Looking to transform your home into a fun, rustic retreat?

The rustic style has been so popular in the world of interior designing and now more and more people are incorporating it in their homes.

This relaxed and calming style is suitable for those looking to enjoy a taste of nature in their home. However, knowing where and how to start can be quite overwhelming. So we are sharing some great rustic décor ideas in order to achieve your dream home in a subtle way.

Go With Reclaimed Woods

A popular material for décor and design, reclaimed wood is a great way to incorporate a dash of rustic style into a room. Reclaimed wood doors can make any room stand out. It can be used as a coffee table, kitchen bar stools, kitchen island block, walls, ceiling or flooring. A quick tip though considers waterproofing Johannesburg on your ceiling and flooring installations since they use excellent waterproofing systems in order to protect your property and avoiding being a victim of dampness on rainy or winter season.


Repurposed barn doors and horse stall doors are also a great way to incorporate. Regardless, adding a bit of reclaimed wood— big or small— to a room can give you that raw and natural aesthetic for a rustic style.

Exposed Building Materials

Rustic design is all about the unfinished and raw things, so if your home has wooden beams or an exposed brick wall, then you better use them to your advantage. Exposed wood beams keep an element of nature and add some excellent architectural details. So, if you have them then consider yourself lucky. You don’t need any plastering, plus you get to save more while providing an air of something cottage-y and vintage.

If your home doesn’t have those, then consider installing some. When using exposed brick in your home, especially in the bedroom, then it is highly recommended that you also create a feature wall. This is because an entire room of exposed bricks can risk feeling messy and cold.

Warm and Natural Colors

From supple tan leather armchairs to cabin-style wood paneling, warm colors are the true essence of rustic design. You can use its affinity for neutral colors such as taupe, white, beige and grey. These colors help soothe the tone of a room while also allowing other rustic accessories and elements to grab your attention.

However, it is not necessary to stick with brown color, for a pop of color, you can incorporate hues of leafy fern green, orange, yellow, dusty earth tones and red families.

However, the usual rustic style is best served with more muted tones— pine green accents, rich mud brown walls, and sand-colored wall stickers. Such colors are soothing and evoke the earthiest feel of Mother Nature.

Choose Industrial Lights

A modern rustic style home usually comes with rustic glass pendants that are suspended from the higher wooden beams.

So, if you want a rustic interior design, you’ll have to consider the lighting fixtures. Rustic, old-style industrial lights are an excellent showstopper of rustic farmhouse décor. Antique-inspired and warm lights in natural materials such as glass, wood, and metal are the iconic lighting elements and materials that you need to look for.

And let us not forget the comeback of the rustic, large Edison bulbs. Such bulbs can help create an excellent artistic focal point both in modern and standalone designs. Combining these natural and authentic materials can help create warm and elegant pieces of indispensable art.

Big Views

Large windows are a big part of a rustic design since they let in so much natural light. Windows are a great way to bring the outdoors into a room without completely opening to the outdoors.

Go with large picture windows without screens that really brings the outside in. If possible, you can replace a choppy window with several grids since these will only distract you from having a clear view as well as uncluttered and clean rustic look.


With windows, you can have earthy and simple window decors such as linen in order to highlight natural and raw aesthetics.

Weathered, Time-Worn Accessories

Weathered and time-worn materials are the cornerstone of rustic design. From galvanized steel and distressed wood to slightly fraying rugs and broken-in leathers, worn finishes help evoke a homey feel, as if your house and everything inside it has been around for centuries.

You can start small with weathered accent tables and wood frames then move on to cabin-worthy leather chairs and rustic wood floors when you are ready to commit. You can create a collected mix of timeless accents with recent pieces which already feature charming dents and scratches.

Also, bring the outdoors in with hunting trophies or faux antlers, nature-inspired accents such as branch-style lighting and birch logs.

Try Wire Baskets

Wire baskets are an easy and simple way to get the rustic, farmhouse feel inside your home. Plus it comes with so many possibilities and uses. You can try using a large one to store some pillows in your living room or add a few to your wall to hold trinkets. You can even use it outside as a pot holder and install it on walls to display beautiful succulents and flora.

Textural Fabrics

You can use a bunch of industrial accessories, old relics, irons, and wood to give your rustic style badass and edgy. However, if you are looking for rustic décor ideas that can soften that edginess go with textural and unprinted fabrics. Think wool, cotton, burlap, or linen to make your rustic house a comfy and relaxing retreat.

Faux fur throw pillows are common for rustic decors since they are the best contrast for the rough edges while offering luxury and warmth that still belongs to the rustic sphere.

Don’t Forget The Kitchen

For a rustic-theme kitchen, butcher block counters make a significant piece since they keep the look relaxed. Also, they have a great rustic quality and should stay in good shape as long as you treat them properly. However, if a kitchen with butcher block does not feel practical for your home, then you can just consider a rustic kitchen island.

Meanwhile, apron sinks practically scream rustic, country kitchen. You can mix them with stylish kitchen faucets and some shaker-style drawers and you are guaranteed a rustic, farmhouse look.

Warm Welcome

A rustic home is not complete without the inviting warmth of a fireplace. Remember the rustic style is about being cozy, and fireplace best fits in the natural-styled home, particularly in a basement turned living room.


Go with surrounds that are made of visually weighty natural elements such as brick, stone, or rock along with a thick chunky wood piece for an ideal rustic living room.

Forage for Antiques

Rustic living rooms are the perfect place to add some antiques into the designs. Placing personal mementos which have been passed down is not only a great starter of conversations, but they can also bring a smile when you see them.

Whether it’s a collection that you can proudly display or a piece of vintage furniture such as a patterned couch or chair that you can’t part with, antique additions can make any space feel more collected and lived in. Consider vintage patterns for accent items such as rugs and pillows, too.

Open Shelves

Open shelving goes hand in hand with using your collections and rustic accessorizing. What better way to display rustic collections than in a free-standing piece of furniture or a bookcase?

Another way to make your open shelves blend with your rustic décor is to pain the section of cabinetry a contrasting color. IT gives the illusion of being a single piece of furniture. Also, combining open and closed storage in the same piece allows you to hide the ugly stuff while also highlighting what is beautiful.

Always Go For Dramatic Complements

Since the wood-clad shell of rustic homes has such presence and drama, precious or dainty furniture may get lost of sight. So, consider choosing furnishings which are large in visual weight and scale.

A rustic interior is a perfect place for a canopies four-poster, ebony leather sectionals, or a dining table which can seat 12 people. Also, look for elements which are used and rough material including rugs made of braided rugs, light fixtures with punched-in shades, or a kitchen island with butcher-block top.

Layers of fussy patterns can help make rustic interiors fell too busy, so choose bold, simple designs in textiles including mattress-ticking stripes and buffalo plaids which are derived from the wagon-train era.

A Bit Of Modern Nature Inside

If your home is leaning toward the modern rustic feel, then you can add some elements of nature in order to bring some life in. Several strategically placed indoor plants can actually make a world of difference, however, you do not want to turn your home into a tropical jungle.

A live, bushy plant or something seasonal can act as the main focal point and replace pictures on the walls, trinkets, and vases. Also, you can use a large vase decorated with seasonal flower and branch cuttings which can create a homey, nature-inspired atmosphere you need

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