Let’s face it, your laundry room is probably one of the least exciting rooms in your house. It’s a place that’s entirely functional without any fun, where you will likely spend the least amount of time you possibly can. But even a functional room like a laundry room can still be transformed to help you get a little more excited about doing those necessary everyday tasks.In this post, we’ll be putting together a list of laundry room makeover ideas to help you create a place that’s slightly more appealing, interesting and a little easier to use.

Check out our tips on how to remodel your laundry room for some cost-effective ways to create a room you’ll want to show off.

The Perfect Paint Job

Laundry Room Makeover Ideas

Laundry Room

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Like with the majority of all interior design projects, your laundry room makeover starts with the paint job. For laundry rooms, especially those on the small size, bright white walls will work well to give your room the illusion of space. A blank white canvas also gives you a great deal of flexibility to use down the line with the rest of your decor.

If you do want to add in some color, a single feature wall can give you a bright pop without looking too overbearing. Colour choices are up to you, but bright hues can add life into a boring laundry room.

If you’re limited on space, you could always paint a section of the walls. Alternately, you can add in color with other aspects such as with the cabinets and other features.

Be sure to choose a paint that’s easy to clean as laundry rooms attract mess and dirt, especially if you have young children.

Use Some Wallpaper

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If you’re looking for something a little different than paint for your laundry room remodel, wallpaper and wall murals are a prominent alternative. Like with the bright colored paint, it may be best to create a feature wall using your wallpaper.

Choose whatever paper you like and add it to the focal wall in the room. This can add color and give your room an eye-catching aesthetic.

If you’re using a more subtle wallpaper, you could apply it to your full room, however, if space is small, make sure your design isn’t too in your face.

Get Tiling

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Another practical wall decor that works well in a laundry room is tiling. Tiling is convenient as it’s easy to clean with just a damp cloth. It also suits the traditional look of a laundry room, however, thanks to the wide variety, you can add some fashionable tiles to suit whatever look you want.

Plain metro tiles are very much on trend in 2019 and a perfect option for your room. Combining white tiles with grey grout works best but the choice of tiles is up to you.

Tiles are the most time consuming and pricey out of the wall decor we’ve discussed but can be worth it if your budget is a little more flexible. If you want to cut costs, choose an appropriate section or wall for the tiles.

Shelving & Storage

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The storage in your laundry room is key to getting you to remodel right. It’s best to combine built-in cabinets with shelving to create a distinct balance.

When choosing your storage options, the size and layout of your room will be the main influencing factors. If you have plenty of space, add in cabinets leaving space for your appliances. If you’re more limited, a couple of smaller, wall-mounted or free-standing units should work well.

On your shelves, avoid storing unsightly detergent bottles or cleaning products. Only add in accessories and visually appealing products. To improve the look, you could use mason jars and other containers to keep your various cleaning products in. You could also use baskets to store loose items.

If you have space where you can’t add in a cabinet, a simple curtain can be used to close off an area. A small curtain has a cool and quirky look and is a cheap and effective way of adding in hidden storage.

Using a cabinet with an open countertop will provide you with an area to work in. This is ideal for treating washing for stains or to create a folding station for your clean and ironed laundry. You could even install a countertop above your pressure washer and dryer to make the most out of your space

Hooks & Mounts

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Wall and ceiling hooks and mounts are handy additions in your laundry room makeover. Mounts can be used to store those awkward items that are too large for other areas such as an ironing board, an air dryer or even an iron.


Hooks can be used to hang laundry bags full of washing. Simple signs like “Dirty”, “To Iron” and “Clean & Folded” can help give your room some order and act as a quirky type of decor. Hooks can also be used for drying clothes or hanging ironed shirts and dresses.

Style with Wall Art

When it comes to adding some personality to your laundry room makeover, wall art is where you can have some fun. Art comes in all shapes and sizes, with unlimited possibilities to suit your budget and style.

Obviously, there’s our stunning Grafomap poster which makes a perfect feature piece in any room. The cool design lets you share a special location that means something to you acting like a happy reminder when you’re hard at work.

Another great wall art option is a laundry-related wall sticker. These fun designs give your room a completely unique character and look fantastic.

Alternately, you could choose something that’s of slightly more interest to you. A print of your favorite film, TV show or musician is a slight distraction from the mundane task of laundry, maybe something you need to keep you going.

As we said, there’s an endless choice of wall art so choose a couple of designs that you love to brighten up your room.

Add Some House Plants

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Like in most rooms in your home, house plants are the perfect accessory you can use to decorate. Houseplants add in color and texture, whilst also improving the air quality by removing toxins and pollutants.

If your laundry room has little or no natural light, you should only include plants able to survive in these conditions. Plants like sword fern, spider plants, dracaena etc. are hardy options that thrive in limited lighting conditions.

Get the Right Lighting

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If your room has a window, use a light window dressing at most to let in as much natural light as possible. Natural light can help make a space look bigger and give a clean and relaxing atmosphere, ideal for a room where chores are done.

If your room has limited or no natural light, you could add in a feature lighting fixture. A cheap chandelier can give your space a touch of class that you wouldn’t expect to find in the laundry room.

Chandeliers aren’t your thing? Choose any type of slightly extravagant lighting fixture that stands out and brightens your room.

Handy Laundry Room Features

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Once you’ve perfected the look of your laundry room remodel, take the time to include all the smaller things to make your life a little easier.  

Creating an indoor drying area gives you a place to dry your washing no matter what the weather is like outside. Depending on the space, you could have the dryer permanently out or tuck it away. If your room has high ceilings, a vintage hanging air dryer is perfect and has a unique look.

Don’t forget to include a bin in your laundry room. This will stop you having to use the kitchen bin to dispose of any rubbish.

One of life’s biggest mysteries is where did one sock disappear to in the washing machine. A lost sock basket will give you a place to store those unmatched socks until its partner turns up.

Finally, it’s always wise to have a hidden laundry basket for stray dirty washing. This saves you trailing back up to your main laundry basket if you have excess washing that won’t fit in your machine, or even worse, leaving it on your floor.

Make it Eco-Friendly

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For a laundry room, you can really be proud of, you need to ensure you reduce the effects on the environment as much as possible. Creating an eco-friendly laundry room isn’t as hard as you think. Small changes can make a large difference in your carbon footprint.

Washing your clothes in cold water can be as effective as hot. It can also help to save a huge amount of energy. Same with air drying clothes rather than using a dryer. Hang it out whenever possible.

In terms of detergent and conditioner, choose brands who make eco-friendly products. Opt for low packaging goods to cut down on plastic consumption. You could even make your own detergent that doesn’t harm the environment or require single-use packaging.

Also, when undertaking your laundry room remodel, why not try recycling or upcycling the furniture you use. Old kitchen cabinets are great for your storage and will have no negative effects on the environment. Wall mounting an old ladder can provide you with hanging space. Just think outside the box to see what you can come up with using old, unused items.

Not only are these tips better for the planet, but they’ll also save you some money!

Final Thoughts on Laundry Room Makeover Ideas

Picking the right design ideas for your laundry room makeover will make you want to show it off. You’ll go from saying “oh, that’s just the laundry room” on a house tour to taking them in to show them your hard work and design skills.

Storage is likely the key element to keep your room tidy and organized so make sure this is a priority. Like with all the other rooms you decorate, try to show off your personal style in the space. It may just be a laundry room but that doesn’t mean it has to boring.

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