Environment Matters Too!

You have worked on your nutrition, exercised to improve your health, but you still get illnesses. Do you know why? Your home environment could probably not be healthy. The state of the home environment needs to be clean, safe, and well kept to have a positive impact on your health. You might be wondering how your home could be kept healthy. Here are some ways that are going to keep your home healthy and prevent illnesses as well. They are simple and straightforward practices. 

Use Natural Home Cleaners

Avoid the use of chemically-based cleaners. You can use good natural cleaners like vinegar, lemon, and baking soda. By avoiding chemically-based cleaners, you will be avoiding ailments like asthma.

Open Your Windows

Make sure that your house gets fresh air from outside. Most of the time, indoor air is more polluted compared to the outside air. Open your windows every day to ensure the flow of fresh air from outside.

Have Plants

Plants are known to purify the air as they absorb Carbon dioxide from the environment and produce oxygen. This process ensures that you breathe in clean air. So, it is good to plant trees and flowers outside your house. You can also have the indoor plants inside your home.

Plants also create a serene and peaceful environment that is good for the relaxation of the mind.

Avoid Dust

A lot of dust brings dust mites. Dust mites are microscopic, and you cannot see easily. They cause allergies and asthma. To avoid them, you need to ensure that your house is clean. Vacuum your rugs regularly. Change your bedding, especially the sheets, comforters, and pillowcases. Make sure they are cleaned at least once every week.

Filter Your Tap Water

If you are used to drinking water directly from your tap, then you need to stop. As much as tap water is chlorinated, chlorine is not safe for your health. Apart from chlorine, there are other minerals like lead found in water that can be harmful to your health. To avoid these minerals, use filters like the charcoal filter.

Use Glass to Store Food

After having your meals, you may have leftovers. Store them in glass containers. Do not use plastic containers because plastics contain toxic chemicals. According to the Breast Cancer Fund, plastics can cause cancer.

When plastics are disposed of and burnt, they leach and hence destroy the environment. Glass can be recycled and reused, it does not leach.

Take Off Your Shoes

This simple act looks like a hilarious idea, but it is advantageous. When you enter your house, it is good to take off your shoes. If you bring in your shoes, you will be bringing in bacteria, lead, and toxins from outside. This microbial transfer is dangerous, especially if you have kids that are in the crawling stage. They spend most of their time on the floor and might put their dirty fingers and toys in their mouths. These germs put them at risk of getting illnesses like diarrhea.