Being a homeowner is definitely the dream of many and the reality of many more. No matter which category you belong to – decorating your house can be one of the most exciting things in your adulthood! That’s where Scandinavian design furniture comes in.

That being said, it can also be overwhelming at times. Especially if you have a specific idea of how your interior should look like.

The Scandinavian decor has become especially popular, ever since the idea of IKEA easy-affordable-stylish furniture and décor expanded globally back in 2010. Fast forward to nowadays – everybody wants that fresh, simple yet quality look that Scandinavian décor has to offer in their home.

Therefore – we have compiled the best ideas of both Scandinavian furniture and décor, which fit the style, but you won’t find in any IKEA store. Same-same, but way more special and your neighbor won’t have it. If that’s not winning, we don’t know what is!

Best Scandinavian Design Furniture

Even thou ‘Scandinavian design furniture’ for many people mostly represents that of IKEA and originating specifically from Sweden, there are three countries representing this contemporary interior style.

Each of which has a different take on the ecological, simplistic yet quality designs that ‘Scandinavian décor’ stands for.


Danish Furniture

True interior fanatics will be able to distinguish Danish furniture from any other. The explicit material quality and simple yet overthought detail clearly show up in most of the Danish artist pieces.

However, if you are on a hunt for exactly that, but can’t make it to the land of Oakwood-dark leather chairs, you might have an interest in our suggestions below.

Baxton Furniture Faux Leather Wooden Lounge Chair

Any true Danish furniture lover will want at least one or two dark leather, quality wood lounge chairs in their library or living room. However, if your wallet can’t yet support artists like Finn Juhl or Kofod Larsen – this might just be the option for you!

This Baxton studios armchair might fit your Scandinavian interior perfectly. Frame made from solid rubberwood finished in dark walnut paint. Then padded with foam and tapered with the highest quality black faux leather.

If this is music to your ears… you should definitely check out this piece! Not to mention the price is but a fraction of authentic Danish artwork. Winner!

Jackson Leather Club Chair

If you are ready for some serious Scandinavian design furniture investment pieces in your home, but still just can’t justify ordering and shipping K.Larsen’s ‘Elizabeth’ all for that one empty corner in your pad, this could be a great option.

The deep hardwood beautifully compliments this dark and solid Buckaroo ranch upholstery and makes an immediate statement. Not to mention the carefully crafted, smooth angles, which almost takes away the heaviness one would expect from this piece. Just like the ‘Elizabeth’, which definitely serves as an inspiration for this beauty!

Swedish Furniture

If Danish artists are known for their craftsmanship and detailed, heavy centerpieces; Swedish furniture definitely represents another spectrum of Scandinavian design furniture. Often light wood, minimalistic designs, and fabric upholstery. Think – modern, wooden countryside home with a minimalistic look. Soft, light and natural colors; comfortable furniture and throws around every sofa. Having the minimalistic chique, somehow it will still feel like a cozy home.

Coffee Table 2 Piece Set

This little coffee table might just be the perfect example of Swedish furniture design. Simple, minimalistic with light wooden parts and modern design. It definitely gives major IKEA vibes, but still could easily be a designer piece with the minimalistic quality look.

It’s also two birds with one stone – a smaller table that can fold under the bigger part. Practical and stylish at the same time! Definitely a winning piece from Scandinavian design furniture.

VECELO Fabric Chairs

Swedish furniture definitely isn’t afraid of color, but its always very subtle or faded. These chairs are no exception when it comes to Swedish designs – a very natural, ecological look with the light colors and minimalistic design. Again – the look of this set resembles many options you see at IKEA, however, that doesn’t take away from the simple yet chique look of these pieces.

You can also pick your favorite of all the subtle colors offered – any of them will fit beautifully within a Scandinavian design!

Norwegian Furniture

Norwegian furniture is definitely more innovative with their styles, yet somehow still definitely fits within the Scandinavian designs. The wooden furniture frames are often carved in different shapes, very minimalistic, subtle colors. Here it is all about carvings, shapes, more futuristic look, and more stripped back designs.

One could say Norwegian is almost the best of both Danish and Swedish furniture designs, but it definitely has its own vibe.  Simple, yet interesting and very minimalistic.

Kneeling Chair

A truly special piece by Norwegian designer Asmund Skard. This piece definitely stands for everything Norwegian furniture is – carved wooden details, practical use, stylish and minimalistic approach. For such a small piece of furniture, it definitely will still catch the eye of an interior design lover.

It’s definitely designed for somebody who loves the interior as much as they are experimental with other things. It will serve as a kneeling chair for mediation or simply a journal holder. This little gem is also portable, so it can be easily moved around and even taken on trips. A rare find – which means your most interior friendly pals, will definitely ask about it!

Glass Top Table

Glass is definitely another element that you would very often find in a Scandinavian home. Norwegian designs include a lot of mixed textures and simple yet outstanding designs – this table embodies all of those.

Keeping in mind the minimalistic designs, this table still can easily be a centerpiece with the dark-coated legs, somewhat reminding of a spider. The glass adds an iridescent and chique look without taking too much attention. It will also make your space look like there is more of it. A truly great buy!


Best Scandinavian Décor

Scandinavian décor definitely ties into the designs of Scandinavian furniture. However, the décor very often is meant not only for decorative purpose but also practical. Little color may be injected, but these pieces usually go by natural materials, subtle colors, and textures that could be found out in your garden.

If you want to inject that light, clean and natural feel into your house, that Scandinavian décor represents, then keep on reading and you might just find something special!

Succulent Pots

If you know anything about Scandinavian design, then you know that one of the dominant colors is green. And not just any green – but the green that is plants and succulents and other natural sources of this color.

These little white succulent pots, that stand on light wooden legs embodies the Scandinavian idea of great interior décor. And why not bring a little bit of nature into your home! We think these little pots will bring to life and joy to any house.

P.S. – these are definitely low maintenance plants, so chances of killing them are close to zero. Winning!

Seagrass Basket

Baskets are probably the second most favorite things (after the greenery) in any Scandinavian home. Rope baskets, white rope baskets, seagrass baskets – you name it – they have it!

Baskets are not only great for décor purposes – because they add that minimalistic eco look to your home, they are also insanely practical!

You can use baskets for dirty laundry; to put your throws in, to store things you don’t want hanging around, children’s toys, tech accessories and the list just goes on.

You will not find a Scandinavian home without at least one basket in it.

Cotton Throws

If you know a little geography, you will know that Scandinavia countries are on the side of the globe, where the sun doesn’t always shine bright and warm. Therefore throws have definitely become a staple in every single Scandinavian home.

More specifically – cotton throws, which give that rustic, country house look and feel, just like this one. You can choose between a variety of colors and patterns and just place them around your house. For those chilly evenings or winter months, there is nothing better than wrapping yourself in this cozy blanket! And it just gives that comfort vibe to your place instantly!


Whilst Scandinavian design furniture is minimalistic and bright, the walls are usually dressed in something that makes sense and looks minimalistic, yet eye-catching.

This Grafomap frame definitely fits perfectly within any Scandinavian interior design. It is simple; it’s practical – just like anything else on this list. This piece is definitely a conversation starter, which can be great if you love hosting parties.

It can also be a special gift, which represents a place or address that means a lot to you – Grafomap will tailor it to your needs. A truly great piece, with thought and surely an art piece to add to your Scandinavian interior!