Although making the right impression is vital in every industry, it is more so in the restaurant industry where people are mainly after two things: exquisite ambiance and delicious food. If your food is delicious, but you are not reaping expected returns, you should consider a restaurant renovation. Giving your restaurant a facelift will increase your Return on Investment (ROI) and improve your business. 

These 5 tips used by restaurant renovation and interior design experts will help you recapture those patrons, by giving your entire facility a fresh, new look.

1.Update your furnishings

The furnishings at your restaurant have a significant impact on customer satisfaction and how they feel about your services. Upon arriving at your restaurant, the patrons will have a lot of time to look around. If the chairs, tables, and benches are worn out, your restaurant will be associated with low quality of food or services. As a result, the patrons will order less food or fail to come back in the future. The color and condition of the furnishing can affect how the people eat or order, thus affect satisfaction and repeat business. Remember, to save money; you should start updating furnishings in bright lit areas then advance to other areas.

2. Install new flooring

Repairing or replacing your flooring is recommended because of spills and foot traffic. An ideal floor is attractive and easy to maintain. One of the main objectives of installing new flooring is to hide spills and stains because they are inevitable in a restaurant. Therefore, thorough research is required to make the right choice while staying within the budget. There are numerous floor plans to choose from, especially if you are looking to have a theme. For example, acrylic infused hardwood floors have a modern feel and last long. On the other hand, the natural cleft slate hides stains and spills, thus ideal in most restaurants.

Are you on a tight budget? Focusing on areas people see first or take their meals or is a good idea. You can start with the entryway, bar, and the waiting areas then redo the entire space after a while.

3. Change or update your façade color

The exterior color of your restaurant can affect the business positively or negatively. The color can have a long-lasting effect on how people perceive your services, brand, and food. Ergo, choosing the right color for your façade is very important. The right color will make it easy for people to recognize your brand, facilitate decision making, and improve positivity. The exterior color of your restaurant can determine the mood. For instance, the red color is associated with hunger. Therefore, if your façade color is red, the chances of patrons coming into your restaurant and having a meal increases.

4. Renovate your bathroom

Your bathroom should not be overlooked because most people use it to determine your hygiene levels and quality of services. If the bathroom is out of date or worn out, you will have a hard time attracting or maintaining patrons in your restaurant. Although a full bathroom remodels is costly, there are a few things you can do to update your space. Consider installing a mirror, repainting, installing proper lighting, and updating some of the fixtures by installing new ones. Although installing or replacing bathroom tiles can be expensive, you should consider it, especially if you are not on a tight budget.

Also if you need coating or sand casting for some of your things is your restaurant you can always look for companies like tipcasting and ask them to do it for you,

5. Install new lighting

Proper lighting determines the mood and experience of dining in your restaurant. Adequate lighting is an essential aspect of interior design, and if you want to control what the patrons see, consider doing it in layers. The lights you install should have different impacts on your restaurant. For example, ambient lighting should illuminate the entire room, while accent lighting is used to highlight the bar area and walls. Finally, task light should be installed near or above each table to provide enough light and make the setting more intimate. The task light should be bright enough to help with menu reading. To save money, you can provide task lighting using battery-powered lamps or candles.