Creativity and innovation have always led to the battalion of the world. The new and genius ideas define the intricate nature of the craft. Inspiration from simple yet elegant raw materials is great for decoration of homes. This is why wooden milk crates find their usage in homes. Some even buy them from the craft store to make some relishing beautiful space for these craft items. See these amazing wooden crate decorating ideas.

There are many ways in which you can transform these wooden milk crates beyond the intended use. Some might use them for adding an aesthetic value to their homes or use it to storage.

Add elements of European style into your home design with these wooden crates. These will make people love your design taste. It also serves to be a great inspiration for your new home. You can also use it to decorate 60th birthday gifts and add some new bright additions to it.

The different ways of using wooden milk crates for decorating your home

The different trends of home decor have been stapling on craft. This is when a new item, the humble wooden crate works wonders for your home decor. These have always added some vintage flair to the decor theme and use the space in a very amazing manner.

You can find the wooden crates on at any store. These wooden crates will work in accordance with your current themes. These inexpensive and elegant items are all you need to add some crafty value to your house.

A bookcase for all the reading fanatics:

Stretch as many wooden milk crates you want and turn it into a wooden bookcase. Voila! You can attach them in descending order. You can also add some good stuff toys and other things to decorate your bookcase into a rather rustic one. This idea will serve as a brilliant idea to organize all your books into one space.

A wooden cart with rollers:

Add two crates one over the other and add rollers to it. This rolling wooden can serve as a standing cart for your house. Add some plant pot on top of it and style it to give your home a rather chic and modern look. Keep it a little unfinished and style it with minimal gold accessories and gold casters.

A white rack for all the linen brands:

A lot of people use wooden crates as shelves. A touch of the white wooden crate for linen with help in making some storage space in the bathroom. These wooden crates with match with your bathroom essentials. You can keep everything in the bathroom without any hassle now. Yay!

An outdoor bar with the wooden crates:

Who doesn’t like an outdoor bar with some great versatile space! It can include all the outdoor party items like drinks, glasses, and bowls, wine and other things. So drive away to the craft store today and construct your own unique outdoor bar. Fill these outdoor wooden milk crates bar up to brim with all the party essentials.

The DIY coffee wooden table:

Wouldn’t you like to sip a great cup of coffee at your own DIY coffee table! This will make your homes enlighten with a customized coffee table. All you need is give it a more wooden look. Paint it with many colors and sticks and add a touch of flowery essence to it. Finish it off with a great style a sip an amazing of coffee from it

wooden crate decorating

Your own green garden:

Want to add some vintage theme to your dining table? Add some wooden crate with some green plants for a healthy and fresh vibe in your dining room. This will serve to be the centerpiece setting for your house. Add plants like mason jars and succulents to the planter pot of your home. Add different type of wooden milk crates to it and add some charm to your house.

Chalking your kitchen supplies with the wooden crates:

Will, you not like to fix some things and your kitchen supplies in one rack which is also labeled? Arrange your wooden milk crates into some great kitchen supply racks encased in wood. This will give more of a rustic look to your boxes. You can add labels to the wooden crates so that you know what packs in it.

Vintage crate shelf for a farmhouse setting:

Shelving in the house is very important for a good kitchen trend. This ideal method will help you fill your kitchen cabinets in a more rustic and charming way. You can fix all the whites in your kitchen with a good wooden crate. This farmhouse setting will serve to take care of all your dishware.

A wooden crate TV stand:

This is one of the most inexpensive ways of customizing a TV stand. You can give any length of space and add any number of gadgets to it. Not only this, but you can add some jar succulent planters to it. The unstained crates to give a more of a modern and farmhouse type of look. Isn’t it a great wooden crate TV stand for you!

Wooden crate stool and storage ottoman:

This DIY idea will work great as a footstool and a great storage ottoman for your house. As wooden crates are not that tall, it is perfect for normal sized people, who want to sit. Create an ideal sized stool and add some hinges and rollers to it. Not only this, but users can use to the storage space underneath for some stuff. Cheers!

Create some art and craft space in your house with wooden crate decorating ideas:

You can create some boutique shop for your art and craft and incorporate this in your house. It will make great functional wall art for your house and give it some artistry vibes as well. Now make sure that you balance all the symmetry and god with good detailing of your art and craft work.

Built in with unfinished wooden carts and stuff:

So you want to make some customized racks and shelves for your home. All you have to do is collect all the unfinished wooden milk crates and fix them on your walls. Add different types of stuff to it. Go with a little variation and maintain the balance of the wall. This is one of the best wooden crate decorating ideas.

An organized shoe rack with the wooden crates:

This distinct and functional wooden milk crate idea will work wonders for your shoes. All you have to do is stack some wooden crates over the side of the room. Then stuff it with some of your best footwear. Include your tall boots and vertical crates and flats in the horizontal crates.

A desk makes out of wooden crates:

This DIY method will make you get a better customized wooden table for all your night sessions. Design it in a way to include more storage space in it. You can make it a study table or your office table. Add the wooden crates to the legs of the table to increase the storage space.

Wine and dine wooden table:

You can convert your wooden crate into a good wine cellar and a bottle holder. You can stack up against the wooden crates and include the glass hangers on the side. This will increase the functionality and space of your cellar.

wooden crate decorating ideas

A decoration space for your house:

All you have to do is stack up against the crates and decorate it with different things. This will not only increase the storage space of your house but also serve as a decoration point. It is a brilliant idea for those who like to add embellishments to the house.

Wooden grates for the decorations:

You can use the small wooden crates on the wedding tables and add some pastel flowers or napkins to it. This will increase the charm on your tables. Increase the value of the wedding decorations with this DIY idea of wooden crates.

A little bench for your balcony:

When you like stacking wooden milk crates in your house, use it in your balcony for some space. You can add some pillow covers to it or add some succulents to make a perfect night. Carry a book and enjoy your single night on the balcony.

Add some sweets and refreshers to it:

This amazing wooden crate decorating ideas will serve as s sweet candy idea for you. All you have to do is paint it with some mystic colors. Add this candy bar for your guests and let them enjoy some sweetness.


When you have creativity within you, all you have to do is make people realize it. Wooden crate decorating ideas will not only increase the aesthetic value of your homes. It will also give it a vintage touch and feel. Create your own creative spot in the house with these DIY wooden milk crate idea. These interesting and creative designs will serve all your purposes. Add some rustic taste to your home with these wooden milk crates.

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