After all these years, isn’t it time to give your grandma something truly unique? Ever thought about all the creative, funny and awesome ideas that could become personalized gifts for grandma?

The thought of your grandma can mean many things. It could be the smell of fresh apple pie, or the perfume she always wore, or the little things she always had prepared for you, for every occasion.

And oh, how lucky you are, if this special person is still next to you now, when her job is done and you can finally give back. And what better way to do just that, than giving personalized gifts for grandma?

Personalized gifts for grandma’s birthday

Imagine so many years of life, seeing your kids grow up. Being a witness of the continuation of your own blood. If that’s not the most precious thing about life… nothing really is.

So whether your grandma is an active, outgoing soul or a quiet household legend, there surely are personalized grandma gifts for every taste.

Here are 20 personalized gifts for grandma birthday, to help her remind, just how precious her yearly contribution to your life is:

1. A Grandchildren Birthstone necklace

personalized gifts for grandma

This gift would be so special; because it would represent the bond your granny has between her and all of her grandkids.

It also shows, that no matter the differences, you all love her and think about her the same way. If this isn’t one of the best personalized gifts for grandma, then keep scrolling down and you will find one.

2. My grandkids personalized throw pillow

personalized gifts for grandma

I don’t know a grandma, who isn’t obsessed with pillows and other interior trinkets. None. So here is one, that is really perfect for a Birthday, year after year helping your grandma to freshen up the interior space, by remembering how loved she is.

3. Custom grandkids tote bag

personalized gifts for grandma

Okay, now give it up for easily, one of the most awesome personalized gifts for grandmaout there!

A tote bag with you and potentially your siblings’ names on it… Because when grandma goes shopping for her next Birthday, you sure want her to pick out the ingredients for your favorite dish of hers. Just saying – love goes through stomach and grandma knows it!

4. Personalized grandmas apron

personalized gifts for grandma

Speaking of cooking and love… if that alone isn’t the definition of what a ‘’grandma’’ stands for. This apron surely can say the name of your granny, or the year of her Birthday or anything you want it to say, really.

Because when she wears it and steps her foot in the kitchen, everybody knows that something special is abut to happen.

5. Personalized make-up bag

personalized gifts for grandma

And if your nan is as posh as any style icon you look up to, she will most certainly appreciate a special little beauty bag, with her initials on it.

If you want to make it an even more thoughtful gift, add her favorite beauty bits inside the bag. Grandkid of the year guaranteed.

6. Memory journal

personalized gifts for grandma

Looking for personalized gifts for grandma? This beautiful journal is a wonderful present, where every year after you can go through her favourite memories with you.

7. What I love about grandma journal

personalized gifts for grandma

Speaking of special journals, this one will just melt her heart even more. You filling out about 100 things you love about your grandma, will just remind her, that you have as much space in your heart for her, as she does for you.

8. SPA Birthday gift basket for grandma with personalised note

personalized gifts for grandma

It is important to remind your grandma, that every year she needs to treat herself more and more. What better way, than to give her this beautiful SPA set?

9. Grandmas garden stepping stone

personalized gifts for grandma

Grandma and garden are almost synonyms. Here’s something to prove just that and make your granny super inspired! A garden stepping stone is one of the most creative personalized gift ideas for grandma

10. Grandma’s memories journal

personalized gifts for grandma

Why not take your granny down memory lane and later reminisce of her most fond ones together?

11. Grandmas personalized sippy cup

personalized gifts for grandma

For grannies who enjoy some vino, every now and then!

12. Grandmas personalized mug

personalized gifts for grandma

And if she prefers a cup of tea or any other hot beverage, this might just be the sweetest gift for her!

13. Grandmas never run out of kisses or cookies towel

personalized gifts for grandma

…Because they really don’t! And it is nice to express that you love that about your grandma with this cute dishtowel!

14. EFYTAL generations necklace

personalized gifts for grandma

If your grandma isn’t big fan of stones, this 925 sterling silver necklace will be more than special for her, combining you, your mom and her into a beautiful accessory.

15. Grandma engraved bamboo cutting board

personalized gifts for grandma

We already established earlier, that grandma and cooking is the next best thing since sliced bread (pun intended), so imagine her excitement, when she receives a new, sturdy cutting board, with her initials on it! Talking about one of the top personalized gifts for grandma!

16. Grandma glass cross and a poem

personalized gifts for grandma

If your family is religious and believes that some people are sent here just to make our lives brighter and filled with love – gift your grandma this beautiful cross, to make sure she is just that for you!

17. The grandparent gift life story frame

personalized gifts for grandma

This beautiful frame will remind your grandma how precious life is and how precious she is to you and everybody around her.

