Some people look for a place that is already beautiful, while others create it themselves. Which of them are you? If you are the second kind, then vintage home decor is right up your street. A lot of the old stuff is coming back as new trends and it all looks much more amazing!

Spice up your home with vintage furniture or wall decorations and stand out proudly among your friends and peers.

Vintage Kitchen Decor

Most of the people that I talk to about vintage home decor tips always ask about the kitchen first.

Maybe it’s because we have seen a lot of movies where people film scenes in a vintage kitchen.

At least, I have.

So let’s first take a look at what we have for kitchen decorations.

Full Kitchen Set

vintage kitchen

Yes, I know, it is a very vintage looking kitchen. But you know what?

It also looks very charming!

I mean, how many people can even boast of similar kitchen design in their modern home?

1 out of 1000, maybe, or even 5000.

This may be a little too much for those of you who are not into vintage decorations, but it is just perfect for vintage enthusiasts.

Two-Tiered Plant Hanger

Now, this is interesting, and most probably something nobody around for miles has got in their kitchen.

You can use it as a decoration, but you can also play around with it – some fruits here, some plants there and so on.

It is a great way to have more storage places in your kitchen and save space on your table at the same time.

Vintage Sink

Well, this is quite something, ain’t it? I know not everyone is into vintage the way I am, but still – look at it!

It’s amazing. The kitchen looks way more flattering and extraordinary with this one than it does with modern metal sinks.

Food Scale

Nowadays digital equipment is more in vogue. But even then, if you look at this one – it’s not digital and still works like a charm!

You may want to consider changing some of your digital devices to vintage. They are great as decor.

Coffee Or Water Pot

This is as vintage it gets. I think my grandmother had one like it many years ago and I remember she used it for both coffee and water.

It’s really simple, very easy to use and will look just great in a modern day kitchen.

Vintage Decorating Ideas for Living Rooms

The living room is a place where we spend most of our time, well except when we sleep (but sometimes, even for that). So why not make it more comfortable and better looking with vintage home decor?

There are many ideas that you can use – chairs, shelves, pillows, vintage wall art – stuff like that.

Now let’s see what we have for you and your living room.

Vintage Couch

vintage living room

If you are a vintage home decor enthusiast and you like everything to do with that, then the main thing you need in your living room is a vintage couch.

For this particular room, the blue tone fits in perfectly with the white and green colors. And that table in the corner – if you notice, it’s like it’s been used for years and that what makes this room so vintage.


This is again something that our grandmothers must have had in their homes at some point. It’s like a nifty little cushion for your coffee cups and plates.

I am not sure if you can even buy something like this anymore, but you sure can crochet it yourself, if you know how.

Old Typewriter

An old typewriter will be a great assistant for you as it is a cool vintage home decor idea.

Are you an old-fashioned sorta person? Then you will definitely love it as a trusty writing machine, I am sure.

If not, then it will still be a pretty nice decoration, sitting on top of your shelve or any place you choose to set it on.


I think this style comes from the 70s or the 80s. Because it looks just like that.

What do you think of it?

Not everyone uses rugs these days, of course. And when they do, people tend to just prop them up someplace where they don’t even step on them.

But know what I think? I think that they look cool as long as you set them on the ground, and not against a wall.  

Full Vintage Living Room

Your living room is where many decorative styles come together.

The key to creating the perfect vintage living room is to follow your own personal taste – by that I mean you will want to choose accessories that you use yourself.

And as the coffee table is host to many decorations, you’ll need to make sure it fits in with everything else in the room.

Vintage Bathroom Decor Ideas

If all the other rooms in your home have vintage home decor then make sure your bathroom matches the trend as well.

Because it won’t look very nice if your whole house is vintage, or even partly vintage, and then your bathroom alone is on a full modern beast mode.

So, next, let’s see what we have in store for your bathroom.

Vintage Shower and Water Faucet for Bath

This one looks like it’s straight from the 19th century (Well, if they even had running water – but I’m no historian)

I would consider this instead of something modern, myself. I mean, just see how awesome it is. I bet none of my friends has something like that!

Old School Bath Tub

This bathtub is not from a couple of years ago; it’s probably 100 years or even more.

You can tell that by those legs that hold the tub.

If you want a tub like this then you also need a bathroom like the one you see in the picture. It looks good along with the vintage mirror and the old wooden floor.

Small Tiles

Here we will be looking not at the tub or the sink or the mirror but… at the tiles.

Right now, people like to use either big tiles or no tiles at all in their bathrooms.

But these small tiles come from an older time like the 60s or the 70s and look very captivating when the whole bathroom is in a vintage home decor style.

Toiletries Holder

Have a lot of things that take up space in your bathroom? Then you will find this vintage toiletries shelf pretty useful.

It has 3 levels and takes only a tiny space in your bathroom corner. And as always, as with any other vintage decor – it looks great, too!

Colorful Panels

“The human eye is wired to scan for the horizon,” explains Freya Van Saun, professor of decorative arts at the New York School of Interior Design.

Rooms have to be colorful. More the colors, the better it is. Take the bathroom in this picture for example. The white walls and the wooden panels in another color – bright blue in this case.

DIY Vintage Decoration Ideas

You know – you don’t have to buy all the decorations yourself all the time. You can create them!

Well, you will still have to buy some basic things that you need to make what you want – but it’s more fun to create something yourself than just buying it at the local vintage home decor store.

And sometimes it’s even cheaper.

Pallet Shelf

Yes, of course, you can always buy it – but it will probably be very expensive because it’s handmade.

If you have a house of your own, then you probably have some old wooden planks lying around that you are not going to use.

Well, at least I do.

Process them with sandpaper, color them, polish them with varnish and you’re done!

You don’t have to make them exactly the same as in the picture, but you get the idea.

Suitcase Shelves

This is something similar to the previous one, but it’s also way more interesting.

You can get some old suitcases on craigslist or eBay, or at your local vintage shop.

Of course, as always, you can also get suitcases that are modern, but they will not look as enchanting as vintage.

It’s a great way to have a lot of additional storage space in your room.

Cabinet From Old Dresser

This is probably the most vintage home decor of all of the decorations so far. It looks old and equally fascinating. Especially since it’s white.

The only thing you need is sandpaper and an old dresser. Go over some places with sandpaper and scratch the color of it to make it look old and very used.

You don’t have to put wine bottles as in the picture, of course – that’s actually up to you.

Old Doors With Vintage Plates

Cool, isn’t it? This is the cheapest vintage home decor that you can make by yourself.

If you don’t have any old doors in your house you can make this with, you can find them in old abandoned houses somewhere.

You can stick anything you like on those doors. Not only plates. As long as it is vintage, it is okay to experiment.

Old Box Boot Rack

If you are one of those people in a hurry, who just throw their shoes somewhere near the front door, then you definitely need this one.

And this works great in the winter when you encounter a lot of snow and mud.

Just screw a few boxes together, add small wheels on them and you have a vintage shoe shelf to show off to everyone around you.

Grafomap Vintage Map

Another great home decor is this map itself! You can create your own with Grafomap here, choose your own city, colors and every other stuff that you like.

Bourbon style is the most vintage of them all and will be a great addition to your already vintage themed room.

This is what the editor’s menu looks like:

Vintage Home Decor Conclusion

By the way, don’t forget to clean your place before you remodel it.

I just love the vintage decor!

Old paint, pastel colors, wallpaper, tons of storage ideas and those amazing boxes where you can store fragrant soaps, bath salts and your shoes near the front door.

Going vintage is one of the greatest methods to change something up in your house and in every room!