Everyone dreams for the best in their life. You certainly might also have a target to achieve something in your life. Some dream to become a billionaire, some want to start their own start-up and some want to own their dream home. It is all the dream where it starts from, so, let us talk about your dream home. Maybe your dream is a wire balustrade? 

Are you planning and decorating your dream home? I am certain that you must have left no stones unturned when it comes to finding the right flooring, the beautiful curtains, and the type of furniture you want to set up in your home. Trust it or not, but you just cannot completely decide what actually is the best for your dream home until and unless you have the knowledge about the best.

So, let us ask you a question: what will you do for the stairways, the landings, and the deck? Many might have not thought about it and many would be just as confused as you are right now while reading this. Well, the answer to the question is, you can always go for a wire balustrade! Confused? Let us know more about it.

What is a Wire Balustrade?

Wire Balustrade is quite popular in Australian households. It is mainly to form a protective barrier used on staircases, landing, or decks by using wire or cable with a fall of 1 to 4 meters. Due to its open nature, it provides the best look to the gardens, staircase, outdoor decks, and pathways, too. It can be used as an alternative to glass or full timber balustrade.

There are basically two kinds of attachments, that you can use, Timber and Steel. Both of these attachments help with an amazing finish. It gives a modern look and feel to the home, and also keeps the premises safe.

Why choose a Wire Balustrade over a Glass Balustrade?

Although you might think that Glass Balustrade offers an excellent view from your place, there are a few disadvantages to it when compared with steel wire balustrades. You should not forget that glass panes are prone to attract a lot of dirt and so it requires quite a high maintenance.

Do not forget to consider the winds in your regions, why? If the region you live in gets too strong winds, it puts a lot of pressure on the glass panes and posts, thus damaging the entire glass balustrade. Luckily, this is not the condition when it comes to installing sturdy wire balustrades.

The one major issue faced with traditional balustrades is that they obstruct the impeccable view of the surroundings and ruin the entire scenery. Wire Balustrades do not face such issues and rather allow the viewers to enjoy the elegant scenery from the deck or balcony perfectly without any obstruction.

Also, guess what?

Wire Balustrades have a variety of options to choose from

  •       Metal Configuration: Metal can be the best choice for wire balustrades. They give an aesthetic view which is suitable for a wide range of homes. In addition to this, the configuration will give you the maximum view with the least obstruction as the main focus will not be taken away by the balustrade.
  •       Wood Configuration: Wood can be another common configuration and a good choice from wire balustrades. At most times, if the wire balustrades are used in the decks, it will affect the choice of wood to ensure that there is the least possible obstruction in the view. These wire balustrades also add a degree of warmth to the beauty and look of the balcony or deck through its aesthetics.
  •       Alignment – Horizontal or Vertical: You must be thinking about how can the alignment of the wire balustrades make any change in the look? Trust us, the alignment of the wire balustrades also gives a change to the entire look of the home. Mostly, horizontal is the most common arrangement for the wire balustrades but the vertical alignment of the cables can also give a beautiful aesthetic look as it enhances the appearance of the wire balustrades and freer look to the scenery around.

The kinds of Attachments – Timber and Steel Poles

Timber Wire Balustrade: Do you like the antique look and feel of the place? Well, with Timber poles, you can enhance the class in your home, while enjoying the safety and cost-efficiency of wire balustrade. Many of the Australian households use timber wire balustrade for their staircase, in-house pathways, indoor gardens, room separators, etc. The best part about timber poles is that you can set the tone of the color according to the room decor. You can also color the poles with different colors, and match them to the room’s furniture.

Steel Poles Wire Balustrade: You can also go for steel poles balustrade as it gives a modern feel to the entire place, and it usually does well outdoors. Many of the commercial places use the steel poles for their wire balustrade, as this is comparatively cheaper than the other available options.

Stainless steel wires have a high degree of durability. It adds value to your home and acts as a sensible investment. In addition to it, it also has the advantage that it will not rust, in other words, it is going to maintain its structural integrity as well as aesthetics.

Also, if your stainless steel wire balustrades get dirty by strong winds, just a spray, and a simple wipe through the balustrade is all that is required, and congratulations, you have your shiny wire balustrades back again.

According to a recent survey and report, it was seen that the global construction industry has grown by 3% in the year 2019. With the growing construction industry, the need for wire balustrade is also bound to increase.

So, now that you know the types, let us look at the reasons why you should install wire balustrade and add on to the aesthetics of the place!

  1. Wire Balustrades provide safety and security.

This is one of the primary reasons why people install wire balustrade. The steel and timber poles are quite strong, and the stainless-steel wires make a great wall. This can be easily added to pathways, staircase, gardens, etc. making the place safe and secure. If you speak to the right architect, you can also baby-proof the entire wire balustrade.

  1. The maintenance cost is not very high!

Wire Balustrade is not a heavy investment, and the maintenance cost is also not that high. When it comes to walls, and other glass materials, cleaning becomes an added effort. So, if you have a wire balustrade, the cleaning expenses are not that high, and the effort is quite less. The steel and timber poles may just have to be colored, once in a while.

The maximum you might have to do is by tightening the wires occasionally which too depends on the quality of the cables used and the configuration it is made of. Choosing the best quality product can ultimately help you in decreasing the maintenance frequency in the future.

  1. There is freedom when it comes to the design!

With a wire balustrade, you do not have to think a lot about how you want to put it up. It depends on the interior designer and the architect you have on board with you. Wire balustrade provides you an immense amount of freedom when it comes to it being used as a good attachment. You can practically use them anywhere and you won’t even have to compromise with aesthetics. Only remember that it is better to look at some inspiration design, before applying it to the household.

The wire balustrades look sleek and minimal and can be freely decorated by integrating them with a variety of materials as and whatever you want to add more to its look. For instance, you want to give it a better texture, try going for stainless steel wire.

  1. It helps with proper ventilation and is a great addition for homes in tropical regions or countries with exhausting summer.

When you have concrete walls, or fiberglass or pure glass separators, and columns for staircases, rooftops, pool area access, gardens, etc., it makes the place too stuffy. With a wire balustrade, you do not have to realize your worst fears, as the stainless-steel wires keep the view undisturbed, and there is no problem with ventilation. This is one of the primary reasons why people prefer Wire Balustrade in Australia!

Over to you…

After reading this, I am sure you must have got the ideas and reasons to have wire steel balustrading installed at your home. It’s durable and cost-effective with additional good looks advantages that will make anyone agree that wire balustrades are the best. 

One sensible investment in the material configuration of the wire balustrades and you have the best reason to forget about it after its installation. So, what’s the wait worth for? Go ahead. I promise you won’t regret it.