Restroom decor is not often talked about. Since it has a functional purpose, many tend to overlook its aesthetic effects and what good they could bring.

But, have you ever imagined how life would be without a restroom in your house?

You use this room multiple times per day to maintain health and hygiene. When it comes down to it, its probably the most important room in your house. And the impact it has in your daily life?


So I think it deserves the same care all the other rooms in your house. That’s why we have compiled a list of 20 creative ideas that you can make yourself, to decorate large or small restrooms.

Restroom decor ideas from recycled material.

Recycling is many things. It’s in fashion, it’s eco-friendly, it’s (mostly) free and most importantly, it looks amazing if done right.

Whether you want to recycle pieces your past furniture or you feel like unleashing your creativity, DIY bathroom decor starts and ends here.

Old box turned into plant pot for restroom

restroom decor

Which places are best for sitting and thinking? I’d have to say it’s my beautiful garden and my toilet. If you agree with me then you might like this idea.

The Toilet Garden is a self-water and maintenance free plater for your restroom.

You can grow anything from flowers to herbs but, if I was you, I would go with items you can usually find in your toilet cabinet. Think of lavender, mint, aloe vera, lemon balm and more.

Mason jar for restroom accessories

You can make one, or you can make many. You can turn it into a napkin box or an elegant toothbrush cup. What is it? Well, of course, it’s the Mason Jar.

The all-favorite Instagram worthy jar can do more than holding your smoothies and overnight oatmeal.

Experiment by looking at what you restroom needs and create an organized atmosphere by storing everything in the right jar.

Soap dispenser

From old metallic boxes to big Jack Daniels bottles, making your own soap dispenser can be as easy as buying the small pump that fits on top.

Once you have that, its all about finding an object that fits the measures and fits in your restroom.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with objects you thought you could never use for that reason. Sometimes the best ideas come from where you least expect them.

Homemade potpourri for your bathroom

The most important part of your restroom is the odor. If you have been in restrooms without it, you know what I mean by that.

Using dried fruit and plants to create your very own potpourri, can freshen up your restroom for a long time. And the best part? You can easily make it yourself!

Recycled driftwood shelves

Some pieces of driftwood are art pieces on their own. By combining them in creative ways you can create some pretty awesome shelves in your bathroom.

Bathroom storage ladder

What can you do with that old storage ladder lying in the basement doing absolutely nothing? Here is an idea – turn it into a bathroom rack for towels.

Simply use a sander, whether it’s by hand or machine, smoothen out the wood, and paint it with a color that suits your restroom decor.

Improve your Bathroom decor by Transforming your Cabinet

Your cabinet does not only serve as a storage place. It should, however, be capable of supporting that role as well.

Since we are talking and brainstorming on toilet decor, let’s look at a couple of ideas that can help your restroom look pretty cool, while keeping your creative spirits busy.

Sliding door for toilet cabinet

Wanna get creative with your toilet cabinet? Does your space not allow for furniture that takes a lot of space?

You can always add some unique restroom decor ideas by looking at your cabinet.

This awesome DIY project can inspire you to add a touch of farm-like roughness to the cabinet while reducing the space it takes.

Antique window cabinet

Are you not ready to get rid of that old window cabinet?

Sometimes we are simply too emotionally attached to certain furniture and finding a way to incorporate them into our new home decor calls for a creative spirit.

Here, an old window cabinet is refurbished to fit in a modern restroom decor. You can duplicate this process with any old furniture that you want to keep.

Creative sign for Toilet decoration.

Where is the toilet? I bet you have heard that one quite often when guests are visiting.

You can help people find the room by creating a sign that is both useful and aesthetic. It is those small things that turn a house into a home.

Moss Bathroom sign

Do you wanna create a more natural look and artsy look to your bathroom door?

Whether you want to place it on the outside or inside of the door, a moss sign is a very creative restroom decor idea.

You could even create a bathroom mat made from moss to complete the look.

Bathroom hallway sign

Do you want to add a brush of creativity to your boring toilet sign? Consider creating a sign outside of your door with recycled material like seen in the picture above. You can easily do it yourself.

DIY Ideas For Shower And Bath

The experience of a proper hot shower or a long bath are incomparable, Yet many people see this activity as a hassle and try to get over with it quickly.

Make the experience better by creating a better atmosphere through DIY projects.

Rope towel holder

If you have sailors in your family or simply like to minimalistic look of it, using a thick piece of knotted rope can be the perfect towel holder.

If you want to turn this into the room’s theme, you can implement this restroom decor style for your toilet paper holder and shower curtain rack as well.

DIY shower curtain

Do you like to work with multicolored fabrics? Why not implement your talents to the improvement of your shower?

DIY rustic tub board

Frankly, I never even knew that these tub boards were a thing. Well, apparently some of us enjoy baths more than others.

If you are one of those people that love to spend long times in the bathtub with, say, a glass of wine, or a snack, we’ve got you covered.

Find some pieces of wood that you can repurpose to create a tub board that will not only be functional but also very pretty.

DIY towel rack

Towel racks come in all shapes and sizes. From old rusty tubes to wooden, shelved towel racks, making one yourself can be quite an experience.

Explore your space and see what would best fit. Then get working to boost that restroom decor.

DIY pebble bath mat

Do you remember that holiday in Greece? That gentle feeling of your feet stepping on smooth stones when in the sea?

You can now replicate this process by creating your own mat with smooth stones you found on the beach.

And if you don’t have a beach nearby don’t worry. You can order stones of all sizes and shapes online as well.

Other Awesome Bathroom Decor Ideas

We took care of the biggest part. Now comes the fun part. By now your restroom should have a unique style of its own.

The colors of the walls extenuate the tiles and the whole design is completed with your homemade projects.

So here are some last touches to make your bathroom cozy and friendly.

Bathroom hooks

Bathroom hooks are a great example of items that can be altered in a bunch of different ways to fit a given setting.

Get creative. Find some strong bathroom hooks and build a wooden decoration around it to fit the whole restroom setting.

Bathroom rug

A braided rug sounds simple enough, right? Well, it is!

Once you get a hold of the process, making a restroom rug can keep you busy for a few hours and make your feet happy.

Get creative with your toilet paper holder

They say that you can find inspiration in the weirdest places. Apparently, not everyone thinks much of the paper holder in the restroom.

Until you get your own place and you start focusing on the little details. And thanks to the DIY community, we now have many ideas that can transform even the seemingly unimportant places.

Grafomap for your Bathroom Door

Why go for boring calendars or even more hooks, when you can personalize your bathroom?

Choose to be different by making your own Grafomap poster, showcasing maps of your favorite memories and life events.

DIY magazine rack for bathroom

With a few small pieces of wood, you can easily build your very own magazine rack. Make your restroom visits less boring by undertaking this creative DIY project that can be made in less than an hour.

Bathroom mirror with a creative touch

Why go for the conventional, boring bathroom mirror? Find a large mirror that will make your restroom space look bigger and build a custom frame to bring out its best version.

Go for wooden elements that contract the total outlook of your decor.

We hope you found this restroom decor guide interesting. Now it’s your turn.

Whether you make use of the ideas presented here or use them for inspiration, we’d be glad to see your results. So let us know about your progress!