I get it. It might seem impossible to please a girl when most of the time they don’t even know what they like themselves. However, there really isn’t much of a puzzle when it comes to making your girl happy and that is where romantic birthday gifts for a girlfriend come in.

Just know what she likes, pay attention to details, tell her you love her all day every day, bathe her in chocolate and roses and worship her beauty! Special gifts for your girl can also do wonders to keep your girl happy and satisfied.

Okay, but in all honesty, here we have found several amazing gift ideas, that would make any girl happy and remind her just how much you love her. And sometimes (most of the time), it really is about the simple, thoughtful and not the fancy expensive things.

The most romantic gifts are definitely the ones, where there’s more thought behind them than money spent on them. She will appreciate anything that has a personal touch, even if it’s a paper flower but has a deep meaning to her.

Here are the most romantic gifts for a girlfriend that appreciates thoughtful and sweet gifts!

Nordgreen Watches

Your girlfriend will love it if you gift her something from Nordgreen. These watches are made by 2 friends from Denmark. High quality from them is guaranteed. Also, if you buy a watch from them, not only your girlfriend will be happy, but also someone else in the world, because for every sold watch, they give back, and you can choose who you want to support. Access to clean water, a clean environment, or anything else. This could be one of the most romantic birthday gifts for girlfriend ever.

Adjustable rings

Don’t freak out yet, this doesn’t have to be THE ring. However, most girls are into jewelry and this option is great because it would fit your girl even without you knowing her ring size! One of the most romantic gifts for her.

Personalized candle

Yes, girls love candles. You don’t need to know much more than this, just that with this specific one, you can insert a personalized message – be it funny or romantic, that’s up to you!

Long-distance touch lamps

If this isn’t the most romantic birthday gift for her since handwritten letters… what is?! If you and your girl live miles apart, this can easily be the gift of the year. And although more pricey, there is no price-tag on the love she’ll give you after receiving this! This is definitely one of the most romantic birthday ideas today!

Distance bracelets

And even if long distance means – you’re always in the kitchen and she spends her free time in the bathroom, these bracelets are so cute and meaningful, that she will melt right there when receiving it.

SPA gift set

It really isn’t possible going wrong by gifting a girl lovely scented beauty essentials. Just don’t buy the same one every year…

Portable hot tub

Okay, this might just be the coolest gift ever! If your girl is into over-the-top stuff, she might be over-the-moon for this portable hot tub!

Give Something That Means Something

Want to make someone happy by donating in their name? You have a chance to do so.

The Red Cross Holiday Giving Campaign offers a way to donate gifts that uniquely give back while supporting the organization’s mission. Individuals can choose from three essential giving opportunities:

1. Gifts that help disaster victims: blankets, hot meals, or a full day of emergency shelter

2. Gifts that help our military: comfort kits for service members, therapy support programs for ill and injured service members, veterans, and their families

3. Gifts that help internationally: vaccinations to save children’s lives around the world

“It’s such a gratifying feeling to give something that brings help and hope to those who need it most,” says American Red Cross President and CEO Gail McGovern. “The Red Cross Holiday Giving Campaign offers both gift-givers and receivers the opportunity to experience the joy of giving this holiday season by supporting a family who’s lost everything to disaster, providing comfort to our service members and veterans, or helping to vaccinate a child overseas against deadly diseases.”


Satin PJs set

Pink, silky and cute. Enough said.

Soft fleece bathrobe

If she’s more into the comfort of things – schedule a movie night, put on some Netflix, prepare nice food and then whip out this comfy robe. She will love you forever.

Phone charging bracelet

This definitely is one of the coolest, most thoughtful gifts out there. Making sure, her phone stays alive with a great accessory? Two birds, one stone!

Silk sleep eye mask

One of the greatest romantic birthday gifts for girlfriend for girls who love to take extra care of themselves. This beauty accessory will help your girl get her beauty sleep in and add extra quality to it.

Engraved necklace

This stainless steel necklace can be engraved in whatever you wish it to be. A very special and thoughtful gift indeed.

Apple smartwatch

She might never be on time. Here is a really fancy way of helping her be more punctual!

