So you have finally decided to get rid of all the clutter in your home. The oh-so liberating feeling of throwing – almost – everything away. And completely redecorate your place, turning it into a minimalist apartment.

True freedom.

But how do you get started?

You probably have an emotional connection with all the things lying around; throwing things away feels like a bad break-up, right?

But doesn’t have to be!

Sometimes all you need is a different perspective.

Minimalist Décor for Your Apartment

Explore and discover furniture and items that will help you free up lots of space while keeping your favorite items.

The secret is in the way you decide to decor your home using those few things that you love and truly need.

We have created a guide with the most important things to remember when it comes to decorating your minimalist apartment.

Why minimalist apartment and not homes in general?

Apartments are often smaller in size and many of the furniture have to serve multiple purposes. Especially for big cities, living in smaller spaces has become the norm.

That being said…

we will break down the process by looking into every part of your home separately.

We will focus not only on the essential furniture but also on ways to optimize their presence, making you feel good as a result.

The Minimalist Apartment Living Room

minimalist apartment living room

The living room is the center of your home. The place everyone comes together to enjoy good company or relax after a hard work-day.

It is essential to understand that the living room will be the place you spend most of your time in.

You don’t want your most used space to be cluttered with too many objects, laying around like a teenager’s bedroom.

minimalist apartment living room

Yeah… no thanks.

When it comes to minimal decor, the living room should be clutter-free, simple, and with emphasis on comfort and coziness.

minimalist apartment living room

Phew… I can already breath better!

Minimal Couch

minimalist apartment living room

Choose a sofa with a simple design to maintain a sense of minimalism, adding neutral colored textiles to break the color monotony.

Depending on the size of your apartment and your family, there are different kinds and sizes you can explore. You can choose from L-couches, 2-3-person sofas, armchairs, round sofas etc.

These can be found in all different styles as well.

minimalist apartment living room

If you want to be a true minimalist, we believe that opting for a multipurpose sofa is the best choice you can make.

Invest in a multipurpose couch, like one that turns into a bed. It’s great for smaller spaces and sleepovers.

minimalist apartment living room

If you have many items laying around the living room, like for example kids toys or blankets, opting for a sofa with extra storage capacities is a good choice.

minimalist apartment living room

Both options work great and depend on your needs.


Multipurpose Coffee Tables

After choosing a couch, it’s time for you to look into coffee tables.

Find a style that supports your neutral color palette and offers features that improve your daily life.

As an essential item, a coffee table should support you with minimal decor by serving dual purposes.

minimalist apartment living room

There are coffee tables that feature a lifting tabletop, which can act as a storage for magazines, board games, or gaming consoles.

These amazing tables can also be used for more creative reasons. A good example if you are spending lots of time on a computer may be to use the table as elevated stands for your laptop.

minimalist apartment living room


Decor Pieces

To decorate the perfect minimalist apartment, you need to see your color palette as a priority.

Before deciding on the decoration pieces of your living room, think about the colors you want to play with. The goal is to emphasize a tidy and clean place.

Sure, color will not magically make your place look tidier, but it helps to better show the work you have put in your space.

Nothing says clean better than primal neutral colors in a subdued scheme, combined to support each other.

minimalist apartment living room

While white is a great neutral color to base your decoration around, opting for a more unusual combination may bring out the best of your space.

Based on the colors you choose to work with, you will have to stick with only a few decor pieces.

These pieces should bring the furniture together and give the room its uniqueness.

Think of wall art. One single piece of art on a neutral colored wall works better than multiple pieces. Focusing on one thing at a time allows the brain to relax and focus.

minimalist apartment living room



 A custom-framed map from your hometown makes up for unique wall decoration.

minimalist apartment living room

Then, of course, no minimal decoration is complete without adding some plants. Choosing the right potted plant lets your furniture arrangement breath, adding a sense of smart decoration.

minimalist apartment living room

Small plants can dress up coffee tables or shelves.

minimalist apartment living room

On the contrary, large potted plants increase the quality of your living room’s arrangement when standing next to your bigger pieces of furniture.

minimalist apartment living room

Of course, to place these effectively, you need to have sufficient space, which is often not the case. Minimalist studio apartments, for example, often have very small living rooms, making smaller plants a better option.


TV Stands

minimalist apartment living room

Don’t forget about your TV stand.

This essential piece of furniture gives a sense of completion in your living room, supporting your TV or other decor items.

Once again, choosing a neutral colored stand works best with the decor, and choosing a multipurpose table may come in handy.

TV stands, in general, are not necessary if you are not a big tv fan and can easily be replaced with a small fireplace, placed in the correct way. To identify some of these fireplace TV stands, you may check out


The Minimalist Apartment Dining Room

minimalist apartment dining room

A minimal dining room brings the focus back to the people using it. Why sweat the details when the purpose of this area is bringing people together through food?

Start with your table and chairs as the center of this space. Add only the essential, like a single buffet or cabinet for your dining items, and maybe a couple of decorative pieces.

This lets the dining area breath while creating a feeling of openness.

In a room full of primarily white decor, include wooden accents to balance the visual interest of your space.

If your dining area has a single dominant color, include some contrasting decor pieces, to avoid the boring look, bringing balance to the visual interest.

minimalist apartment dining room

You can do this by adding one or more pieces of wall art that match your furniture set.

You can also place decorative elements on your table, such as candles, bowls or small plants.


Dining Room Table and Chairs

The dining room is a place where family and friends come together. Don’t underestimate the number of friends that would enjoy a common meal simultaneously.

