Spending time in the open is the only way to feel relaxed and at peace in this crazy world, we live in today. However, in order to do so, you have to design and build a peaceful and soothing outdoor area first.

Most people opt for a deck or a patio, but you can go for an even simpler solution – a seating area next to an empty exterior wall. You don’t really need much more than that, and sometimes the simplest ideas prove to be the best.

Still, if you wish to make the most of your outdoor space, you have to invest some time in decorating your exterior wall, so here are a few fun and inspiring ideas you might want to take into consideration.

Plants, Flowers, and Ivy

If you’re already spending so much time in the open, that probably means you’re a fan of the outdoors and nature, and there’s nothing more natural than plants. Displaying a few hanging pots here and there could bring a dose of elegance and class to your exterior wall while adding a couple of colorful plants too will take your outdoor décor to a whole new level.

Ultimately, if you wish to go all in, you could opt for a gigantic ivy that covers your entire exterior wall, no matter how big it is, and turn your home into the most special one in the entire neighborhood. Be careful with the ivy, though, and take all pros and cons into consideration before opting for it, and you’ll surely avoid potential trouble in the future.

Set Up an Impromptu Gallery

If you’re a fan of traveling and taking photos, consider turning your exterior wall into a one-of-a-kind gallery where you can display all your favorite photographs and memories from your travels. This way, your guests will have a chance to see how creative you are and how much you love traveling, and you’ll be able to remember the trips you took and plan new ones as well.

Alternatively, you could add a few larger posters into the mix as well – a custom map of your favorite place in the world is going to make you fall in love with traveling even more and remind you of the time you’ve spent abroad. These posters are entirely customizable, and you can change their layout, colors, labels, sizes, and orientation on your own, thus creating a unique map that nobody else is going to have.

Install a Deck

If you wish to make your outdoor space even more special and enjoy it all year long, you should reconsider installing a deck under your fancy exterior wall. This way, you’ll add even more seating area to your backyard and be able to explore a whole new range of options, from preparing your meals to throwing a party for all your friends!

When it comes to installing a deck, this is a job you might want to leave to the professionals. You can take part in designing and envisioning it, as well as decorating and spicing it all up one it’s done, but the actual building process needs to be done by someone with a bit more practice, knowledge, and skill than you.

Only experienced professionals are going to install you a deck that will last for decades and provides you with hours and hours of outdoor entertainment every single day.

Turn Your Wall into a Chalkboard

Whether you decide to install a deck under your exterior wall or stick to the simple seating arrangement you already have, turning a part of this wall into a chalkboard could easily turn out to be one of the most exciting and imaginative ideas out there.

This project sounds like a lot of work, but it’s actually easier than you think, and all you need is some proper paint, a few brushes and a couple of hours of free time. And, of course, some empty wall space!

You can also build a chalkboard and hang it on your wall, thus getting essentially the same result. This can be used to keep your kids entertained and help them develop their imagination, but other things as well – writing down the menu if you’re cooking in the open, leaving messages to your guests at a party, or making new holiday plans while spending time on your deck with your family. Therefore, this idea is definitely worth exploring.

Some of the other outdoor wall décor ideas you might want to consider include huge wall clocks, DIY ornaments, a vertical garden, or, if you’re really creative, some graffiti – you can find a local artist who can draw this for you, representing something you believe in or capturing the portraits of your family. This blend of traditional and modern is always exciting, so give it a thought as soon as possible.


Rebecca is a translator, an interpreter and a digital nomad, living her best life while traveling the world and breaking out of her shell. Her ultimate dream is to visit every country in the world, and she has so far been to 49. When not writing or trying to find the perfect cappuccino, she tries to blog at RoughDraft.eu.