There are many pivotal moments in one’s life – graduating college, getting your dream job, getting married… One of those life-changing moments for sure is also moving into a house or apartment.

Settling down might not seem like an exciting idea when you are younger. However, it gets a lot more so, when thinking about private space you no longer have to share with family or roommates – creating your own little zen space.

Moving in together as a couple can be even more so life changing – it might be the first time you will share your space with someone else and organizing can turn that very excitement into a very busy and stressful time in someone’s life.

And that’s where friends and family step in – taking care of all the practical things and housewarming gift ideas for the couple that the couple wouldn’t have thought of just yet.

And if you are someone who has been invited to a housewarming party without a register, but doesn’t know where to look or what to look at – we got you covered!

Practical housewarming gifts

If the couple who’s housewarming you’re attending is a lot more practical, than they are fussy about the designs, then you might be lucky.

These kinds of gifts are always guaranteed to be highly appreciated because they take a lot of everyday worry out of the equation. Plus you don’t have to worry whether or not this gift will fit their taste, because some things are just necessary and serve a very simple purpose – one that is not designed.

These are housewarming gift ideas for couple, that everyone would appreciate, but especially those who would value a vacuum cleaner a lot more than a design made a ceramic vase.

Bissel Upright Vacuum

Speaking of vacuum cleaners. If this isn’t the handiest of things you’ve ever seen or heard of in the world of households and housekeeping, then we don’t know what is!

Long gone are days when you had to drag a big, bulky machine around your house. Bend over and under to get to the not so easily accessible places.

This upright vacuum ensures that you’ll very easily reach any place in your home without a problem!

A vacuum is definitely one of the first things a couple moving in would want to receive as a gift, especially after that housewarming party they’re throwing… One of the most practical housewarming gift ideas for couple!

8-piece Ceramic Cooking Set

Often times, when a young couple moves in, they want to start fresh. This means that they would leave their old lives behind to begin a new life together, in the new house or apartment.

This can be a very exciting and a very creative process for some, but for others it just means that a lot of things will need to be bought new, to replace the old ones.

If this is your friends, then they will probably need a new and beautiful quality cooking set, to match their new and beautiful kitchen.

This ceramic 8-piece set will not only cover basics in the kitchen – it is so pleasant for the eyes, that it can also be used as serving trays until they get new china!

If there’s one synonym to practical, it would be – multi-purpose. And this set is just that and certainly not one of the expected housewarming gift ideas for couple!

ANVISH Steamer

There are obvious practical things for a house. And then there are housewarming gift ideas for couple that only special people think about.

If you want to be one of those special people and have your couple friends be forever grateful for having you as a friend – then this is the perfect gift!

Moving into a new place is always overwhelming and often means that the simplest things can be forgotten to pack or even buy. This steamer is one of those housewarming gift ideas for couple, that they will only remember not having when they need it the most. And how awesome it is for you to take care of that stress!

15 piece Kitchen Knife Set

It isn’t a real home, without a fully functioning kitchen. And it isn’t a fully functioning kitchen, without a really good, quality made knife set!

Gift your couple friends this beautiful and very useful kitchen knife set to help them make use of their kitchen immediately. There is nothing more important than having things ready for when you move into a house, for functional living.

Few of the best housewarming gift ideas for couple are those, which can help with the simplest things, things that we don’t even think about until we don’t have them. Good knives are definitely part of those things because a house isn’t fully functioning, without a fully functioning kitchen!

Philipps Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

Moving, organizing and setting up a new house to the comfort of your needs is no joke. It takes a lot of work, energy and can be very exhausting.

Let’s not forget that it also doesn’t mean that your life stops, just because you lack energy. Going to work whilst moving might be a challenge – often times it even requires time off, given the amplitude of moving.

That being said, not everybody has the luxury of taking time off when needed. It could be that your friends are struggling to make it in time to work, buzzing off in the mornings after a whole day of moving and unpacking.

Or maybe one of them is a well-known sound sleeper. Whatever the case may be – this alarm is a truly great housewarming gift!

The soothing light of sunrise might just be the best way of waking up, after a busy time moving house. No sharp sounds or alarming noises, just a bright, persistent light, proven to wake up the deepest of periods of sleep. Isn’t this one of those housewarming gift ideas for couple that you almost wish somebody would gift you too?

Maybe it is time to move…

Drill Brush Cleaning Set

All right, we are moving into the big guns right here.