18. Two-pack aluminium water bottles with personalized picture/writing

personalized gifts for grandma

What better way to show your nana you love her, by reminding her to stay hydrated, but also twinning with your grandma with the exact same bottle.

19. Birthday bangle bracelet

personalized gifts for grandma

If your Nana isn’t big on necklaces, she might love bracelets. Here’s a beautiful option to personalize a piece of jewelry that will make any non happy as ever!

20. Grandkids birthdays wall picture

personalized gifts for grandma

Your grandma might not have the best memory and it might make her feel very low. Here’s a great way to cheer her up with a truly unique gift that defines what personalized gifts for grandma stand for!


Personalized gifts for grandma – Anniversary

One of the most cherished things about life is that it is spent together with that one special person, year after year after year.

Building a legacy of beautiful children and grandchildren, whilst keeping the house a home for everyone to return to.

It most certainly is a very special thing, and as much as Grandpa has been the captain of the ship, Grandmother most certainly held the flag, in times when even the captain couldn’t.

Therefore it is important to celebrate all of the anniversaries with special, personalized gifts for grandma!

21. Personalized Grafomap 

personalized gifts for grandma

A map, showcasing the first place your grandparents met, formed as a beautiful art piece…

Absolutely worth the splurge, for any anniversary, but specifically for those who have stood the test of time.

22. Love never ends personalized wall art

personalized gifts for grandma

Choose the color, names and text for this beautiful wall art piece and make your gran super happy!

23. Keepsake hands casting kit

personalized gifts for grandma

If you want something truly original and unforgettable, this is for you! This interactive gift will help your nan and granddad remember how close they really are!

24. ‘’Still having coffee together’’ silverware

personalized gifts for grandma

A very personal, beautiful reminder of the little things your grandparents have been doing for years and years together.

25. Gold platted (24k) Happy Anniversary Double heart ornament with crystals

personalized gifts for grandma

As a beautiful interior trinket, this golden heart can be engraved with the date of your grandparents anniversary.

26. Personalized Family Tree wallpaper

personalized gifts for grandma

And if you have a big family, let your elderly know that you all still appreciate them both and think of them as the roots of the family tree!

27. Talking family photo album

personalized gifts for grandma

Looking for personalized gifts for grandma that have interactive elements as well? This photo album will make any granny smile. Just hearing the voices of her grandkids, next to their pictures is the most precious thing for a grandparent.

28. Personalized coffee mugs

And if your granny is into funny things and cracking up together with grandpa, this will most certainly make them smile every single morning until the next anniversary!

29. Personalized anniversary pillow

personalized gifts for grandma

It’s all about comfort and pleasure living together with somebody for so many years. Therefore this pillow reminding them of just how many years they’ve been that for each other is really wonderful.

30. Metal family tree with photo frames

personalized gifts for grandma

This is a great choice for those keepsake moments your grandma loves to collect at her house. Granddad will most certainly appreciate the effort too.

31. Personalized golden numbers, cake toppers

personalized gifts for grandma

What a better way to show your love than baking an anniversary cake for your grandparents and topping it off with this gorgeous keepsake, that your gran can keep for the next many years to come!

32. Personalized garden flag

personalized gifts for grandma

Put your grandmas and granddads initials and year of marriage into one sign and it will last a lifetime! What an amazing personalized gift for grandma!

33. Customized wedding knife and server

personalized gifts for grandma

In case you’re grandparents celebrate their wedding once again, an engraved keepsake like this would be the perfect gift!

34. Gold plated filigree cross and cotton tapestry throw

personalized gifts for grandma

As a holy matrimony, anniversaries deserve the same attention as weddings. So splurging on something very holy and special for big anniversaries is absolutely necessary and grandma will be stoked!

35. Duo sparrow key holder

As a couple, everything becomes one. This sweet little gift will remind your grandparents of not only the life they’ve built together, but also a home. One of the most loving personalized gift ideas for grandma and also grandpa!

36. DYI family photo and handprints/footprints framed

personalized gifts for grandma

If you’re really out of gift ideas for grandma, this would be a very simple and easy way of involving everybody and show your grandparents, you think about them all the time and always are next to them.

37. Couple’s keychain

personalized gifts for grandma

This couple’s keychain would be great for your grandparents, to remind them how they are perfect for each other and always have been.

38. Bucket list Journal for Couples

What better way to help your grandma and granddad celebrate their life together, than helping them plan more things to do? This bucket list journal will be the best of all the gift ideas for grandma!

39. Personalized Scrap book

personalized gifts for grandma

A really beautiful, personalized and high quality book, where you can portray how great the marriage between your grand parents really is!

