When the time comes to that time of the year – flowers blossoming, mind wandering around love and the nature waking up just as much as it seems you do… a little stress might creep around the corner.

Spring is not only the time of second chances and everything becoming alive it is also the time of graduations and endless parties, happy faces and most importantly – gifts.

Any graduation might give you a hard time understanding what exactly it is that could add up to the happiness of the person graduating but mean something special at the same time.

It could be even more difficult of a task if you need to find law school graduation gifts. Law students can be a variety of different characters, but one thing they have in common is strong work ethic and intelligence. Funny or silly gifts might not just cut it this time if you want to leave an impression with your gift.

All that being said – you can definitely kick back and enjoy the springtime with zero stress because we have found some pieces for law school graduation gifts, that will not only leave an impression but are truly epic without being illegal. Pun intended.

1. Lawyers Prayer

law school graduation gifts

This gift will definitely leave an impression. If you manage to get your lawyer friend to give a prayer or an oath in front of everyone at the party, it will definitely be on of the most unforgettable experiences for everybody!

On such a significant day you want to give your friend or family member something that they can keep and cherish for the rest of their lives, so this Lawyers Prayer he or she can keep in their office and reminisce about this very important day, whilst building a successful career in the law enforcement.  What a great memory and motivator as one of the most memorable law school graduation gifts!

2. Engraved pen

law school graduation gifts

Being a lawyer, it is important to always keep track of thoughts and stay prepared. It’s absolutely clear that somebody who has graduated law school has a mind of an encyclopedia, however we are all only human.

Gift your friend this engraved pen as a reminder to always keep track of thoughts and that sometimes the best is to write down whatever thought lights up in their mind. The law icons engraved on this pen will also serve as a reminder of the hardest part left behind, so that they can focus on what their true passion is. One of those small, but really meaningful law school graduation gifts!

3. Wooden gavel

law school graduation gifts

There surely are multiple different directions that somebody could take after graduating law school. However, at least once or twice, a law school graduate has dreamt of sitting in that high chair, wearing the legendary wig and disclosing somebody’s destiny by projecting his or her final verdict with the wooden gravel.

Even if the receiver of this gift doesn’t want to pursue that career, let be honest – how satisfying it must be to ‘close a case’ (even if its imaginary or has nothing to do with the law) by smashing that little hammer in the gravel?

We think this gift will definitely leave an impression and a great memory of the graduation day as one of those keepsake law school graduation gifts!

4. Law composition notebook

law school graduation gifts

This book will certainly be on of those memorable and fun law school graduation gifts. It’s a satiric notebook/composition book for any law school graduate, where they can make notes, but also giggle on the illustrations along the way.

We definitely think that lawyers have feelings too, they just might be better at hiding them, because the law knows – anything and everything can be used against you… so why not keep it within the pages of a personal notebook?

5. Silver business card holder


business card holder

It can get tricky when you want to be organized and presentable and have some class. Business card holders isn’t something most people get excited about, however, when you’re a lawyer or work in a significant field like that, little things matter.

This silver business card holder could be the perfect gift for someone who is transforming from student into a professional and this cardholder could help setting the pace. The Scales of Justice icon on the front is also a great reminder of the hard work that has been put into the studies, so that the business cards represent a true professional. One of the most meaningful law school graduation gifts!

6. Lady in Justice bronze statue

bronze statue

When you think of someone out of law school, the next thing popping in your head is probably a very big, dark wood private desk, for a successful law professional. Right? Well it definitely could be a while before that happens to the graduate, but why not stir the fantasy!

Gift your friend this Lady in Justice bronze statue, with the thought of someday filling out that big, important desk and at the same time reminding them of the importance of their job! Truly one of the greatest law school graduation gifts.

7. Bottle stopper

bottle stopper

Anyone graduating will tell you that the last months of thesis or final work preparation took a lot of stress, sleepless nights and… wine! If anything, law students would know the best, that sometimes for good focus, you need a good bottle.

Decorated with the scales of justice, this bottle stopper fits the theme perfectly. It can be used not only for wine bottles, but for any other bottles, be it liquor, oil, spirits etc. Law school graduation gifts, which are small, but meaningful, can sometimes be the most impressive. We think this little gadget is.

8. Chrome Bookmark

law school graduation gifts

If anyone reads a lot of books – it will be your law school graduating friend or family member. It could be books for entertainment, studies or work, one thing is for sure – you want to make sure they know where they have left off.

This beautifully made Chrome bookmark looks like a unique art piece in itself, and is definitely motivating for the reader. Pair it with a book you know they will love, a journal or even just a beautiful notebook and this will be a very unique and original gift! Law school graduation gifts, that will make them smile and remember this day forever.

9. Custom mug

law school graduation gifts

Small daily things like the kind of coffee you drink, the newspaper you read and the kind of socks you enjoy wearing means a lot. These things set the day from early morning and with that – set the mood for the remainder of the day.

This custom mug could be a great gift for somebody graduating law school because it can serve as part of that daily ritual, which truly helps conquer the following day.

Graduating and stepping into the real world could be tough at the beginning, but with little positive reminders of why you’re doing what you’re doing, anything can be possible.

The saying on this mug might just be what they needed to hear to win a case and give that extra boost of motivation and confidence in what they re doing. One of the small, but really meaningful law school graduation gifts.

10. Custom map

custom map

This gift is something truly special; so only pick it if you absolutely want to stand out!

Grafomap offers you to completely personalize and create a custom map, which is then printed and used as an art piece in an interior. This gift could be a really special one, if you tailor it to the law school graduate and his/her journey.

You could print the location of their law school, their first internship or any other really meaningful place and then pick the best style according to their personality and home design. We believe that this is one of the most impressive law school graduation gifts, and the receiver will definitely agree.

11. Custom wooden pens

wooden pen

Another really small and quick, but meaningful gift idea. These wooden pens not only look super gorgeous, they also can be engraved in whatever text you wish you put on them.

A pen is something that a law graduate can never have too many of. But when you have many of them, it becomes a really boring item that gets lost countless times and replaced the same amount.

With this pen, you can make sure to send them good vibes on the most difficult days and sign only the very important papers, so that they know – this pen is dedicated for a very specific, special event.

This gift will become something, which helps celebrate smaller or bigger victories and remind them to stop for a moment and appreciate how far they’ve already come and plan ahead for the next bigger victories.

So there you have it – bigger and smaller law school graduation gifts, which will definitely impress not only the receiver but also everyone around them! These gifts don’t always have to be expensive or overthought, but as long as they bring meaning to the person they’re gifted to – that’s all that really matters!