Of all housewarming gift ideas for couple, this is one that couldn’t possibly have more purpose.

A truly useful set of brushes that can be attached to any kind of drill machine and – they are guaranteed to clean any surface with twice the speed!

Sounds funny? Well, we can tell you, that when you move house and want to upkeep your space the best you possibly can – the joke is on you.

With this brush set, you can forget about a million different sponges and brushes that always get lost or lose their quality fast enough or even after one proper cleaning.

The power of the drill will completely change the cleaning game for your friends and maybe even the quality of their life!

Just imagine – a woman who has been cleaning all day, just to find she is exhausted to do anything else. Or a woman, who has done twice the job in half the time and by using her man’s tool to help her.

We think this is a winner for new house owners! And anyone else who is tired of scrubbing!

Pods Home Cleaning Kit

Everybody loves a clean home, but not everybody loves the impact our cleaning materials have on Mother Nature and even on our health.

If you truly care about your friends then gift them these all natural and eco-friendly cleaning materials. They will do the job and won’t spread toxic particles all around their new place and themselves.

It is important we start to look into alternative cleaning and body care solutions because there are so many available! The destruction that comes with chemicals all around us these days is very much underrated.

These cleaning solutions also each come with 2 refills, so that your friends don’t have to worry about a clean house for a good while!

Help your friends live more eco-friendly and maybe they will not be the only ones you inspire to change! This is one of those housewarming gift ideas for couple that could save the planet.

Bathtub Caddy

If this isn’t one of the most practical housewarming gift ideas for couple ever, then we don’t know what it!

Imagine the surprise and happiness on your friend’s faces when you gift them this beautiful and practical invention for their new home. The idea of laying in the bath and chilling with all things necessary during this ritual is almost unreal.

Netflix and chill? We say – Netflix in the bathtub, with some snack and wine and chill!

It is especially great for the moments after they move and just want to really enjoy their new home and relax. Or surprise each other with special spa treatment days.

Whatever it may be – this caddy is perfect for a new home and will certainly become one of the most favorite things they own!

Spice Organizer

When moving a house – the first thought normally is to finally have your own space. A place that you don’t have to compromise, but you can build with your partner however you like it and want it.

The second thought normally includes some form of entertainment – whether that is for us or for dinner parties. Because when we get our own place, we want to share our happiness with others.

This spice rack might seem like such a small gift, however, it is one of the most practical things you can gift your newly moved friends. Food storage and spices storage are things that often can be forgotten and left unresolved for a long time.

And it is often what leads people to postpone the things that got them excited about moving in the first place. This spice rack will not only look really cool on the kitchen shelf but is also super practical!

Help your friends becoming great hosts and spice up their moving process!

Handyman set

If every great housewife needs to know her way in the kitchen and garden, then every man definitely needs to know how to fix things around the house when they are broken.

This handyman set might not be the most exciting of all housewarming gift ideas for couple, but it definitely is more than useful.

When moving house there are many things that will need to be adjusted and fixed and even built. A set like this will put your friend’s mind at ease because they will know that everything they could possibly need to upkeep their house can be found in this set!

Interior design housewarming gifts

Now that we have covered all things practical and useful around the house, it is time to look at some more fun stuff, which could make new homeowners very happy!

When gifting design related things for a couple’s housewarming, it can get tricky. You might not fully know their taste or what they wish to go for in their interior. However, there are things, which make a statement whilst being neutral enough to fit nearly every design.

This definitely is the feel we went for when searching for the coolest and most eye-catching interior design pieces that we have listed below!


With Grafomap, you are in charge of designing the perfect art piece, which will also be meaningful to the couple you’re gifting it to.  You can pick between several tasteful designs, frames, and colors, then select the location that would mean something to your friends and voila!

This beautifully made piece of art will fit every interior because it isn’t a certain style and doesn’t immediately catch the eye. But when it does, it sparks questions and starts a conversation.

This thoughtful wall piece can symbolize the place that the couple met, maybe it is the location of their first home together or a place they would really love to live in the future. The beauty with Grafomap is that this piece will always have a meaning behind and can fit into different spaces at the same time.

Truly one of the most special housewarming gift ideas for couple that will fit every taste!

