So you have finally decided to get rid of all the clutter in your home. The oh-so liberating feeling of throwing – almost – everything away. And completely redecorate your place, turning it into a minimalist apartment.

True freedom.

But how do you get started?

You probably have an emotional connection with all the things laying around; throwing things away feels like a bad break-up, right?

But doesn’t have to be!

Sometimes all you need is a different perspective.

Explore and discover furniture and items that will help you free up lots of space while keeping your favorite items.

The secret is in the way you decide to decor your home using those few things that you love and truly need.

We have created a guide with the most important things to remember when it comes to decorating your minimalist apartment.

Why minimalist apartment and not homes in general?

Apartments are often smaller in size and many of the furniture have to serve multiple purposes. Especially for big cities, living in smaller spaces has become the norm.

That being said…

we will break down the process by looking into every part of your home separately.

We will focus not only on the essential furniture but also on ways to optimize their presence, making you feel good as a result.


The minimalist apartment living room

minimalist apartment living room

The living room is the center of your home. The place everyone comes together to enjoy good company or relax after a hard work-day.

It is essential to understand that the living room will be the place you spend most of your time in.

You don’t want your most used space to be cluttered with too many objects, laying around like a teenager’s bedroom.

minimalist apartment living room

Yeah… no thanks.

When it comes to minimal decor, the living room should be clutter-free, simple, and with emphasis on comfort and coziness.

minimalist apartment living room

Phew… I can already breath better!


Minimal Couch

minimalist apartment living room

Choose a sofa with a simple design to maintain a sense of minimalism, adding neutral colored textiles to break the color monotony.

Depending on the size of your apartment and your family, there are different kinds and sizes you can explore. You can choose from L-couches, 2-3-person sofas, armchairs, round sofas etc.

These can be found in all different styles as well.

minimalist apartment living room

If you want to be a true minimalist, we believe that opting for a multipurpose sofa is the best choice you can make.

Invest in a multipurpose couch, like one that turns into a bed. It’s great for smaller spaces and sleepovers.

minimalist apartment living room

If you have many items laying around the living room, like for example kids toys or blankets, opting for a sofa with extra storage capacities is a good choice.

minimalist apartment living room

Both options work great and depend on your needs.


Multipurpose Coffee tables

After choosing a couch, it’s time for you to look into coffee tables.

Find a style that supports your neutral color palette and offers features that improve your daily life.

As an essential item, a coffee table should support you with minimal decor by serving dual purposes.

minimalist apartment living room

There are coffee tables that feature a lifting tabletop, which can act as a storage for magazines, board games, or gaming consoles.

These amazing tables can also be used for more creative reasons. A good example if you are spending lots of time on a computer may be to use the table as elevated stands for your laptop.

minimalist apartment living room


Decor pieces

To decorate the perfect minimalist apartment, you need to see your color palette as a priority.

Before deciding on the decoration pieces of your living room, think about the colors you want to play with. The goal is to emphasize a tidy and clean place.

Sure, color will not magically make your place look tidier, but it helps to better show the work you have put in your space.

Nothing says clean better than primal neutral colors in a subdued scheme, combined to support each other.

minimalist apartment living room

While white is a great neutral color to base your decoration around, opting for a more unusual combination may bring out the best of your space.

Based on the colors you choose to work with, you will have to stick with only a few decor pieces.

These pieces should bring the furniture together and give the room its uniqueness.

Think of wall art. One single piece of art on a neutral colored wall works better than multiple pieces. Focusing on one thing at a time allows the brain to relax and focus.

minimalist apartment living room