Making the big move to a new foreign city is one of the biggest changes anyone makes in their life. It takes a lot of preparation and mental strength to leave your home to create a new one, all for yourself. Although nothing can compare to the warmth and security of your familial home, you can try your best to adapt and alter your rental room to make it fit into your lifestyle and habits and that is why we have these smart home decor tips just for you and no one else. 

Living in a rental home comes with a small set of rules and regulations that you will have to cooperate with. You might not be able to make substantial changes to the decor, like changing the flooring or painting the walls afresh but personalizing your rental to make it a home starts with the small changes. From the storage spaces to the cozy memory foam pillows you sleep on, everything adds up when it comes to your comfort. 

Smart Home Decor

The decor ideas for your rental should be minimalistic with affordable and convenient elements involved. The items you add should also be accessible and portable so that you can carry it to the next rental home! Having roommates adds to the fact that keeping your home spacious is critical!

While the location might be different, home is still a place where you feel safe, happy, and loved. Here are 7 smart home decor tips for you to make your rental place a home,

  • Add house plants as picturesque companions

House plants are one of the best natural additions to your rental place. They add a much needed green space which not only looks mesmerizing but adds to your general well-being as well. 

Studies have proven, time and again, that having indoor plants and taking care of them regularly is therapeutic and improves the happiness quotient of your home. What better way to make your room for rent feel like home than adding friendly plants in different corners of your home to add a soothing effect!  

Smart Home Decor

The best part is that you can add plants to any part of your decor! Do you want to fill up a dull space on your walls? Add a few tiny succulents in delicate pots to your display shelves or hang them from the ceiling! Does your kitchen look incomplete? A herb garden adds so much utility while also leaving all your guests stunned! 

With the holiday season upon us, make sure to leave some room for your Christmas tree as well! Having a room for rent in Los Angeles, D.C. or NYC might mean that your life is full of competition and side hustles, leaving you with little to no time to take care of your plants. Instead of repenting over dried up flora, get yourself a cute faux set of plants for your desk! 

  • Build a familiar feeling bedroom

The first thing that most people feel nostalgic about is their bedroom! Your bedroom in a new rental should emulate the vibe and comfort of your previous home. Everything plays an essential part in making your rental nice and snug, right from the bedding to the window drapes.

You can look for window curtains that don’t allow too much light to enter your bedroom for starters. Add some bedside lamps, which might add to the decor while being an additional light source to get some bedtime reading done! 

Renting a place in San Diego exposes you to a sunny, pleasant, and coastal climate. You can use warm and bright colors like Ochre, blue, and even green to match the city’s tropical and Californian vibe. Find affordable yet cute bedding options in stores like Ikea, Etsy, AllModern, or other local stores near you to never miss out on your good night’s sleep again! 

  • Add a wall full of fond remembrances

Moving away from home can be challenging because of all the memories you’re leaving behind, along with all the places and people. But you can always incorporate these memories into a few elements in your decor! From personalized maps and custom posters to painting, drawings, and photographs filling up an entire wall to pay tribute to how amazing life has been.

You can easily customize posters with fond memories attached to them and frame them to immortalize and keep them in view whenever you have a dull day. Add a trail of fairy lights, and you have a memory wall! Clip-on photographs, notes, your nephew’s paintings, and everything else that keeps you going! 

You can take the help of professionals who materialize your feelings into cute maps and cards. Many online companies provide you with customized artifacts to hang up in your room to make your interiors heartfelt and original. 

Chic, contemporary wall hangings for your rental to vibe in with your modern lifestyle in NYC!

It can also be a great way to bond with your roommates and tell them funny stories from your experiences back home.  A memory wall is an innovative and sweet inclusion to your decor, which is inexpensive yet priceless! 

  • Bring in the cozy elements

We associate comfort the most with our home. After a hard day’s work, your room for rent should feel like a haven, where you can unwind and be stress-free! If you have a room for rent in Los Angeles, Seattle, or any other city where temperatures might get chilly, having a few warm elements in your rental is necessary. 

Ditch the elaborate sofa-set, and lay a comfortable futon with warm and furry pillows to snuggle with on a cold winter night. A rug instantly transforms your decor by adding a relaxing effect while covering up the flooring, in case you’re not a big fan of it! Warmer colors like grey, blue, and white will add to the wintery effect and set the tone for relaxation! Also to increase coziness on evenings you can get something to put on your window like outdoor blinds Perth that will make your evenings lovely

If you have a fireplace, then nothing like it! Make sure to align your furniture so that you can highlight certain unique features such as a fireplace or a source of warmth during the winter season. 

For instance, life in Los Angeles is always bustling. After a long day, all you would want is to go back to your nest, where you can rewind and rejuvenate. Find yourself a rental room in Los Angeles and decorate it such that you can effortlessly leave the clutter and clamor of the city life behind. A minimalistic, relaxing rental decor is all you need with a few elements to add comfort to your daily life! 

Pro Tip: Combine white with subtle shades of pastels to create a layered yet soothing look. Then accessorize with warm lighting, and even indulge in luxury linens to spruce up your bedroom into a comfortable haven.

  • Trick your mind with scent diffusers 

Certain scents can induce memory and have a pleasurable sensation on the mind and body, as it is commonly known. Add a familiar scent to your home, keeping you from feeling restless in your new rental home. Get yourself a diffuser and instantly pep up the way you look at your rental! 

Many aromas can double up as a therapeutic agent as well! They calm you down and help with your concentration, mostly after you’ve gone through a significant change. You can easily find aromas like vanilla, lavender, and lemon-grass in stores or online to add another dimension to your decor. 

An additional tip would be to keep some scented candles handy for any circumstance. They also add a heat source in case you live in the chilly parts of the country. 

If you live in a room for rent in San Diego or other coastal areas, the chances are that your home permanently smells like the ocean! While that is a welcoming aroma for most of us, scent diffusers also help mask any unwanted smell that your rental might have, despite all the rigorous cleaning you do! 

  • Set aside a corner for some quality me-time

If you live in shared housing accommodation, you might feel the lack of privacy slowly getting to you. The best solution for smart home decor is to have a tiny corner in your rental home while letting your roommate have a corner for themselves as well! Decorating your corner might consolidate things further and make you feel like you belong in this new home. 

You can decorate your corner as per your personality and preferences. Some might love reading books, and hence you can add a comfortable reading chair with a built-in shelf for show-casing your beloved books! Others might like to watch some Netflix by themselves on the weekends and start their week with a clear mind. 

You can have a meditation space, a yoga center, or an area dedicated to playing video games with your roomies! It’s your rental, and you can choose to mold it according to your desires and wants! 

  • Paint the walls or add wallpaper to match your decor

Living in a rental comes with its own pros and cons. It doesn’t matter if you have a room for rent in San Diego or Chicago; one rule remains the same. You cannot make significant changes to your rental without the prior approval of your landlord! 

While you have certain restrictions on changing the decor for your rental, there are also ways to go around it. If your landlord doesn’t permit you to re-paint your home, you can always check for trendy removable wall-papers. The benefit of adding wall-papers is that you can suit it to the rest of the decor without leaving any loop-holes in your interiors. 

Painting the walls is more affordable than smart home decor, and if permitted, you can go ahead and add a bold shade for your rental. Try to color-coordinate all the different elements to make a good visual impression of your home. You can even DIY the paint with your roommate and follow a tutorial to upgrade your skillset! 

Now that you are equipped with the tips and tricks on how you can decorate your rental to give it a homely feel, put on your thinking hat, and get to work! Happy decorating!