You have just renovated your house and the main room in it is your bedroom, you have bought new furniture, but you still feel like your bedroom is a little… vanilla? The large and empty wall area above your bed is probably the reason something’s missing – you need to think about something what to put on wall above bed.

We will be looking at a lot of decorations that will take your bedroom (decoration) game to the next level.

Just a friendly warning; don’t decorate your wall with hanging articles if you happen to live in an earthquake-prone zone.

You wouldn’t want a bookshelf or something bigger to fall on your head while you are sleeping, right?

Shelves as above bed decor

What to Put on Wall Above Bed

A typical above-bed decor is a shelf. It does not matter for what you use those shelves; for a night lamp or books, or something like that. Just as long as they are modern and don’t stand out too much.

A small also shelf gives a minimalist look, feel, and of course some additional storage space for your bedroom.





If you’re doing wallpapers, then cover the whole wall on one side, leaving the other walls in one color. You’d want to color the walls in a different shade/contrast than the wallpaper if you’re looking to get all of their attention towards the wallpaper. This is one of the coolest things what to put on wall above bed.

A paper with a more sparse oversized mural pattern is daring without being dizzying.

Like this one. Isn’t this wallpaper awesome? A big world map on your wall will certainly look more appealing than just a white wall.




Gallery Wall


Every one of us has some moments captured and captioned as photographs; telling stories better than in words. And in this digital era, we’re in the habit of taking pictures on our smartphones and losing them in the clutter along the way.

It happens a lot; you accidentally delete them, you lose your phone or some acts of God. But, make a wall photo from those pictures and create a gallery of pictures as an over the headboard decor.






A Jungle of Plants


If you ask a question –  what to put on wall above bed, then no one probably would say – PLANTS!  We all know plants make oxygen. So why not have an assortment of plants in your room if you are not a person who likes printed arts or shelves?

Plants will make our bedroom come alive; more alive than with just us in it. A lot cozier and you will always feel happier being there.  

You can install a simple shelf above your bed and put some plants there or just hang them on the wall.

Yes, yes I know what I said – “if you don’t like shelves, then plants are for you”, but if you can’t hang some plants on the wall or ceiling, then you’ll have no choice but to install a shelf.

If you place it just right, you can even completely mask the shelf.




Room Divider as Headboard


This is something I haven’t seen myself, but I feel like it could be a great way to fill that empty space behind your bed as bedroom wall decor.

If I may freely state my opinion, I’m not a fan of it; it’s not my style. Although doesn’t mean you shouldn’t/wouldn’t like it, right? So, on the list what to put on wall above bed, it goes.

And there are plenty of room dividers on Amazon and eBay that you can get and even adjust as you like.






Some people would say that mirrors are bad luck above the bed, but… are they? Really?

I don’t think so. First of all, they look very cool and are one of the best above the headboard decorating ideas.

And second, it brightens up your room a tiny bit more by reflecting more sunlight within the room. And with more light comes more joy.

It just feels more… ALIVE!





Word/Letter Art – Over the Headboard Deco


Let your walls talk to you. Let them do it with word art.

Everybody knows that “Our side” is the best side of the bed.  There are a lot of ideas how can you add a text above your bed; as posters, as big letters and so on.

Here are some examples that you can use as inspiration for new ideas:


Or… add some rules to the bed, like in this picture.






This probably sounds and looks like a Russian above bed decor thing; but, as long as you do not put a shabby old carpet on your wall everything should be okay and it will look very cool.

Or just don’t put carpets at all… 

There are a lot of decorations made for this kind of use. And again, you can find them in Amazon and eBay.

I could write this sentence to every category – it brings more warmth to your room and makes it cozier… But really that is the truth; it does provide insulation to some extent.

With these things around you will feel more comfortable.




Dream Catcher


What to put on wall above bed? Yes! A dream catcher.

In some Native American cultures, a dreamcatcher or dream catcher (Ojibwe: asabikeshiinh, the inanimate form of the word for spider) is a handmade willow hoop, on which a net or web is woven.

The dreamcatcher may also include sacred items such as certain feathers or beads. Traditionally they are often hung over cradles as protection; but, you can use it as a great decor over the bed and of course – as a protection.

Some people still think that it protects them from the evil spirits, but I guess nowadays it is just a great decoration idea.





This is a good idea – a painted dream catcher above the bed and tapestry on the sidewall of the bed.  Check this site to identify some other useful and handy above the bed painting ideas.

I would like to weigh and say that this looks like a cool idea.

Lamp Over The Headboard


Lamps over the headboard are not only one of the best above the headboard decorating ideas but can help you get through the dark bedroom when you turn off the light at the other end of the room.

You know this problem, right? You turn off the light at other ends of the room and you can’t see where to go, and then you bump your toes against the table and that’s it, your patience becomes non-existence.

Love reading before going to sleep? Great! Another reason to have lamps there as bedroom wall decor. After reading, just turn them off and go to sleep. No need to go to the other end of the room.





Finishing up What to Put on Wall above Bed.

Here are just a few of many great decoration ideas for your behind headboard wall. These tastes vary from person to person depending on a variety of things such as their taste, bedroom condition, or even budget.

Regardless, we could all use some inspiration eh!

If you got some inspiration, then spread the word; share it with your friends.

Have a great decoration hunting, until next time and check out Grafomap posters that you can also use as over the headboard decor.

Unique map above your bed?

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