In the everlasting search for peace and serenity, you may decide to introduce some Japanese room decorations to your home. As Asian cultures base their style on the peace of mind it offers, this may just be what you need to enjoy time at home more.

Japanese home decor is influenced by the traditions and cultures of Asia, celebrating balance, love for nature and clean, uncluttered spaces.

And while some are drawn to Japanese home decor to add some Zen in their space and calm their minds, others simply do it for the sheer beauty of it.

If you are looking to redecorate your home, you are in the right place. We have compiled a list of 13 Japanese room decorations that enhance your home’s balance and tranquility.


1. Japanese tatami flooring

japanese room decorations

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The traditional Japanese living room uses tatami mats as flooring. These mats are made of woven rush grass around a rice straw core.

They are quite firm but still feel quite gentle compared to other flooring styles.

What you will observe, with a Tatami flooring, is that they give out a lovely smell, especially on humid days.

Usually, only parts of the floor are covered in tatami, which comes in layers of different sizes and shapes.


2. Floor cushions and sofas

japanese room decorations

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Flooring cushions, or Zabuton, are cushions for the living room.

They are usually surrounding a short-legged table (chabudai) to enjoy meals and tea while kneeling.

Their traditional Japanese pillows take grounding to a whole other level.


3. Japanese coffee table

japanese room decorations

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The Japanese living room table, also known as chabudai is a short-legged table used in the living room.

The chabudai is usually smaller than the average, western coffee table, ranging from just 15-30 cm in height.

People seated around a chabudai may choose a zabuton or a tatami seating instead of normal chairs.

You can choose between square, rectangular or round designs to fit your space best.

All chabudai tables have foldable legs and can be easily stored.


4. Bonsai trees

japanese room decorations

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Bonsai trees, especially larger sized ones, are hard to find. If they can be found in your area they will likely be quite pricey.

These indoor plants are often preferred in Japanese home decor and also make a great hobby to take care of.

You can choose smaller Bonsai trees to place on top of your furniture or tables.

If you have enough space, patience and… ehm… money, you might like to add a large-sized bonsai tree in your living room.


5. Indoor hanging plants

japanese room decorations

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Indoor hanging plants are also a staple for Japanese room decorations. These plants are also great for the patio or balcony.

You can hang the pot that has the plant inside and let it grow until it fully covers its pot.

You can also gently wrap the ground and roots in a small transparent pouch and add a thread in the middle.


6. Tatami bed

japanese room decorations

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Traditionally, a Japanese bedroom does not have a bed frame. The mattress is placed on the tatami floor and the sleeping surface becomes harder than western-type beds.

Lately, however, and with the tradition of Japan integrating to the west, a new hybrid emerged; The tatami bed.

These beds consist of a wooden bed frame, has short or no legs and is topped with original tatami.

The mattress has to be placed on top of the tatami and offers a more stylish alternative than, literally, sleeping on the floor.


7. Japanese meditation pillow

japanese room decorations

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If you are considering to create a Japanese style home, why not make a special space, or room, for meditation only?

The meditation pillow is a little different than the traditional Zabuton, as it is designed to offer the most comfort for both kneeling and cross-legged sitting.

Meditation is quite common in Japan, and specially designated rooms for that reason are often part of the home.

These pillows are therefore a stable when it comes to Japanese room decorations.


8. Shoji closet doors

japanese room decorations

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The popular rice-paper doors are a staple for traditional Japanese houses.

Now, we are not saying you should completely rebuild your home, but if you live in a one-bedroom apartment, Japanese wooden doors may complement the decor of your home.

Shoji doors are also great for separating spaces in very large rooms. Instead of drywall or bricks, and they are much cheaper as well.


9. Japanese wall art

japanese room decorations

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Don’t take this one lightly. While the Japanese like to have neutral colored walls in the living room, the bedroom can make a great space to add some wall art.

These art pieces can be painted on thin fabric or directly on the wall by artists. Sometimes they can also be printed on rice paper, which makes a good cheap option.


 A custom framed map with your favorite Asian city can break the monotony of neutral colored walls. If you opt for a Japanese style, think of Japanese cities.

minimalist apartment living room

Turning one of your walls into an art piece may be a difficult decision to make, but definitely, one that is worth it.


10. Japanese tea set

japanese room decorations

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If you decided to create your meditation room, or simply enjoy drinking tea, a traditional Japanese tea set makes a great addition to your decor.

Why decor? Because often these tea sets are more seen as decorative elements that actual appliances.

Tea ceremonies have been used for many years as a celebration of awareness. Therefore, having a Japanese tea set can remind you to remain calm and alert.

And what is better to couple it with than Gyokuro, a traditional alternative to Sencha tea, and a staple of Japan.

Japanese tea sets are also a great item to use for brunches or to impress your dinner guests.

11. Laundry drying corner

japanese room decorations

Looking to build your own laundry corner? Start here.

Most Japanese homes don’t come with dryers and it may, therefore, be a good idea to build your own drying corner.

These corners are often created as smart hideaways for your laundry and serve their purpose well, especially in smaller living spaces.

One cannot really call them Japanese room decorations, but they definitely add to the style.

Experiment with the designs available or build one yourself and make your home look more organized and uncluttered.

Of course, if you already have a dryer, this step won’t be necessary.


12. Japanese paper lanterns

japanese room decorations

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Paper lanterns are made from a bamboo frame and rice paper or silk. Newer designs have replaced bamboo with thin metallic wire.

These lanterns can be used for a multitude of spaces, including the living room and bedroom.

Traditionally, the lanterns were covered with paintings of myths, nature or cultural representations. Of course, neutral colored lanterns are just as beautiful and may add atmosphere to your living room.

When looking for Japanese room decorations, this option may be a good idea for the kids’ bedroom, as they are safe and cannot break.


13. Organized closet

japanese room decorations

Does it spark joy? If not throw it away.

Marie Kondo,  has imprinted this phrase in our lives after her best-selling book and her appearance on Netflix.

And this advice is perfect, especially for those with cluttered closets.

The Japanese have always kept their closet minimalistic and organized, as the space of the traditional homes was quite cramped.

If you are a fashionable person, or you can’t throw things away, you may find this step very challenging.

But don’t worry. You won’t have to throw away all that much. Maybe the clothes you haven’t worn in a year are a good starting point.

When you are done eliminating clothes that do not serve their purpose any longer, start folding your clothes and placing them in your closet in an organized manner.

You will come to realize that your closet fits much more than you thought.

Did you enjoy our Japanese room decorations?

We have tested and experimented with all the decorations presented above and find that they will not only improve your home but also lead to a calmer mind.

Asian cultures often base their interior design around minimalism. It may, therefore, be a good idea to also refer to minimalist decor ideas that can further improve your space.

Make sure to let us know if you implement any of these decor ideas in your home redecoration, by leaving a comment or sending us photos.

We are always interested to head if you have more ideas to add to our list, so feel free to comment with your Japan inspired decorations that we should try out.