If your dining room is separate from the kitchen, a bigger table, with at least 6 chairs, is a good starting point.

Depending on your decor, you have different options. A glass table is a safe bet and one that fits with almost all kinds of decorative styles.

minimalist apartment dining room

Therefore, if you want to go with something safe, this may be a good idea.

If you rather go with something more classic, wooden tables are your thing.

minimalist apartment dining room

Same goes if you want to add natural or Scandinavian decor elements to your dining room.

Finally, for those of you that are into modern and futuristic decoration, you can choose neutral colored, sharp designs.

minimalist apartment dining room

All in all, the table size depends on whether you can afford the space.

For example, when are decorating a minimalist studio apartment, a smaller table with 4 chairs is enough.

Choosing the right chairs for your table also requires some decor skills. Make sure there are elements that bind with the table, choosing a similar material or a contrasting element.

Don’t forget to consider comfort. Good padding on the seat and back support are essential.



minimalist apartment dining room

The buffet or sideboard is a furniture piece that is not considered to be essential.

Especially if your dining table is in the kitchen, you will likely not need this item.

However, if you are using a different set of plates and cutlery, this is where you will store it.

You can add decorative pieces on or around the sideboard to complete the dining room look, adding more to the visual of the room.

As always, choosing a neutral tone, whether it is wood or other material, will support the minimal outlook of your space.



Choosing the right light for your dining room is absolutely crucial because the dining area is all about atmosphere.

The way to do this is by adding your lighting design around the table, rather than the whole room, like you would do in the living room.

Choose a lighting piece that suits the styling of the room and, if you feel like going the extra mile, add a dimming light to control the mood.

minimalist apartment dining room

This dining room perfectly describes how we would like to decorate our dining room. The black table is a beautiful contrasting element to the white walls, with a piece of wall art that perfectly fits the room.

A small plant on the table breaks the monotony and there is no sideboard present.

Simple and elegant with a calming effect, exactly what a minimal apartment should aim for.


The Minimalist Apartment Kitchen

While designing a minimalist apartment, your kitchen is probably the place that will thank you most for the changes.

As the most functional space of your home, the kitchen is the place that will get cluttered faster than any other room.

Therefore, the first thing you need to do before any decor choices come in play, is to get rid of ALL the clutter.

Small appliances, unnecessary items, even kitchen items that you use only occasionally.

Throw it out!

See how awesome it feels? You were never using that rice cooker anyways!

So there, blank canvas. Let’s get started.

As mentioned already, a minimalist apartment has neutral color tones, and so should your kitchen.

Grab your paintbrush and let your creative genius roam free.



The sink is a great place to start. Replace your current faucets for a more sleek, chrome option. Opt for a choice that will bring out the elegance of your kitchen while maintaining simplicity.

minimalist apartment kitchen

Of course, for the more daring ones, there are also more interesting designs that may fit your kitchen better. Installing a tankless water heater under the sink can only increase the aesthetic appeal


The most important thing here is to keep things clean. Don’t place toasters, coffee makers and other appliances clutter the space. Instead, hide them in the closet or the cupboard.

As already said above, get rid of the extras, even if these are things you seemingly cannot live without. You most likely won’t be using your rice steamer daily, right?


The Minimalist Apartment Bedroom

minimalist apartment bedroom

All decoration tips aside, your bedroom decor is very important. Feeling good in your bedroom leads to better sleep which leads to a better life.

When exploring minimalist apartment options, the bedroom should include uncomplicated elements that lead to a relaxing atmosphere overall.


Storage Bed

Here you have different options.

Since you are working on developing your minimalist apartment, go for beds with built-in storage drawers to turn your bed into a convenient place to store your clothes and bed linens.

minimalist apartment bedroom

A simple, white platform bed provides a fashionable touch to your bedroom, adding to the minimal element. Not to forget the mattress, something that is a medium-firm combination where the bed sheets will stay in shape and give a cleaner look all the time. The Ghost Bed Mattress, which comes with latex and gel and is of the perfect firmness, could be an ideal replacement.

However, wooden options may be more suited to your color choices.

minimalist apartment bedroom



When choosing the furniture pieces for the bedroom, we tend to focus on the bed because it’s the most functional and important element of the room.

However, minimalism decor is not only about simplicity but also functionality.

Therefore, your nightstand is equally important.

The old school way of thinking was to shop for a nightstand that matched your entire bedroom style of furniture.

Same finish, color, style and design on everything from the bed to the chest of drawers to the nightstand and even the lingerie chest.

Our way of thinking is more focused on functionality while allowing a blend-in with the existing decor.

Start by looking for simple design night tables or, if you need more storage room, a chest of drawers or small bookcase may be more functional.

minimalist apartment bedroom

If you work or study from home, an office table may serve as dual-purpose furniture.


Bedroom Lighting

Place lighting on either side of your bed using sconces or pendants with unassuming designs that are stylish but not distracting.

If space allows, place lighting on either side of your bed, choosing items that provide a relaxing atmosphere to the bedroom.

Go for designs that are unusual and stylish to add fresh elements to your space, but don’t make them too big or distracting.

You can, for example, add a unique light piece to a white colored bedroom. It gives a focal point and a contrasting element to your design.

minimalist apartment bedroom

You can also hide the light behind walls, to give a better sense of atmosphere. While this may require some additional work, it is definitely worth going the extra mile for.

minimalist apartment bedroom

That’s it for our decor ideas for minimalist apartments. We hope you found this guide useful and are looking forward to reading your comments.

Ready to step up your decor game?

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