Satin Pillowcases

Did you know, that the average cotton pillowcase is often times the very reason for someone’s hair loss? The fibers from cotton will get caught onto your hair and slowly pull them out, making you wonder why there are always so many hairs everywhere and why when you wake up, your hair is a total disaster…

There is a very simple and beautiful solution to this problem – satin pillowcases! Not only do they look a lot more luxurious, but they also protect your hair and won’t pull it out whilst sleeping!

This is definitely one of those housewarming gift ideas for couple, which will make your friends appreciate the thought behind it and possibly spark a new bedding style obsession.

There are definitely a lot of colors to choose from, depending on what will fit your friends taste, however, no matter what you choose – these pillowcases will still look classy and beautiful within any interior.


A classic, beautifully made rug can sometimes make the whole house feel totally different. If you want to make your friends happy and help them create at least one space in their new home, which will feel cozy and home-like immediately – then this rug is definitely the most perfect of all housewarming gift ideas for couple!

It is neutral enough to not stand out as the centerpiece, however, it fits nearly every design because of it. The quality of this rug also means it will last for a long time and not only look but also feel very luxurious and special.

You can also choose between several different sizes of this rug, to have it fit your friends new home the best way possible. We would say, that this housewarming gift will make your friends very happy because it can completely change the whole outlook of a room.

Sherpa Throw Blanket

A blanket, duvet, throw – call it whatever you want, the purpose of this extremely comfortable gift is one and one only – to make them feel at home!

Who doesn’t love to wrap themselves up in the softest, most comfortable blanket after a long day of work?! Make sure you bring the best of all housewarming gift ideas for couple, because your friends will definitely love this one!

Blankets and throws are also something a house can never have too many of. Especially when they are as soft and snuggly as this one. It also doesn’t need to be a specific season to make use of this amazing invention – frosty winter days, miserable fall afternoons or chilly summer evenings.

This blanket is also great because it has two sides, therefore, it can be used in two different settings – the fluffy side will keep you warm and snuggly and make you doze off every time you wrap yourself in it, but the velvet cashmere side will help their house look elegant and classy. A total win-win situation!


Often underestimated interior piece is lamps. Reading lamps, standing lamps, hanging lamps – whatever the preference may be, light in a house is very important.

This might also be something your friends fail to think about when first moving into a new home. And finding the perfect lamp can often cause a lot of headaches…

Why not help your friends, by gifting them this beautiful, neutral looking standing lamp? It definitely adds to the interior but is not an extremely noticeable design. If your friends are into subtle and quality looking pieces – then this lamp would be perfect!

You can also choose the metal leg it comes with – the beautiful antique brass will fit within a home of warm tones and feel of classy elegance.

The black muted metal leg will perfectly fit within a more modern and possibly minimalistic interior, where every piece has a story behind it.

And then there is the brushed steel leg, which will adjust to almost any interior because of this simplicity, but still gives a very polished look to the lamp.

Artificial Plant

Sometimes a house isn’t a home until you bring a little more liveliness into it.

Help your friends do just that by gifting them this beautifully made artificial plant!

Artificial plants are definitely the best choice because it is the best of both worlds – the feel of nature in your house can completely change the whole atmosphere, but the fact that this plant doesn’t need to be watered is another reason why artificial plants are currently trending so much.

No matter the interior design your friends are going for – this is one of those housewarming gift ideas for couple that can help create the feeling of home from the start. And it is headache free – your friends might not be ready for a real commitment and having to research gardening. Therefore this beautifully made Boston Fern is the perfect gift!

Did we mention you can also choose from different size and colors of this perfectly made plant? Yes – a plant for every taste, so you don’t have to worry of making the wrong choice!


Housewarming Gift Ideas For Couple

Aaah – candles. That tiny jar of magic, which transforms a casual day into a spa and relaxation ritual, every time you light them.

Who doesn’t love candles? That’s what we thought. However – did you know, how bad are actual paraffin wax, scented candles for nature and for you?

They actually contain benzene and toluene when burnt and are highly toxic for you and everyone around you.

But don’t worry, because there are some very beautiful alternatives, that smell just as great and even better than the mainstream candle! Also – the neutral packaging will fit great within any interior. All in all – a definite must have for a housewarming party!

For example, these soy wax candles are completely harmless for you and for the environment. And this beautiful gift set of scented soy candles will definitely make your friends the happiest!

This is one of those housewarming gift ideas for couple, that simply brings joy and you don’t have to worry about the scents, because they are very subtle and there is a variety to choose from depending on the mood.