Long distance relationship gifts. The part where creativity has to shine to make the best out of a, relatively, difficult situation.

I, for once, got into a relationship with my current girlfriend thanks to Facebook. At first, it was a fun thing. We chatted, talked about our cultures. Then it got more serious…

It’s been almost 7 years!

long distance relationship gifts

Me and Rika in Yokohama.

Amazing years, no doubt about this, but…

She lives in Japan and I live in The Netherlands. Meeting in person took quite some time.

Back in the day, it was unusual to form a serious relationship online, but through technological developments, things became easier. I learned to appreciate the power of Skype while building up the relationship.

And Skype was followed by many interesting ways to communicate and show your affection to your soul mate, especially when services started to become “digitalized”.

I have compiled a list with 15 of my favorite long distance relationship gifts that you can give to your partner, whether it is for a special occasion, or simply as a gesture of love.


Gifts For Long Distance Couples

While most long distance relationship gifts can also be given to friends or relatives that live far away, these gifts are especially interesting as both partners get value from it.

1. Plane tickets

If you have the money for this, gifting plane tickets is, no doubt, the best gift you can give to your partner.

The way of giving the ticket is also very important. The more creative your approach is, the bigger of an impact it will make.

I used canva.com to design a good looking e-card. It looked similar to this one:

long distance relationship gifts - cards


Do I even have to tell you what the results were like? Tears of joy, followed by our first real-life meeting in my hometown. 

A little bit pricey, yes, but definitely worth it.

2. Dual time zone watch

This gift is really useful for couples that have a large time difference due to their timezones. My girlfriend is always 8 hours ahead of me, so we have to always calculate which time we can call each other.

While searching online on how other couples like us dealt with this necessary evil, I found out that some had adjusted pretty well using a dual time zone watch. It sounded pretty interesting so I looked it up.

long distance relationship gifts - dual watch

A dual time zone watch would make life a lot easier.

There are many styles and price ranges you can choose from. Of course, if you know your partner good enough, you will have a general idea of what suits them best.

I found that Amazon is a great place to start, because of their large style range.

When it comes to long distance relationship gifts, this is both a beautiful and useful gift.


Long Distance Birthday Gifts

Birthdays are very special and so should be their gifts. The following ideas make great options for your other half’s most special day of the year.

3. Personalized surprise box

If you are in a long distance relationship it is common that you don’t have much of an experience with each other’s culture and everything that forms it.

By that, I mean food, souvenirs, and everything else that your partner has probably never seen before.

These make great birthday gifts.

On average, sending a package up to a certain amount of weight is relatively cheap, even when shipping overseas.

And while you cannot do much to personalize the delivery experience, there are other ways to make your partner feel special.

Add things that your partner may need for his/her job, home or hobbies.

And, of course, add food!

4. Helium balloons

Thanks to the almighty internet, birthdays will never be the same.

Send helium balloons as a small (and Instagram worthy) gift, to help your partner celebrate in style.

These services can typically be found locally, so check the area of your partner and see if there are options to have these delivered (helium included).

5. Birthday Cake


Food is good. Dessert is great. And birthday cake? Well, if you ask me, I’d have to say it tops it all!

A carefully planned birthday cake delivery that is customized for your other half is a very memorable gift that you can give, even from long distance.

Long Distance Relationship Gifts For Him

Do you want to surprise your boyfriend? The following gifts are guaranteed to surprise him in a positive way.

6. Virtual reality glasses

VR glasses are, no-doubt, a great gift for your boyfriend.

Now, if you are like us and met online, playing games – the unapologetically nerdy type – then this idea is also cool for your girlfriend.

You can play games together, watch Youtube videos while sitting next to each other, even explore imaginary locations, such as jungle mazes or caves.

We used the AltSpace VR game since it was free to use and because I had heard pretty good words about it.


7. Food delivery

Maybe this is is not limited for men, but men certainly enjoy it!

I am guilty of this!

My girlfriend sent me a delivery from my local Mcdonalds, and the food I received must have been for a family of 10!

The strange thing was that I had ordered nothing and the order was already paid for. So, without hesitation, I tipped good, closed the door and indulged in my guilty pleasures.

I mean how does a MC-everything not make your night exciting?

It was only later that I learned my girlfriend sent the food, and found it a brilliant idea.

8. Groupon for exotic car driving

I’m not trying to stereotype here.

But come on! Which guy doesn’t love sportscars?

And, if your boyfriend lives in the right place, driving a car like a Lamborghini or a Ferrari can be 70-80% cheaper with the right Groupon voucher.

Therefore, check the Groupon.com experiences in your partner’s area and see if you can turn this into a creative long distance relationship gift.

Long Distance Relationship Gifts For Her

Your girlfriend may not say so, but she would like to receive gifts. And it doesn’t have to be a big and special occasion. These gifts are great to surprise your partner and put a smile on her face.

9. Flower delivery service

Whether it’s for a birthday, Valentine’s day or any other celebration, flowers are ALWAYS a good idea to gift.

And thanks to delivery services, gifting flowers is now one of the easiest long distance relationship gifts to give.

Since flowers are fragile and tend to go bad pretty fast, its best to check local providers and choose the one that offers the best delivery options.

10. Long distance touch lamp

If your other half is on the other side of the world, this long distance touch lamp can be a very romantic gift. My girlfriend fell in love with it and asked for it on our anniversary.

This is why I consider it a great long distance relationship gift for her.

11. Huge teddy bear

Oftentimes, a hug is all we need. And for long distance relationships, that one is a luxury.

So what is the next best option? A huge teddy bear of course.


Long Distance Relationship Gifts DIY

Some gifts can be personalized, some can be experienced. It all depends on your preferences. The following days are guaranteed to bring a deeper connection between the two of you, even if you live far from each other.

12. Grafomap poster

I was recently thinking about wall art since my partner recently got her own place. The apartment was in need of redecoration.

Great opportunity for a little surprise.

Searching online for something creative I discovered Grafomap. Their concept of their map gifts is very interesting.

The process is pretty straightforward and you have to design the poster yourself. Find the location you want to emphasize on your map and let Grafomap do its magic.

Whether it is romantic gesture, a memory of your first real-life meeting, or a gift for a holiday to look forward to, I find it deserves a spot in the top 5!

13. Custom made puzzle

What do you do on a Friday night? Well, I certainly don’t party anymore. Instead, I like to spend time at home, doing creative activities.

If you and your partner are the same, a custom made puzzle with the two of you together can be an awesome gift.

Send it to your partner as a surprise and couple it with a frame that can be used to hang the puzzle after its completed.

Long Distance Relationship Valentine gifts

And, of course, let’s not forget Valentine’s day. A gift that represents love and is given with love. The following ideas are guaranteed to make your partner fall in love all over again.

14. Heart shaped chocolate delivery

If there is one thing you can’t go wrong with, its chocolate. Especially when packed in a heart-shaped giftbox, this one is a great option to give as a Valentine day’s gift.

And of course, this is one more gift that can be delivered to your partner from long distance. Depending on his area, there are almost always local services that offer gifts of this kind.

15. Message in a bottle

Gifting a bottle with a hidden message in it is surprising to say the least. The purpose of a gift like this is not strictly limited to Valentine’s day, but it can make a brilliant gift for it.

Write a custom letter with your thoughts and feelings, put them in a glass bottle, find a nice case to store the bottle in and send it to your partner.

If you have the time and patience you can also write multiple smaller messages and wrap them accordingly, and make this gift last longer by opening one message per day.



Guest post by: Stefanos Papafilipou