Decorating your home to reflect your likes and taste is something every homeowner desires.  Fortunately, with newer bolder trends coming up every year, getting something to add the oomph factor in your home is easy.

However, no matter how bold or stylish a trend is at the moment, it will most likely become outdated and cringy fast. To avoid this, you need to choose trending décor that never gets out of style.  Below are 15 trending home decorating trends that never go out of style.

Greenery and house plants

There is a misconception that greenery and houseplants are a done deal that designers steer clear off. However, this is further from the truth as greenery and houseplants are the easiest way to add visual interest to any room.

To avoid it looking cluttered, steer clear of fancy houseplants and go with simple potted designs. Though many people opt for faux houseplants if you can keep up with the maintenance, choose real houseplants for both health and décor benefits.


Though fireplaces have been in existence for centuries, they will never truly go out of style. For a modern look, steer clear of gold door fireplaces and choose sleek modern designs.

For you to make them pop out, choose a mantel with sleek lines to serve as a focal point in any room. As they give a luxurious feel to any room, choose to set them up in unexpected rooms like dining or bedroom for the ultimate wow factor.


Décor pieces that have been passed down for generations tend to add some immediate interest to a room. Unlike modern pieces, antique pieces already look old, and thus you are assured that they will always maintain how they look.

As expected, this is a great contrast with newer décor pieces that change color and texture over time changing the feel of a décor piece. Give your pieces an instant update by painting, replacing hardware and reupholstering them. Since antique pieces often have great detailing and uniqueness, add this of décor pieces into a room for a priceless touch.

Area rugs

Though full hardwood plants and wall to wall carpets are a practical means to dress your floor, it’s usually the most boring way to add interest to your house. A great solution to this is the use of area rugs to add visual interest to your flooring.

Often used as the easiest way to define places in an open room, it is a great way to anchor a space and define seating place in your home. Choose interesting design patterns and color to add immediately liven up a room.  As they also add padding for your feet, they are also a functional décor piece.

Neutral walls

Hot pink, dark blue, Neon green are bold colors that are set to make a statement in any room. Unfortunately, they are the kind of colors that will look dated in a year and two forcing you to repaint your home. To avoid this, stay true to tried and tested neutral colors cush as off white, grey or taupe. Ass neutral colors can be bland at times, choose to add visual interest in your home using accessories and throw pillows for a pop of color and texture.


When trying to add different visual elements in your home, many people fall into the trap of just adding more and more accessories. Unfortunately, doing so without limitation is the easiest way to get a cluttered look that is a complete eyesore.

Though minimalism isn’t truly a decorating tip, it is one aspect that you shouldn’t overlook. To avoid such a tacky rookie mistake, choose to add fewer classy pieces that will act as a focal point for a peaceful timeless look.

Oversized mirrors

Mirrors have always been used as the simplest way to visually enlarge a room. However, a mirror that completely covers a wall from floor to ceiling tends to be over the top.

To get a balance between the two, choose to invest in an oversized mirror that leans against the wall or one that you can place above the mantel. As they tend to reflect just the right amount of light, they visually make a smaller room appear larger. As the mirror will be a focal point in your décor, choose mirrors with interesting designs. Antique mirrors usually seem to work best as they soften the sharp straight lines of a mirror, giving it a softer aesthetic look.

Built-in shelves

Though purchasing different shelves is a great way to add temporary storage, it can have a cluttered effect when it isn’t done correctly. Built in shelves add permanent shelving that adds architectural interest to your home.

As they can be done in any room, you can comfortably install them in the living room, your home office or bedroom as closet shelving. For a seamless look, add crown molding to the built in to blend with the original design. Overall, built-in shelves increase your homes resale value while providing functionality and increasing visual interest.

White kitchens

Though all-white kitchens have been trendy in the last few years, there aren’t going to go out of trend any time soon. Often many people make the mistake of choosing bold colors and darker hues as a means of adding a color pop to stand out. However ¸darker hues go stale over time and give the kitchen a tired outdated look.

As white kitchen translates to brighter kitchens, more people find them inviting and comfortable. To add a spice of uniqueness, ensure you choose high-quality cabinetry and exciting knobs.

Awesome Artwork

A wall of gallery is a simple way of adding interest to your wall. However, when it comes to small living spaces, having a small art gallery makes the whole house looked cramped. Instead choose to add a large scale art piece that makes a significant visual impact.

For the most impact, hang it at eye level as it instantly warms your space and upgrades the whole look of your house. Steer clear of trendy art pieces and choose priceless pieces. As you choose paintings, ensure that you add paintings or styles that go seamlessly with the rest of your house décor

Geometric & Abstract Backsplashes

Over the last decade, subway backsplash had become the norm in many households. However, as time passes, many people are ripping them out as they get tired of them. As interesting backsplash are necessary for a luxurious feel, choose geometric and abstract backsplashes instead of the standard backsplash design.

For an instant oomph factor, choose backsplashes that have a blend of numerous colors. As they come in various interesting design including square, rectangular and hexagonal, mix and match them for a timeless look that best suits your character.

Unique Ceiling Designs

Ceilings are one of the very few understated elements in the house. However, ceilings don’t have to be for insulation only as they are a great way of adding architectural interest in your home. Instead of choosing basic sheer lock designs, choose designs that have interesting detailing like shiplap, vaulted ceilings, tray ceilings and exposed wood beams for added interest. As you make your choices, steer clear from horrendous popcorn ceilings.Mix and match furniture

To bring balance to a room, many people opt to purchase furniture sets. However, matching furniture sets become bland and boring after some time. For furniture that will add character, take time and choose individual furniture that blends with your character.

Do so even in the bedroom as choosing multiple designs give rise to a peaceful sophisticated look. As you choose your bed, ensure you choose a comfortable mattress from a reputable company like AirBedHub. With mix and match furniture, you don’t have to invest in expensive pieces to make your unique taste stand out.


For some time bare windows were the in things when it comes to decorating windows in your home. However, bare windows often look barren and cold. To make rooms feel cozier choose to invest in floor to ceiling curtains to frame the windows when opened.

When hanged near the ceiling height, they make the windows appear taller, and the whole room appears larger. For added character, choose to invest in colored curtains with creamy texture and get rid of your cheap vinyl blinds.

Accent walls

Choosing to paint your whole house in dramatic colors is a sure way to get an outdated look fast. However, this does not mean you can’t add a splash of color in your home. To do this effectively, pick one wall and paint that for a decorating trend that will never go out of style.

When done right accent colors liven up space. With accent walls, you can choose to either paint bright or dark hue colors. The good thing with accent walls is if you get tired of it, you can paint over it at an affordable cost for a dramatic look.


Just because trends come and go doesn’t mean you have to steer clear of injecting your likes and personality in your décor. However, to choose timeless décor, avoid drastic trending designs that are bold and shouting. Instead, choose classic design elements that will never go out of style to infuse character into your home.

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