In this article, we talk about the best teenage birthday gift ideas that are guaranteed to make everyone happy and grateful.

Being a teener can be challenging. It is the period where the kid finally starts to let go of the dependence of his parents and creates his/her own revolution in many ways.

Clothes may suddenly seem different. Old hobbies are replaced with new ones and so do friend groups.

It may be difficult to give a gift to a teenager. What he may have thoroughly enjoyed in the past is suddenly irrelevant. It takes some good thinking to pick a smart gift that will be appreciated.

And this is exactly why we wrote this article. We asked all the “moms of teens” in the office to tell us what would be the best gifts to offer. Here is what they came up with.

Unique teenage birthday gift ideas

Coming up with some interesting teenage birthday gift ideas may be difficult, but it is also fun. We choose the best gifts for each category and you can read all about them below.

Birthday gifts for girls 

Every teenage girl is different from one another. And there are many influences that decide this. The music they listen to, the people they spend their time with, even the hobbies they do in their daily life. In this section, we will talk about a few gifts that are guaranteed to be loved by all teenage daughters, younger sisters, and extended family!

1. Amazon gift card

For teens who struggle to make a decision for their favorite gift, or seem to want too many things, there is one great gift you could give – an Amazon gift card! On top of that, you will know exactly what your teenager is buying, since you will have to verify the purchase.

2. Apple Airpods


Teenagers and technology seem to be working good together. Your daughter probably knows more about technology than you have known through your whole life. You can support them by gifting an accessory for their I-phone, like headphones or other, fancy, Bluetooth headphones.

3. Your favorite book

teenage birthday gift ideas

Even though she probably won’t read it right away, they may browse through it briefly. The goal here is not to give them exactly what they would want but prepare them by gifting something valuable. A good piece of literature or a non-fiction book could help them develop their creativity and set them up for better future decisions.

4. Cinema tickets


Your teenage girl probably visits the cinema with her friends quite often. She may even go with her boyfriend! You can gift her the experience by buying her two tickets to her favorite movie. You can even buy a special package that includes free snacks to make the experience more complete.

5. Concert tickets

Does your teenage daughter have a favorite singer she can’t stop talking about? And does he just randomly happen to be having a concert somewhere around your area? Buying the tickets for her can be a great and thoughtful teenage birthday gift idea.

6. Fuzzy slippers

fuzzy slippers

Fuzzy slippers are nice for a girl of any age, but teenage girls love them especially much. They are very cute and comfortable to wear around the house and come in different sizes and colors. So if you are looking for a great birthday gift for girls, consider this one.

Gifts for boys

Young boys are also quite complicated when it comes to gift giving. You can have the best of intentions only to realize that your gift was not really what they wanted after all. Boys tend to like tech gadgets, gaming, and games with friends. So here are some safe choices for the next birthday party.

1. External Battery Power Bank

Remember Pokemon Go? With all the games available for mobile nowadays, a phone’s battery may quickly drain out. Gift a pocket-sized power bank to make sure the battery is always stays charged. Depending on the person receiving it, you can choose from different styles and designs.


This one is a personal favorite since I gave my son this exact model on his 14th birthday. Needless to say, he loved it! This particular model is on the budget side of things and comes with an attached camera to record all of your teenage boy’s journeys.

3. Blue light blocking glasses

gamers teenage birthday gift ideasAre you looking for teenage birthday gift ideas to give to a gamer? Blue light blocking glasses are not only gonna help him protect his eyes, but they also look very stylish. Gift them as a small, additional gift together with a game you know he is gonna spend lots of time with.

4. Dartboard Force 8


A dartboard can be a great gift for all ages, but teenagers seem to love it especially much. The dartboard force 8 comes at an official tournament size diameter and is built from premium professional materials. At just under 30,- gbp, this is one of the best teenage birthday gift ideas you could offer.

5. PS4 gift card

gamers teenage birthday gift ideas

Are you indecisive about the gift you want to give? A gift card is always a great idea. Especially if your teenage son is a gamer, a PS4 gift card is a great gift that he can use for a multitude of reasons. You can choose from different price points but make sure the credit on the card is enough to buy at least one game.

Unisex gifts for teens

Unisex gifts are safe for both boys and girls. Here are the teenage birthday gift ideas we discovered that will make all teenagers happy and excited to use them.

1. Smartphone

Back in the day, buying your first mobile phone was an experience of teenage years. Nowadays though, things are different. Kids carry mobile phone since a very young age and are very experienced with its technology. As such, they most likely want a certain smartphone, with specific features and aesthetic design. Gift your teenager a smartphone and you can be certain the choice will be good… even though it can sometimes not exactly follow your budget.

2. Smartphone projector

cardboard projector

This lo-fi, cardboard, I-phone projector magnifies your phone’s screen up to 8x. Imagine how fun it is for a teenager to build up this DIY project and watch his favorite TV series anywhere. And the best part, the acoustics will still be low-volume (sound from I-phone speakers), so you can relax in the same room, at the same time. 

3. Portable Bluetooth speaker

unique teenage birthday gift ideas

Talking about acoustics, music is the best friend of every teenager. For that reason, another great gift you could give on their birthday is a portable Bluetooth speaker with bass boost. The Vtin R2 creates a loud stereo sound through its 14w dual full-range drivers and takes things up a notch with its unique bass boost mode. The best part? With a touch of “bass+”button, the speaker instantly adds an extra deep & strong bass.

4. Longboard


The moms of the office loved this one. A longboard can be the perfect gift for a teen that spends lots of time outside. Not only is it less dangerous than its cousins (Skateboard, inline skates etc), but it is also a gift that you can keep for a long time to come. Usually, longboards are pretty expensive to buy but since the trend firmly established, there are many more budget options, similar to the one we are showcasing above.

5. Basketball


Sure, not the most creative gift but hey – teenagers need to spend more time outside, right? While basketball is a pretty specific hobby, it is also a way to bring friends closer together and exercise a bit more. And a ball can be a good motivation for your teenager to do both.

6. Spotify subscription

teenage birthday gift ideas

As aforementioned, music is a teenager’s best friend. And what better way to celebrate this than gifting a Spotify premium subscription? Whether it’s your son, daughter, younger brother or simply a friend, this gift can be very meaningful and well-appreciated. 

7. Gym subscription

gym membership

You need to be really careful how you gift this one. Only give such a gift if it was asked for or talked about. A gym subscription can be a great way to get your teenage son or daughter involved in sports. However, if gifted to an overweight person that has never talked about it before, it can quickly backfire. So gift this if your teenage kid loves to exercise or is looking to start.

8. Uno card game

teenage birthday gift ideas

Who doesn’t love UNO? The popular card game has taken over the world and teenagers seem to enjoy it with friends and family – yes, you can actually make your teenagers spend more time at home, with parents; an added benefit! There are many different versions of UNO so you can choose one that you think your teenager will have the most fun with.


And that’s our take on the best teenage birthday gift ideas. Feel free to drop a comment with your favorite gifts on the comment section down below and let us know what this list is missing.