Tyle style key finder

Is she always losing her keys? This could be a really helpful andF thoughtful gift for your girl. She will never have to stress again.

Pinrose Make-up brush set

It doesn’t really matter whether or not your girl is super into make-up. Chances are she still loves colorful unicorns, so this brush set would be perfect for her.

Fuji-film instant camera

Girls love taking photos and girls are impatient! So this is kinda the perfect gift for any girl. And it’s pink too!

Apron with cupcake print

Chances are, your girlfriend is really into cooking or baking. If that’s the case – this might just be the only thing she’s still missing from her wardrobe.

Bathtub caddy

After giving her Birthday back rub, make sure to fill up the bath, pour some wine and serve her like a queen she is with this bathtub caddy. Boyfriend of the year, guaranteed!

Artificial flowers

Girls love flowers. But who has time looked after them? And then the sadness of when they perish… With these roses, they will last forever and make your girl happy.


This is a birthday gift for a girlfriend who remembers places and times and every anniversary you two have together. She will most certainly freak out, when you present her with this beautiful art piece, showing the location of the exact spot of your first kiss.

Heart shaped silver necklace

If you really do love her to the moon and back, this is the most romantic way of saying it. For a girl who loves sparkle.

RAreal rosee dipped in 24k gold

Show her how much you love her, by gifting this beautiful, everlasting rose. Just like your love for her, this flower will never die.

Essential oil diffuser

Sometimes, the most romantic things you can gift someone is taking care of them. She might have mentioned how much tranquility means to her, or that she’d like to try new things. This is the perfect gift to show her how attentive and thoughtful you are.

Wooden card

This is not just any other card. This carefully carved out; the personalized card will stay not only in her memory, but also heart as something special.

Electric neck massager

Not only does this neck massager heats up, but it will always be there to comfort her, when you’re out on business trips or simply don’t have the energy to tend her.

Teddy bear with a message

Most girls love fluffy, cute and sweet things. This is not just any stuffed animal – this teddy bear will be a daily reminder of how important she is to you and lift her spirits every time with the quirky message!

Message in a bottle

‘’I love you’’ might just lose its true meaning if used too much in a relationship. However, when presented in such a unique way as this beautiful bottle with a personalized note, it could spark the romance once again!

Baby bear doll with scented rose soaps

It might not be the fanciest of all romantic birthday gifts for girlfriend, but it definitely shows her you love her and think about her. And want to spoil her once in a while!


Bell for a kiss

It might be difficult for her to always let you know exactly what she wants. But with this little bell, it will always be clear when she wants your kisses.

Massage oil with vanilla

As long as this massage oil is being put to use, there is nothing more romantic to gift her, at her birthday!

Love story journal

If she loves romantic gestures, she’ll adore this journal! Fill it out together and create a beautiful keepsake to look back at in the future!

Heart shaped red balloons

Her heart will skip a beat when she sees these at her front door on her birthday! Be ready to get multiple screams and kisses.

Home decoration with romantic saying

If this doesn’t melt her heart, nothing will. Just by reading this sign, she will always remember how much you love her.

Romantic birthday gifts for girls you have a crush on

So she might not yet be your girl. However, it is important to let her know, you have a crush on her and surprise her, especially on her birthday!

With these romantic birthday gifts for girlfriend, she will totally give in to your romance in a heartbeat!

Jason Mraz ‘’I know’’.

If she can’t be with Jason Mraz, this CD will certainly let her know, you’re there as an option. And then there is a heart on the cover of this CD case…

Coffee mug

Not only will this mug make her fall in love with your sense of humor, but also hint that you’d love to include her in your romantic walks. Even if in Target!

Romantic pop-up card

This card is just that much more special than any other card. Certainly one of the best birthday gift ideas for your crush!

Tabletop ornament from crystals

Girls love shiny things and delicate things. This flower will definitely melt her heart and be a daily reminder of you. Talk about the most romantic birthday gift ideas for your crush!

‘’Why I’m crushing on you’’ Journal

If she already knows how you feel about her, this might be the extra push for her to feel the same about you. Or at least, one of the most romantic birthday gifts for her for sure!

