Us cosmic explorers usually look for something to take with us while traveling the seven seas and mountains. Some collect clam shells while some pop into a regular, boring souvenir shop to buy a coffee mug, but why you need to put up with standard souvenir ideas? 

There are some who craft something from their vacation destination. I’m definitely not one of those, but if you are then… *clap* *clap* *clap*.

And then there are the indecisive folks who spend minutes to hours looking for a souvenir gift.

If you happen to be one of those people, then this is just what you’re looking for. A collection of interesting things you can buy as souvenirs to take home (or to your spaceship) with you.

One Of The Best Souvenir Ideas – Souvenir Travel Patches

Are you traveling only with your backpack or a single piece of luggage? Then one of the best souvenir ideas is a flag patch. It doesn’t take much room in your backpack/suitcase and isn’t that expensive. You could probably sew it on your backpack or bag that is soft.

And that will always remind you of all the states and countries you have been in. You can turn a few eyes your way; from friends to strangers. Psst, you can even make them jealous.

Here are some great examples of souvenir travel patches.

Country Name With A Landscape


Want to remember a special place from a country? Find a souvenir travel patch with a landscape.

Monument/Building Patches

souvenir ideas

Another great souvenir travel patch idea is a monument patch. Sew them all in one place and brag to your buds about all famous monuments you’ve seen with your own eyes.

Famous Place Patches


Visited a space museum? Or maybe NASA (a real fancy one) headquarters? Then this is the souvenir you need.

Simple Flag Patch


Maybe your whole trip was so amazing that you can’t even pick and choose as a souvenir? Well, here you go. One of the most popular souvenir ideas; a simple flag patch.

Musical Souvenirs

Obviously, every country has its own music. And of course, you’re going to stumble upon different kinds of music while traveling.

With so much beautiful and fun music around the world, you’ve got to buy a CD or even better, a vinyl.

If I were you, I’d buy such musical souvenirs from local street performers. Don’t think too much, just try it and you’ll open yourself up to a fascinating experience.

Vinyl Records


Since you’re an old-school fan… oh, you’re not? Then just try it and you’ll become one in no time.

But, if you are one though, then one of the best musical souvenirs ideas is a vinyl record.

I have hundreds of them at home, and they sound just great. Of course, I’m not biased, pfft.

It’s a common perception that vinyl is almost exclusively for old music. On the contrary, many great (decent ones too) artists still record their music on vinyl plates.

Musical CD


If you are planning to visit Mexico but don’t know what kind of music CD to get? Then mariachi will be a perfect souvenir idea.

Every country has its own national music; so, just look for what’s popular.

Cooking Ingredients as Souvenirs

Another great souvenir idea is to bring home some exotic food that’s not a common sight in your country or elsewhere in the world.

It doesn’t matter what it is; a volcano salt from Iceland or a hot sauce from Mexico. It’s good as long as it is something that you can’t buy anywhere else.

Here are some examples of what you can bring back home. Surely everyone will love it.

Swedish Smelly Herring


Swedish herring, also known as “stromming” is a lightly salted fermented Baltic Sea herring. This is something every tourist must try themselves and bring back home as well. The downside is that it smells so bad, so very bad! But, trust me, it is delicious.

Icelandic Lava Salt


The black lava salt is an Icelandic geothermal flaky sea salt blended with activated charcoal. Its dark color brings great contrast and finishes to your dish will surely surprise your guests.

Hot Sauce From Mexico



Sometimes you just need to “turn up the heat baby” – enter El Yucateco. It is known to be one of the hottest sauces in mexico. This sauce has 10-15 times more capsaicin (heat) than jalapenos. Phew, you can taste it in both ends (just sayin’).

Coffee from Brazil


If you are in Sao Paulo in Brazil, then you must visit Isso E Cafe. This coffee is well recognized all over the world.

Indian Spices


Who doesn’t love Indian spices? The rhetorical question indeed. Out of all the souvenir ideas in India, this is the most popular one. So, spice up your life, eh!

