Every so often we are called to give gifts to people we love. People who have a broad range of interests
that we often find challenging to link to a personalized gift. It can be a headache sometimes, finding the
best thing to give. If you are still looking for that special present, you have come to the right place. We
have compiled a list with an interesting list of options for people who like personalized map gifts, traveling, cool t-shirts or unexpected surprises.


Unique Wedding Gift Ideas, Map Gifts, and Romantic Gifts

If you have ever been invited to a wedding, you know how important it is to give a personalized gift. A
unique wedding gift ideas are something not many of us can come up with.

Personalized Map Gifts – Grafomap poster

Gifting a custom map gift is a truly valuable and ever-lasting gesture. Personalized map wedding gift from Grafomap can help the bride and groom think back to the place they met or give them ideas for a
honeymoon trip.

personalized map gifts


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Copper Cocktail Shaker Set

Looking for a wedding gift for the groom? Since his party nights are bound to be turned into a stay at
home nights, you can bring the fun back home. Gift him a copper Cocktail set and there will be no
excuses for a good drink at any given moment. Found on the Mark and Graham website, this cocktail kit
can be personalized with laser-engraved monogramming, turning it into a unique wedding gift for groom.

unique wedding gift ideas

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Personalized cutting board

Part of creating a cozy home often requires simple objects to have a meaning. Customizing a simple
object to bring back happy memories is one of most unique wedding gift ideas. Not only is a personalized gift, it also makes the couple think back to the happy moments of their wedding. So how about a personalized cutting board for the newlyweds?

gifts for parents

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Personalized Map Gifts And Other Unique Gift For Travelers

In a generation where traveling is considered to be the richest of experiences, gifting something that
can bring those experiences back to life to help you prepare for upcoming travels is one of the most
thoughtful ideas. Let’s look at our top selection personalized map gifts and other unique gifts for

Velosock Luggage Cover

We all have that one friend or relative who travels often. This Velosock luggage cover will come in handy
on different occasions. It protects your luggage from getting scratched from baggage handlers and
airport security. It can also protect your luggage from thieves while maintaining a stylish design as one of the best world map gifts.  A great present in any given situation.

best travel gifts for her

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Scratch Off World Map Gifts Poster

While traveling is becoming more popular so do world map gifts. One great personalized map gift idea is
the Scratch Off World Map Poster, from Earthabitats. If you plan on traveling the world, this map allows
you to scratch off each travel destination you have visited while planning your next adventure, or it can be as the gift poster for your travel buddy. 

world map gifts

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Personalized Travel Journal

Traveling is an opportunity to rediscover yourself. And that often comes with a lot of journaling, jotting
down thoughts and writing about your experiences. This personalized journal is the best gift for
someone who enjoys traveling and writing. Made from high-quality leather, it is engraved by heat
stamping and offers a unique and luxurious feeling.

best travel gifts for her

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Map Gifts For Map Lovers

If you have any people in your family who are map-enthusiasts you know that giving map gifts is
something they will truly appreciate. Whether this means improving their map collection or reminding
someone of the special place they once visited, here are some great personalized map gifts for all sort of celebratory occasions.

Citeefashion T-shirts

One of the best gifts for map lovers is this T-shirt. Remember that friend of yours who went to Amsterdam and has not stopped talking to you about his awesome experiences ever since? These map T-shirts from Citeefashion can serve as a unique map gifts ideas for people who visited a certain location and had an amazing time.
It can also help your travel buddy not get lost in his upcoming journeys by making him a real-life Michael

gifts for map lovers

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5-Set Glass Coasters

This high quality, glass coasters by Uncommon Goods do not only protect your wooden tables, they also can be a great travel destination map gift that allows you or your guests to experience a brief moment in history and discover more about it. These coasters can be designed to showcase America’s major cities at different points in history, providing information on the key years of growth and progress. This is definitely one of those gifts for map lovers that they will appreciate.

map gifts

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Personalized Map Gifts For Parents and Other Perfect Ideas

Choosing gifts for parents is often quite difficult, even if you know them better than anyone else. When
you were young, a simple hug was enough and more than expected. Now that you are getting older,
however, giving something meaningful back to the people who brought you to this world is not always
an easy task.
Don’t give the same pair of socks to your father and the same bouquet of flowers to your mother as gifts for parents. There are many more good gifts for parents that can surprise them.
The best gifts for parents are usually small things that mean a lot. Even when they say they have
“everything they need” there is always something that could make their life better. Here are some gifts for your parents that you could use for inspiration.

Kindle E-Reader

Having many books lying around the house can be messy. Help your parents organize by giving them a
Kindle. This e-reader is becoming cheaper and more useful by the day, helping your loved ones have
access to their library at any given moment! Make it a personal gift by preloading their favorite books
and ordering a Kindle cover from Caseable.

gifts for parents

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Personalized Coffee Cups

Young or old, male or female, everyone loves coffee. This timeless ritual is often one of the most
peaceful and appreciated moments of the day. Make it special by gifting a personalized cup with your
parents’ favorite photo or quote!

This is one of those gifts for parents that they will appreciate always in any kind of celebrations.

gifts for parents

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Grafomap personalized Map

Your parents have told you so many times about how they met, where they had their first date, where
they have traveled and what their best memories are. Why not give them a personalized map gifts to
cherish these memories? Grafomap helps you create a high-quality map gift to frame or use in other
creative ways

good gifts for parents

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Got inspired?

After going through this list of personalized gift ideas, you should now be able to come up with some
unique gift ideas for your loved ones.

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Whether it is a Kindle for a book lover, a Scratch Off-world map for a traveler, or personalized map gifts
for your newlywed friends, giving the best gift is the best way to show care and appreciation.
We hope you found this article useful and the gifts in it unique. We encourage you to check out all the
products and their websites to get a better understanding of their offer.