Gone are the days when most people used to cook in an isolated kitchen with most of its space crowded with freestanding kitchen furniture. These days, most modern kitchens are not only spacious and well-designed but they are called a fitted kitchen. There is growing popularity of fitted kitchens with most homeowners who want to redesign their kitchens and have a modern look. 

People who are renovating their homes understand that a kitchen should be a relaxing space for family and friends. It might be frightening to think of spending tons of money on a fitted kitchen but there are also other ways to prevent such excessive costs. This is where fitted kitchen companies come in handy. This post will discuss some benefits you can get by having a fitted kitchen in your home. 

The change in consumers’ taste

In the past, kitchens were designed to satisfy basic needs, such as offering storage space. But most homeowners today have extended kitchen spaces with eating or entertaining areas, and many more, ensuring that you can relax and cook within one large open and well-designed space. To achieve such kitchens, many homeowners are looking for the best professional knowledge from kitchen showroom Glasgow.

In this way, they can get some guidance on the right kitchen styles that suit their specific requirements. The recent fitted kitchen trends have also seen the rise in decors and materials that bring aesthetics and functionality in the design of kitchens. As a result, fitted kitchen manufacturers and suppliers are striving to produce fitted kitchens that create proper texture and color. Best of all, they are durable, easy to clean and reflect the true picture of your lifestyle.

fitted kitchen

The importance of having a fitted kitchen

If you are looking for a modern look for your kitchen, then a fitted kitchen is your best option. Mind you, a kitchen is not just an interior space, but most importantly, it’s a place where you and family members can spend quality time and create happy memories together. Therefore, you should look for a fitted kitchen which is the latest technology that can transform your kitchen. Here are some reasons why you should choose a fitted kitchen for your next project:


When it comes to kitchen spaces, most homeowners find it hard to create enough space. No wonder, these kitchens are cluttered and you might find that your kitchen doors don’t open fully because the fridge comes in the way. While all these problems can be in your mind, you might forget or neglect them. The only time you may think of such issues is when you are remodeling your kitchen.

The good news is that with a fitted kitchen, you can cook without any problems. All the products and appliances are kept in the right place. Most people even like to have fitted ovens and fridges because these appliances don’t take up a lot of space and you can cook your food comfortably.

Improves the quality of your kitchen

To have the best quality kitchen, it means you have to spend a lot of money. Because designing and modeling your kitchen requires plenty of skills, you should prepare a reasonable budget for a newly fitted kitchen. To avoid being overwhelmed when choosing the right fitted kitchen for your home, it’s best to contact a professional kitchen fitter. 

You can explain your expectations and needs regarding a fitted kitchen and they are in a better position to guide you through and will do their best to give you the optimum outcome. In most cases, professionals offer you an option to choose your desired materials that can improve the looks of your fitted kitchen.  

Aesthetic appeal and style

In the past, many homeowners didn’t focus on the looks and appeal of the kitchen. This is because the kitchens were thought to have only one purpose which was a space to cook. Today, things have changed tremendously as people want to have many elements in their ideal kitchens. These include modern taps and faucets, high-quality worktops, wooden cabinets, and many more to get the desired effect. 

Fortunately, a fitted kitchen is aimed at providing your desires coupled with its aesthetic appeal. Every part of a fitted kitchen is supposed to complement each other while also offering you a functional kitchen. 

Enhanced functionality

Most of the fitted kitchens help you to keep everything in their right place and they have the sliding drawers and cabinets. This brings a sense of order when you are cooking and preparing food in your kitchen. But don’t consider your kitchen as only a space to cook your meals, rather it should be thought of as a place where your family and friends can relax. Hence, make sure that every part of your kitchen speaks of your style and desire to have a fully functional space.

Fitted kitchen options 

fitted kitchen

The good thing about fitted kitchens is that you are spoiled for choice. Below are some fitted kitchen options you can find on the market:

An unpainted fitted kitchen 

For those who want to stick to their budget, perhaps unpainted fitted kitchens will be your best bet. The only catch with unpainted fitted kitchens is that you have to do some extra work by painting it with the colors of your desire.

Here is how you can turn an unpainted fitted kitchen unit into a fully functional one. You should treat all the bare wood parts with knotting solution, sand and prime it. Then you can consider applying coats of paint, such as eggshell that gives it a great and easy-to-clean finish. The good part is you can sand out and repaint any scratches and knocks you can see on your fitted kitchen. The bottom line is an unpainted fitted kitchen is an ideal way to get a fitted kitchen without spending tons of money. 

Ex-display fitted kitchen

You can also find a new kitchen without spending lots of money by going for an ex-display fitted kitchen or a second-hand fitted kitchen. Many companies stock second-hand or ex-display fitted kitchens in their showrooms. These are offered at only a fraction of their original prices. 

However, some of these companies might ask you to be responsible for the transportation of these fitted kitchens. Therefore, you need to dismantle the fitted kitchen on your own and fit it once you take it home. 

The best way to acquire an ex-display is by asking such companies if they have any of them available in their showrooms. Even if they don’t have any stock at the time, you can still leave your details with them so that they can call you when they do.

Affordable kitchen worktops 

If you intend to buy a newly fitted kitchen, it means you will have new worktops. It’s in your best interest to buy these worktops from the same company that sold you the fitted kitchen. This is because you can negotiate for the worktop to be included as part of the overall quote. 

The ideal way is to go for local companies that have showrooms as they usually offer better prices. If you wish to get a stone worktop, composite is usually cheaper than most of the other stones. Alternatively, you can consider doing a mix and match, which can significantly reduce the price.

Another trick is to spend more money on parts of the worktops that will be more conspicuous and go cheaper on parts that are more concealed. It’s good to remember that you can also find some timbers which are affordable and they can give you the best results as long as you treat and maintain them well.

The most important parts of a new kitchen

While every part of your fitted kitchen is important, there are other parts you can’t afford to compromise. This includes the quality of the fixings because these will determine how long your fitted kitchen will last. Here are some of the crucial fittings you should consider:                   

  • Wall hanging brackets. To hang wall cabinets to your wall, you should use high-quality hanging brackets. Besides, they should be concealed and adjustable.
  • Shelf adjustments. The cabinets come with pre-drilled holes located on their sides and they are designed to reposition your shelves. You might find the cheapest cabinets with under three positions.
  • Hinges. Standard ones are usually soft-close hinges but you should look out for the best hinges on the market. The best ones are adjustable to enable you to change the height and open the space of the door. For best result, an ideal hinge should allow you to fully open the door and go for concealed ones.
  • Adjustable legs. The base of fitted kitchens should have height adjusting legs. When you have these, you are assured that the legs can make the kitchen unit easier to fit and also compensates in floor levels.

Drawer weight limit. This should also be another important consideration, so determine the weight limit of the base kitchen drawers. This is especially crucial if you have heavy pans, pots, and crockery since cheap fitted kitchen units might not support these kitchen utensils.