Our home should be a place where we feel fully relaxed and at peace. Unfortunately, not many of us
have managed to achieve this and the main reason for this is the way our home is designed and
organized. It’s common knowledge that even the tiniest details like the predominant color of the
interior design and different textures can influence our mood and emotions.

With this in mind, we’ve prepared a list of several awesome ideas on how to turn your home into a true Zen paradise. Let’s take a

Declutter the space

If you don’t know where to start, decluttering your entire home may be the right way to go. According to ABODO, a company that helps college students understand rent prices in college towns like Auburn, Alabama, “studies have shown that decluttering your home or apartment is an amazing way to feel less crowded mentally and to start each day in a place you feel comfortable and at ease.”

This is crucial since no matter how nicely you decorate your apartment if it’s messy and overcrowded, all your
efforts will be in vain.

So, instead of delaying this obligation any further, start by making a list of all the
things that you haven’t used in the last couple of years and get rid of them. Once you’ve singled out only
the items that you really need, try to come up with as many smart storage solutions as possible.

For instance, you can install additional shelving where you can display your book collection, home
accessories and family photos without occupying any floor space.

Furthermore, there are so many different cool options that are worth exploring and our favorite would definitely be a coffee table with hidden storage space. Not only will this piece of furniture further contribute to the look of your interior
design, but it will be extremely practical as well.

Choose an earthy color palette

It’s common knowledge that colors have a strong impact on our mood and feelings. Therefore, if you
are striving to create a peaceful atmosphere that will soothe your senses and help you get in touch with
your inner self, earthy tones are definitely what you need. You can choose among numerous soft
shades, such as beige, pink beige, white, light grey, etc.

Feel free to experiment with different combinations until you achieve perfect harmony. Finally, in case you opt for a monochromatic design,
you can always go a step further and introduce an accent color as well.

This may be done either by painting an accent wall in that shade or by incorporating some vivid accessories that will serve as an
amazing focal point.

Keep the air clean and fresh

Apart from ensuring that your home is visually amazing and that it looks super-chic and inviting, you
must turn it into a healthy place to live in. In other words, you should do your best to increase the
quality of indoor air and get rid of all the allergens that can cause various health issues.

The same way colors influence our brain, different fragrances can also have a significant impact. If you really want to
get rid of all the smells, you can always choose the best air purifier for smokers.

Not only it will remove smoke, but also it will remove other odors. So, once you’ve made sure the air is clean, you can turn to
make your home smell great as well.

Try bringing in fresh flowers or scented candles. All you need to do is discover which fragrance has a calming effect and makes you feel peaceful.

Let the light in

There is nothing worse than spending time in a poorly-lit house. Not only will this make us feel
constantly drowsy, but it can provoke negative emotions and even increase the likelihood of depression.
Therefore, if you really want to turn your home into a real Zen paradise, it’s high time you opened the
curtains and let the sunshine in.

You can even hire professionals to install huge glass panels in your living room. Even though this may seem like a large investment, considering the fact that it will reduce the amount of electricity you use and lower your energy bills, it is definitely worth it. On top of that, you’ll get a chance to enjoy a wonderful view while drinking your morning coffee.

Don’t let electronic devices disturb you

Nowadays, a life without Internet, TV, and computers is hard to imagine since we have become too
dependent on technology due to all the advantages it has to offer. However, we shouldn’t forget that
these state-of-the-art gadgets have many downsides.

While it’s great that you can reach your friends and colleagues whenever you need them, it’s not really that pleasant to have your phone constantly ringing when you want to have a few hours just for yourself.

Therefore, it’s essential to remove all these electronic disturbances from your bathroom, bedroom and any other relaxation zones.

This way, you’ll be able to fully focus on your feelings and preserve your inner peace. Lastly, feel free to discover fun
ways to entertain yourself without using any electronic devices.

Don’t forget greenery

Last but not least, nature has always had a healing effect on our mind and soul. It has been shown that
even the photos of natural beauties have a similar effect, so there is no reason not to bring the outdoors
in as soon as possible. Check out some cool ideas here

You can start by decorating your living room with potted flowers or even building
an indoor vertical garden that will sweep all your friends off their feet. Finally, opting for beautiful floral
patterns can be a great way to further highlight the green quality of your design and strike that perfect
balance of natural and artificial elements.

As you can see, there are so many ways how you can turn your average-looking home into a true oasis
of peace and serenity.

You just need to think outside the box, explore as many different options as
possible, choose the right color palette and bring nature in.

Finally, keep in mind that we are all different, so don’t be afraid to show off your individuality and come up with some innovative solutions.