Wine tumbler ‘’Not a day over fabulous’’

A very subtle way of letting her know what you think of her. She might invite you over for some wine…

Soft blanket

Just like a warm hug, this blanket will remind her of you. At least until you can hug her for real.

Swarovski bangle bracelet

Something sparkly like this might just be her thing. Let her know, you’ve noticed her style by gifting this beautiful bracelet.

Compass necklace with a note

If you two already share a special connection, this necklace will take things to the next level.

Giant stuffed animal

There isn’t a girl, who wouldn’t love a giant, fluffy gift for her birthday! This is definitely one of the funniest yet romantic birthday gifts for girls.

Funny keychain

This keychain will not only make her laugh but let her know you love her butt. She might love yours too!

Princess sweater

Either she’s a princess or not, this sweater will let her know you totally see her as royalty and would treat her accordingly. She wouldn’t want to miss out on that!

3D nightlight

This 3D teddy bear with heart night lamp is a very romantic reminder that you think of her.

‘’Me without you’’ book

If she doesn’t already know, then this book will show her you’ll do anything to be near her! It’s a blunt gift, but its also one of the most romantic gifts for her.

‘’I wanna know you better’’ quiz game

This could be an invitation to spend the evening together or just a romantic gift for your crush. However, it definitely shows you want to find out more about her.

‘’Will you be my girlfriend book

If you already know her, and almost certainly know she likes you too – this book could possibly be the best birthday gift ever!

Blue crystal music box

romantic birthday gifts for girlfriend

A delicate, beautiful and one of the best romantic birthday gifts for girlfriend. She won’t stop thinking about you after listening to the music!

Necklace with her name

A necklace saying her name is definitely one of the most romantic gifts for her. Your crush will crush right back at you after receiving this gift!

Kiss emoji pillow

If you haven’t kissed her yet, this pillow could potentially lead to one. This is one of those romantic birthday gifts for girlfriend that are unsusualy and always makes them happy.

‘’Good morning beautiful’’mug

If you don’t have the chance to greet her this way every morning (yet), this mug might be a good start!

Fruit infuser water bottle

Some will say this is not a romantic gift. We disagree! Taking care of someone or being attentive to what they like is a very romantic thing. She will appreciate the effort and care.

Romantic rose soapbox

This is a very special box for a special girl. Gift her roses that she can use and enjoy more than just keeping until they perish! Trust me they like these romantic birthday gifts for girlfriend.

Fuzzy socks with hearts

A cute, romantic reminder that you care about her. A truly special gift for a special girl!

Animal slippers

These slippers will not only warm her feet but most importantly – her heart! Be the guy, who gifted the most awesome slippers she ever had!

Geometric elephant necklace

Chances are, she’s a huge animal lover. Then the way to her heart is definitely something meaningful like this necklace. You can bond over saving the elephants and write this down as your most romantic story!

Engraved watch

If you are going out with each other, she probably is late nearly every time you have a date. This would be a great gift with meaning and can be engraved with whatever text you like.

Lace chemise sleepwear

Gift her this beautiful, romantic sleepwear. It might make her heart skip a beat when receiving it and who knows… she might try it on for you. This is one of the best romantic birthday gifts for girlfriend.

Embroidered robe

She might be more about comfort than anything else. Then this robe will be as romantic for her, as a handful of roses!

Luxurious chocolate box

If there’s a way to your crushes heart, or any girls’ heart for that matter – it’s chocolate. Nothing more romantic than receiving a box of good quality chocolates!

Birthday cake protein bar

Girls love sweets. But hey also love to stay in shape. These birthday cake bars have zero sugar, so she can have all 12 of them at once! She might also invite you to her next gym session after this thoughtful gift.

Artificial rose bouquet

Flowers are the next best way to a girls’ heart. And this beautiful dark rose bouquet will last forever.

Little rose earrings

These tiny rose earrings are another way of showing her you like her. Cute, romantic and meaningful.

Dan Badger ‘’I want to kiss you’’

It’s a CD with music. Well, who really cares about the contents, after reading the name of the CD.

Love sign

Plain, simple and romantic. A nice way of letting her know how you feel about her. One of the most romantic birthday gifts for girlfriend.