Retirement can very well be a great day in somebody’s life as it can be daunting. Not many people are ready to leave work and uptake the bucket list things they always wanted, but never got the chance to do. You will surely miss your colleague, so here are the best retirement gift ideas, which will help ease the transition and leave a nice memory.

For some, it feels like a relief and a great opportunity to just relax and take care of grandkids, while for others it could be a far more exciting life change.

Then there’s the sea of emotions when it comes to leaving the most productive years behind and just be…

Either way, you would want to show your teammate how much you appreciate his or her time spent beside you – seeing each other every day, having lunch together and discussing the newest gossip in the office.

Retirement gift ideas for coworker

Whether it took time for you both to get along at first or you bonded instantly at the coffee island, it can be really sad to see a colleague leave. Retirement can come too soon and it is important to make your colleague feel like they will be missed.

It could be a long time colleague, that will remain a close friend, or someone you just got to know, but instantly connected with. Whatever it maybe – you want to make sure you help them transition and most importantly – let them know how empty the office will be without them!

Here are a few retirement gift ideas for a colleague that was more than just another person in the building for you, and you truly appreciated it. Gift it just from you, or decide with your whole team, what fits best for this person, but they surely will leave with a smile and appreciation for the time spent together in your team.

1. Farewell party decorations

retirement gift ideas

Surely the company will organize a farewell party for this person. Why not do your deed with these epic balloons and decorations? Leaving with a bang might just be the cup of tea (or champagne) of this co-worker. One of the best retirement gift ideas for sure!

2. A personalized cup

Here is a very simple, yet a genius idea for a retiring colleague. This mug certainly says all the things, which need to be done once retiring. Remind your friend, that retirement isn’t half bad once you get over the goodbyes and tears! In fact – it could involve all things they always wanted to accomplish in life.

3. Retirement business cards

This gift is as funny as it is necessary. When retired, people don’t want to be bothered with work tasks and things that need to be done. They want peace and quiet. These cards will ensure that this thought is clearly communicated to those around them and even provide a metallic card holder!

4. Retirement coloring book

Here’s a really nice way of spending the first ‘’off days’’. This coloring book will help keep your ex-co-worker busy, as he or she goes into retirement. Coloring books are a great way to de-stress and keep calm in situations out of your hands. And who doesn’t love colors? Show them you have done your research and found something that will help mentally get past this time.

5. Wine bottles with personalized labels

Who doesn’t want to celebrate such a big change! Gift these wine bottles with funny and meaningful labels to let your co-worker know – they can fully relax and enjoy a glass more than before. You can even open one together at the farewell party. What an epic retirement gift ideas!

6. Retirement sash

Bring this special sash to the farewell party of your co-worker and they will treasure it forever. Such little but meaningful things are often the dearests and most treasured. A really nice keepsake for someone that will be missed and hey… one day they might show up with the same sash for your party too. We are all about connectivity and recycling.

Retirement gift ideas for men colleagues

If he is a man retiring, it could get tricky gifting him something at all. And then finding something good enough to be meaningful or fits his sense of humor, a difficult task! It also depends on how close of a colleague he was to you.

But have no fear, because we have found some of the best retirement gifts, that he will definitely appreciate or at least find daily purpose in.

7. Personalized coffee mug

So here is something that any retiring man would appreciate. This mug says, that instead of retiring he will now work for his wife.
10 points from his wife, stating the facts and 10 points from him – appreciating the harsh reality. But really – anyone will crack up with a little fun gift like this!

8. Personalized Aprox

The apron print goes along the lines of the mug, mentioned before. However, it is subtler and will definitely fit somebody who loves cooking or simply – loves food! He will definitely now have far more time to experiment in the kitchen, so this is a great retirement present.

9. A ‘’Retired’’ cap

He might be the biggest sports fan. Either it is football or basketball or even ice hockey – this cap will surely motivate him to go out and enjoy more sports. Or even spoil him with a game viewing once in a while. Who knows – maybe the hat can also hold tickets to his favorite game?

10. An engraved wooden plaque

Every letter of the word‘’ Retirement’’ on this wooden decoration stands for something that should be recognized. It is a great overall gift for a dear colleague, whom you wish to remind to just take a breather and enjoy the time out of the office. A really thoughtful yet manly retirement gift idea.

11. A travel guide

This travel guide offers information about some of the most scenic and beautiful places all over the world! Changes are, your colleague always loved to travel but didn’t really get the chance to explore that much of this globe.
This book might spark that adventurous soul to follow his dreams once more. Maybe the rest of your team can cash in for that plane ticket?

12. T.Rosevelt ‘’The man in the arena’’

An iconic note, which not only goes well with the occasion but also makes one think. Gifting this to someone you highly respect and will be missing amongst your colleagues, is a very thoughtful and special gift. Truly one of the greatest retirement presents a man colleague could receive!

Retirement gift ideas for women colleagues

If the retiring colleague happens to be a woman, there are a few more personalized options, that will surely fit any woman. It can be a lot more emotional for women to leave workspace, especially if they have been in the office for many years.

There are several ideas on what to gift a woman who is retiring – starting from very personal and feminine things, to more thoughtful and inspiring retirement gifts.

13. Farewell bracelet

This farewell bracelet has been specifically made for female coworkers who are retiring. Not only is this beaded bracelet beautiful and delicate, but it also has a very sweet message attached to the packaging. Any woman would love to feel appreciated and cared for like this!