40. Personalized pendant with names

This is something very special for both of your grandparents. A pendant saying their names, will surely remind your granny the love they share.

41. Personalized wine glass

personalized gifts for grandma

And finally, here’s another one from your granddad to your grandma, with whatever text he chooses to put on the glass. Preferably ‘’Refill here’’, or something along those lines.

42. Personalized bathrobe set

personalized gifts for grandma

As the perfect anniversary gift, these personalized bathrobes with your grans and pops initials or names on them will make their mornings and evenings even better!


Personalized Christmas gifts for grandma

Christmas is probably the most special family celebration, which brings joy to most of us.

However, it can be also quite stressful, when you think about all the gifts you have to prepare and some of us have only so much creativity…

But fear not, because we have discovered the most amazing Christmas gifts for grandma, so you can check that off the list!

43. Personalized Snowman ornament

personalized gifts for grandma

This snowman ornament, which has all of the family member names on it, would surely put a huge smile on your granny’s face and grace the Christmas tree year after year!

44. DIY Christmas bauble set

personalized gifts for grandma

And if your gran is more traditional, this DIY bauble set it might be an amazing way of spending time together with her. As a result you will create something truly special that you can later pass down generations.

45. Custom made Christmas stockings

personalized gifts for grandma

What would be Christmas without huge, fuzzy socks? And what would be Christmas without huge, fuzzy personalized stockings? This is probably the most perfect of all personalized gifts for grandma!

46. Personalized Nanas cookies stamp

A cookies stamp for your nana, because what would be life without nans cookies at Christmas!

47. Amazon gift card personalized for Christmas

personalized gifts for grandma

If your grandmother appreciates the option of choosing for herself, she will love this gift. Throw her some ideas from this list we have compiled and let her pick the one for herself!

48. Christmas duvet set

personalized gifts for grandma

Cozy winter nights, under the soft and fresh covers of snowman himself. Grandma will love this seasonal personalized gift!

49. Custom Christmas Sweater

Your grandma will freak out, when she receives this ugly Christmas sweater with her name on it. It doesn’t get much more Christmassy than this!

50. Custom season pillow covers

personalized gifts for grandma

This pillow set would be great for your grandmas home and help her add that little sparkle to her living space.

51. Engraved wooden spoon

personalized gifts for grandma

Your gran will most certainly need a wooden spoon to work her magic for the Christmas dinner, so why not surprise her with one with her name on it?

52. Custom made baking tray

personalized gifts for grandma

This engraved non-stick pan will put a smile on your grandma every time she cooks Christmas dinner. Or any other delicious meal.

53. Personalized doormat for Christmas

personalized gifts for grandma

This doormat will not only make your granny smile, but everyone who joins her Christmas dinner too! And just because it is a doormat doesn’t mean it can’t be unique. This is one of the most creative and humorous personalized gifts for grandma.

54. Custom holiday blanket

personalized gifts for grandma

This soft blanket will not only keep your gran happy, but warm in those cold winter evenings.

55. Mulled wine gift set

If your granny enjoys a little festive drink once in a while, this beautiful mulled wine set will definitely help her with long, cold evenings.

56. Kids and grandparents activity book

Looking to for personalized gifts for grandma so she can play with her grandkids? Going over to grans house is always a relaxing experience, but it can get overwhelming over holiday season. Winding down with this game that you both can play is a great choice.

57. Q&A book for grandparents

personalized gifts for grandma

This book of Q&A’s for your granny to answer might just become the most precious keepsake in your family. Your gran has lived a thousand lives before you were born, wouldn’t it be fun to learn about them?

58. Personalized puzzle of photos

personalized gifts for grandma

Here’s another super fun and sweet way of thinking about your grandma. Turn your favorite picture of you and her into a game and play it over the holiday season.

59. Heart pieces necklace

This stainless steel necklace made of three pieces can be engraved with your name, your moms or dads and grans. Remind her of how special she is. Especially if you’re miles apart, you always have a piece of her heart with you. Personalized gift ideas for grandma that help bridge the distance and strengthen the love!

60. DIY Candle kit

personalized gifts for grandma

Everybody loves candles, especially during the holiday season. Why not make a special gift for your granny by crafting your own candles? Every time she lights them up, she’ll be thinking of you!

61. Bath bomb basket set

personalized gifts for grandma

Spoil your granny the way she has spoiled you your whole life, by gifting her this beautiful bath bomb set. Nothing better than a hot bath in a cold winter day!

62. Custom embroidered Egyptian cotton towels

personalized gifts for grandma

Wanna invest in some unique personal gifts for grandma? These embroidered towels will just kick up grannies bathroom a notch and will remain as a special gift for the holiday season.