Going to college is a challenge in and of its own. Graduating it is a lifelong achievement. And then, we’ve got master studies, that only a handful of people can handle. 

As such, when your son, daughter, friend or sibling graduates with an achievement some people can only dream of, it might be a good idea to start looking at masters degree gifts.

In this article, we have compiled a list with our personal favorite gifts you could give on such occasions. So, without further due, let’s get things started.

Masters Degree Gifts For Every Occasion

Gifts specially designed to be given at a masters degree graduation are hard to find. Sometimes, you have to improvise in order to find the best present. Below are our favorite options for any occasion.

1. Grafomap

This gift serves as a printed memory. Help your graduating relative or friend commemorate their college town, hometown, or favorite place in the world with this customizable graphic map, which they can keep as a stylish design element wherever they wish to live at.

2. Educated AF T-shirt

masters degree gifts

Looking for funny masters degree gifts? This t-shirt speaks humor and confidence, as it highlights the achievement in a funny way. This shirt is sure to cause controversial opinions, funny looks and spark up conversations!

3. Best Self Co. Journal

best self journal

If your friend or relative had the dedication and patience to undergo such a difficult study, he/she much be a very ambitious individual. As such, you might wanna start thinking of a gift that will support such ambition. The Best Self Co. Journal helps people map out their 5-10 year goals into smaller attainable goals. It is a great way to remind the graduate that it is now time to make use of his/her degree and start making a positive change in the world.

4. Plane ticket

A masters degree can take a toll on you. Long hours of studying, little free time. This would be the best time to gift a plane ticket for a well-deserved vacation. Combine with a nice hotel in an exotic location and you can rest assured that this masters degree gift will be much appreciated.

5. A nice watch

Good watches can easily become an expensive gift, but there are also many that are both stylish and good as a budget option. One of the companies that are doing a great job in this is MVMT, a watch company that became popular through Social Media platform Instagram.

You can buy unique graduation gifts through MVMT for all sort of styles. Choose a classic, business accessory to help the graduate look more competent and professional for as little as 105$.

On the other side, if you rather gift an engraved watch, you can check out the brand Timex.

6. A professional wardrobe

A masters degree graduate is not only unemployed, but he is also most likely broke. And that because a masters degree can cost quite a bit. Now, however, its time to put the degree in use by going to several interviews and getting that perfect job. 

For that reason, one of the best masters degree gifts is a collection of outfits that together form a professional wardrobe. These can be interchangeable and timeless pieces in classic colors to suit each and every occasion. And if you are worried about the cost, don’t sweat it. You can find great pieces from stores such as H&M and Bershka.

7. Weekend bag

weekend bag

A stylish weekend bag with a slick design is something everyone needs. And when looking for cool graduation gifts, this one is certainly one of the top to consider. Why? Because in the hectic daily life that poses so many responsibilities and stress factors, an organized weekend can help the graduate’s mind, body and soul to recharge.

8. Book – The 4-Hour Chef by Tim Ferris

During his student years, your friend or sibling probably mostly ate simple foods or food deliveries from fast-food chains. This all changes now. A responsible adult should know how to cook good food for himself and others. Through my personal experience, I found Tim Ferris’s book to be one of the best reads for improving your kitchen skills in a record amount of time, impressing friends, family, and new dates.

9. Urban bicycle

City life is always buzzing. With parking prices increasing and free time for exercise decreasing, a single-speed bicycle can be the solution to many problems of daily life. It saves you money, as you can park it anywhere, it helps you get in shape and it turns commuting into fun.

You can find cheap urban bicycles online, or check your local dealers to choose masters degree gifts that are both functional and stylish.

10. Book – “The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter — And How to Make the Most of Them Now”

masters degree gifts

Between 20 and 30 years old, you make a decision that has an impact on the rest of your life. Help the graduate make the most from this decade by gifting non-fiction books that can help him make better decisions. Let this defining decade be the start of a great career path and choose masters degree gifts that can assist the path to greatness.

11. 53-Piece Tool Kit

After getting the masters degree, new stress comes knocking on the door – that of a new apartment. If this is the case with your graduate, it will most likely include putting together furniture, Googling how to fix leaky faucets when there is no one available to help, and calling your friends to help you mount your living room TV with Youtube videos. This may not be the funniest gift, but it certainly is one of the most useful ones. Your friend or relative will be glad for the gift as it will allow him/her to handle whatever life throws at them.

12. Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones

Bluetooth, noise cancelation headphones are massively underrated. Whether it’s for a daily commute, late-night study sessions, a visit to the gym, weekend escapes, meditation breaks, or just at the office, you can be sure this is one of those masters degree gifts that will be used more than anything else. In our honest opinion, this is one of the first gifts you should be looking at if your graduate only seems to ask for cash as a present.

13. Amazon gift card

When looking at gifts for graduate students, money seems to be the first thing that comes to mind. And sure, it does make a useful gift as it allows the individual to buy anything he really wishes to. But what if you can simply not find it in yourself to give cash as a gift? Well, this is where Amazon gift cards come in. The beautifully designed cards come in many different price points so you can choose the one that works best for you. Due to the student’s achievement, if you want to offer masters degree gifts, choose at least a $50 Amazon gift card.

14. Amazon Prime Video subscription

Now that your grad has more free time, he may be stuck wondering what would be the best way to use it. Thankfully, Amazon has a solution for this as well! Similarly to popular internet TV provider Netflix, Amazon Prime has many movies and TV-series available for their subscribers to watch. The reason we chose Amazon over Netflix is due to the fact that you can also pay for the subscription with your Amazon gift card.

15. A personalized, hand-written letter

Is the budget tight? Or do you feel like gifting something that has true meaning and shows that you care? A hand-written letter that expresses your thoughts and shows how proud you are of your graduate is a great present that will stay in his mind forever. What I have witnessed a few times, that really stood out in my opinion, was the transformation of such a letter into pairing rhymes, that make the contents of the letter seem more like a poem, that can be read out loud. Reading it to your grad will not only be a very memorable moment but it will also define the “gift as an experience” moment everyone wishes to receive.

16. Restaurant voucher

Many restaurants nowadays offer the opportunity to prepay for a dinner that you wish to give away as a gift. They may even give you a stylish voucher that you can give as a gift to show that the reservation is made. Your graduate may fancy dining out with a friend or his/her partner, to celebrate the achievement. From all the available master’s degree gifts, this present is probably one you should gift if your budget allows spending a tiny bit more.

And that’s it, folks. We just lined up our favorite list of masters degree gifts, whether it is for your best friend, your older brother, your hard-working boyfriend or any other occasion. We are always open to updating this list and we, therefore, invite you to share with us any other gift ideas you may have. Enjoy the graduation!