some tips that will help you with home furnishing for the very first time.

Importance of Home Furnishing

home furnishing

Well, the basic idea is that you cannot live without furniture in your house, right?

So that part is taken care of.

But – just buying some random furniture off the market is not a good idea and if you buy something you don’t like or if it doesn’t even match with your room colors or whatever – you are going to be very disappointed.

Your house has to be the kind of place where you get your strength back after a long day at work – it is your safe house from everyday stress. Your comfort zone.

Furnishing serves as an indication of what a corner or a room will be used for. So, before you buy furniture, you need to carefully plan out every inch of your house.

You need to decide where your living room will be, where your tv will fit in and so on. Because if you don’t plan everything the way you want, you will regret it later. Maybe even end up remodeling your house, and then what?

The furniture you bought may still not fit in some places or will look really ugly somewhere else and a whole host of problems like that.

Types Of Home Furnishing

There are a lot of different types of home furnishing, but we will just take a look at some popular ones.

Like soft furnishing for example. That can relate mostly to your living room and rooms that are meant to be used as a lounge, bedroom or something similar.

Soft Furnishing

Chances are, you haven’t even heard about soft furnishing before. What is that, you ask?

It is everything that is related to soft fabrics furniture. For example:

  • Pillows
  • Rugs
  • Towels
  • Window Dressings
  • Bedspread and bedding
  • Lampshades

soft furnishing

That is a great way to furnish your house – but it also says a great deal about your style.

Textured fabrics tend to feel contemporary and relaxed, while sleek, smooth fabrics are elegant and refined.

Modern Furnishing

modern furnishing

Most people choose this home furnishing style because it is the latest and, according to me, at least, the best.

Yes, okay, some people like vintage decorations, but not me. I am the kind of person who always chooses a modern style.

Here are some modern furniture ideas.

Entertainment Center

This is as modern as it gets. A big wooden wall with a TV holder and a small table for your DVD, speakers and maybe an Xbox or a PlayStation.

Coffee Table

coffee table

Have you seen this in a room that is decorated in vintage style? Well, me neither. Because this table design will not fit in with a vintage style room.

This is something like a style nowadays. Great color and design. And the best thing is – it’s made of wood. I personally like wooden coffee tables more than glass ones.

Modern Kitchen

modern kitchen

Open concept kitchen is a trend in this century. Only someone who was very rich and could afford expensive furniture in the 20th century had this kind of home furnishing back then. But now? It’s almost in every home.

And it looks a lot better than if the kitchen were a separate room, too. In my opinion, this kind of arrangement gives you more space.

Grafomap Poster

Every modern style house should have Grafomap poster on their wall.

You can hang it anywhere – home office, kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom. There are no limitations on this one.

And the best part is – you can edit it and choose the design and city or ranch as you like.

Modern Bathroom Ideas

Since we spend a lot of time in a day in the bathroom, it only makes sense to pay more attention to it.

No one really thinks about the bathroom while furnishing their homes. But I think everyone should!

From bright and cheery to sophisticated and imposing, modern bathrooms have long gone beyond the limit of space.

These modern details transform dull bathrooms into fantastic relaxation spots and refreshing spaces.

Freestanding Bathtubs

Freestanding bathtubs are something from modern design ideas list. It keeps things symmetrical and sharp in your bathroom. Traditionally bathtubs come with round corners, but why you should buy something that is in every home?

Shower Room

This bathroom design is something that is starting to appear in every house and apartment.

It looks pretty cool, right? I would love to have this kind of a shower in my own home. Unfortunately, I live in a small apartment and I cannot build one of these for myself.

Modern Home Office Furniture

Not everyone works at big skyscrapers and other office buildings. More and more people prefer to work from their home – in their home office.

So what should you have in your home office and what kind of furniture should you choose?

Here is a great example of a very modern home office:

Nothing unnecessary. Just a table, comfy chair, and some bookshelf. That is it.

And that is what your home office should look like, You don’t need everything that is in big office buildings. If you run your business from home – this is enough.

Maybe you can even buy a couch to relax for some time while working:

Here are some home office pictures you can take inspiration from:

Contemporary Artwork

Make your office your own and consider hanging a large, bold contemporary artwork in your office. By hanging with pride, choose between a stunning portrait of a calming scenery or a thought-provoking portrait, you can add both style and character to an otherwise serious room.


There are no limits whatsoever on what you can do. You can buy any furniture you like, as long as you plan everything out.

Of course, it depends a lot on how much money you can afford to spend. So don’t spend on something you can’t afford. You don’t want to sell your car if you need a new sofa.