14. A tailored farewell card

Women tend to be a lot more sentimental about leaving things behind. Therefore – if you are not quite sure what to gift a retiring female colleague, sometimes the most beautiful card with a special message is the best gift. She will definitely feel appreciated!

15. Printed wine glass

And for some other women, retirement means a lot more relaxation and wine! This funny wine holder will definitely make her transition a lot lighter and easier. And it will definitely remind her of you (still working hard) on those beautiful evenings, enjoying a glass or two!

16. Engraved keychain

This keychain says ‘No one can ever fill your shoes’ and that must be the sweetest and most sentimental thing for a colleague to say. It would make any woman feel a lot better for retiring. This keychain might be a very small gift, but it will remind her of the best times at work, whenever she sees it.

17. Engraved necklace

Any woman loves jewelry. And even if your colleague is not super into it, this little pendant necklace will surely melt her heart. It is sterling silver, tiny compass engraved pendant, with a personalized note. It will send her off to the nicest, most relaxing retirement. And she will be reminded to stop by the office to say hi every once in a while.

18. Jewelry tray with saying

This beautiful little jewelry tray says just what any colleague needs to hear – ‘’A true friendship is a journey without an end’’. She might be retiring, but she most certainly might stay one of your closest friends. This can be a very special and soothing gift in such a transitional period.

Funny retirement gift ideas

Retirement process can very often be very sad and stressful. For some, working at a certain place year after year, it becomes their second home. Not only their desk becomes part of them, but space and the people are a big part of who they are. Regardless of what type of person is retiring, essentially it might just feel like losing a family member.

Logically, saying goodbye is not easy, and many tears will be shed. But why not inject a little humor in the situation and gift something that will lighten the mood?

There are several funny retirement gift ideas, because at the end of the day – if you can’t change the situation, make the best of it!

19. ‘’How not to become a crotchety old man’’

Now, retiring doesn’t necessarily mean that one becomes old. It can most certainly depend on where in the world you retire as well as on other specifics.
However, retirement is often looked at as something for old people and it can make one feel old. Therefore, this book will not only make somebody retiring laugh but might even include some helpful tips on how to stay youthful!

20. Party Prop

This little fun sign can serve as one of the retirement party’s prop. In between the sadness and weeping of saying goodbye to your colleague, this will be a nice little keepsake from this significant day. Make sure that the colleague retiring has a good sense of humor and this will just make for a lighter mood all around.

21. ‘’Old as sh*t’’ white sash

Speaking of that retirement party and making it lighter on both sides – this sash will make sure everybody knows which colleague is retiring. They can keep this little gift and if they share the same humor as you, potentially pass it on to whoever is retiring next.

22. Retirement hat

A nice little gift, that will make your colleague remember the team and you! A nice little tip here is that everyone from your team can add a little charm to the hat and gift it together. It is as funny, as it is meaningful, and if your colleague appreciates a little joke here and there – they will love this gift!

23. A personalized wine glass

Everybody enjoys wine. But let’s be fair – when you work, it isn’t every evening that you can afford to enjoy your favorite beverage. If your colleague is somewhat of a sommelier, then they will definitely appreciate this little, thoughtful gift and ‘’wine all they want’’! What a great retirement gift.

24. A keychain ‘’Weekly retirement schedule’’

It can be hard sometimes to go from a full-time job, to be fully retired. Constant thoughts of things that need to be done or tasks that are waiting to be done… It can get though to get used to not do the daily grind anymore, so this little fun keychain is a funny, yet good reminder. Because when you retire – you can do whatever the heck you want, every single day!

Special retirement gift ideas

25. Grafomap map

This could potentially be a gift from the whole office, because of how truly special it is. A beautifully made map, which will serve as an interior masterpiece. It will remind her of her second family at work, which is always there to welcome her for a visit.
The map can portray the location of the office she started working at or just the area of the workspace. Whatever it may be, this is one of the most special retirement gift ideas.

26. Smart garden

When retiring, it could be a great start for new hobbies and lifestyle choices. If your colleague has always been into plants and green environment or even cooking – this would be a great farewell gift. Smart gardening is also great for beginners because the system is built to water the plants, even if you forget to do it. A nice way of easing into gardening and a great retirement present!

27. 50 states, 500 ideas travel book

This National Geographic travel book illustrates the most amazing places to visit. Now that your colleague will have the time and you know just how keen he or she is on traveling – why not spark some ideas?
The book describes some of the most unique places, which no one has ever thought of visiting; to some of the most predictable locations, which are often overlooked.

28. A special retirement card

As a colleague or even boss – it might be difficult sometimes to find the right words to say goodbye to a great employee. This card will certainly save your day. Very special words to a special colleague. You can add it to a gift card or any other gift, or simply give it as a nice little reminder, of how missed your colleague will be.

29. A clock with days

Retiring might mean a lot of things. Some people stay active and plan their hours ahead, just to stay busy. Others choose to relax and take things easy. Whatever it may be, this beautiful clock will remind your colleague that now is the time to take day-by-day and not worry about commitments or deadlines. All they have now is endless time to spend on them. One of the most special retirement gifts!

30. Personalized crystal plaque

Some people leave a big mark on the company and its growth. Some people fill out day-to-day functions, that can be taken for granted. Whatever it may be – you will notice when this person is no longer there. Therefore this beautiful crystal plaque can be engraved with gratitude words and serve as a beautiful reminder of the value this person brought to your team. Gift it from your whole team and it will have that much more impact on your colleague.

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