Collectible Souvenir Ideas

Now coming to the most anticipated one, the collectibles. We’ve collected some interesting ideas for collectibles and we’ve made a list of them.

For example, I collect magnets and coffee cups from each country I visit. I slap some magnets to my fridge and they look amazing, these are those travel souvenir ideas that people buy the most.

Local Money


We all love money! As you near the end of your trip remember to save some coins and checks. Don’t just send them all. Instead, keep it to remember what kind of money was in that country.

One way is to not use cash on the last day.

Magnetic Souvenirs


This is what I’m talking about, magnetic souvenirs from all over the world. You can choose to buy from country flag magnets, monument magnets or city name magnets. It’s up to you.

What if I run out of space you ask? Well, then you are either a travel fanatic or… you just have a tiny little fridge.

Coffee Cups


Yet another great way to show your friends where you have been. When they visit you, remember to bring a beverage to a different country mug each time *wink* *wink*.

Don’t you think this is one of the best souvenir ideas? Of course, you do!


souvenir coasters

Great addition to your coffee cups is coasters. You can find them in every souvenir store in every corner of the city.

Bracelets With National Signs


They are not only a great souvenir idea, but an amazing fashion accessory. They look great in every occasion.



Keychains are one of the most collected things in the world. And why not collect one from each country or city, right?

I mean, I do it and now I’ve got more keychains than keys. Okay a bit of an exaggeration, but they’re good!

Beauty Products Souvenirs From Around The World

This souvenir idea will probably be more topical for women. Some women even travel to foreign countries simply because you cannot get those beauty products anywhere else in the world. Just in one country, in one state, and in one city.

Ladies love souvenirs, especially if they are beauty products, right?

So here are the top-the-top beauty souvenirs from around the globe.

Aruba Aloe

aruba aloe

The only beauty product that you can bring from Aruba Island. It is made from high-quality aloe vera plant and is nourishing for your skin. They make sunscreens, shower gels, and so on.

Apivita Products From Greece


When you get a chance to visit Greece, you should definitely buy this from there. This is also a company producing cosmetics using natural ingredients.

Island Soap and Body Works from Hawaii


These beauty products are unique because they are made only in Hawaii, just like every other cosmetic product before this one.

Island Soap and Body Works products are some of the most bought souvenirs in Hawaii.

With Love From Israel – Ahava


You won’t have really been to Israel if you do not buy at least one of  Ahava products as a souvenir. Its specialty is that it is the only cosmetics company indigenous to the Dead Sea region.

Souvenir Shopping Tips

Hope you are having a great souvenir hunting!

Few last tips and you will bring back souvenirs to your loved ones like a rock-star. 

Don’t go only to gift shops

Most tourists go to souvenir shops and gift shops to buy their souvenirs. But that is not the only place where you can find great souvenirs and think of new souvenir ideas. Local craft shops and weekend flea markets are great places to find one-of-a-kind gifts.

Oops…Quick, shop online

No, you did not?

You forget..

Happens even with the best of us.

Nothing is lost – you can still do all your souvenir shopping online. Nothing is lost 😉

You can order a gorgeous poster of that special place you visited here.

Wrapping up

So that’s about it. A not-too-long nor a not-too-small list of things you could buy while traveling.

Thank you for taking a cosmic ride in discovering some intriguing souvenir ideas!

To sum up, these are the kinds of souvenirs you could get:

  1. Travel badges
  2. Music records
  3. Cooking ingredients and food
  4. Collectibles, and
  5. Beauty products

The list is a tad bit condensed of course. But, this should at the very least get the ball rolling with your travel and souvenir ideas. Or perhaps you’ve got a billion-dollar souvenir idea. In that case, let your heart speak in the comments section or on social media.

May we interest you in one last bonus souvenir idea? Well then hop on and have a look at our collectible map posters.

‘till then, happy explorations!

Wanna remember where you got that souvenir from?

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