Have you ever glanced at your mundane walls and wondered if you could do something to spice it up? If you got empty walls, then wooden wall art is the perfect way to glam it up. They also make lovely gifts, so if you got a wedding or a birthday coming up; these wooden wall arts will be the perfect present. 

They will look great on any wall color, is easy to clean, looks vintage, and is even more affordable than other types of painting. They will amp up the entire atmosphere of your room and give it a distinct look.

Below, I have listed some of the best wooden wall arts you could find. So, if you are curious to find one for yourself, keep on reading below.

Stone and Beam

Who doesn’t want love? And this love woodblocks from Stone and Beam will give your room that lovey-dovey atmosphere and they would even make a better gift for your partner or maybe a friend that you completely adore.

It’s a simplistic design and is constructed with paulownia, making it a very lightweight art piece; it comes ready to hang and includes all the necessary hardware. 

It is carved with wood and is stained, but the stain is so deep that even though the piece is quite large, it is still subtle and stays minimalistic.

A great feature of this wooden wall art is that each letter is provided with its hanger, so you can arrange and customize them in any way you like. Screws and wall hangers are also provided, so you don’t really need to buy extra ones. 

They are so simple, and ‘Love’ is a universal language, so that it can be an excellent gift as well. They are an awesome accent to any room.


This 16×20 wooden wall art from Rivet features a simplistic geode design. When you run your hands through this beautiful artwork, all you would feel is finely carved wood.

The gradation of the colors is truly breath-taking from deep black to subtle greens and oranges and, finally, the rings, which feature numerous varieties of purple.

The overall appearance is very simplistic yet intriguing and would look beautiful regardless of where you hang it. Particularly if you have a room with white or grey walls, this art piece will look amazing. 

They would also make excellent gifts, particularly for formal occasions due to their minimalistic yet classy appearance. 


wooden wall art

Are you looking for reclaimed wood wall art? Then this piece from other furniture will truly please your eyes. It is a beautiful combination of natural wood stains, recycled wood products, and hardwood veneer that is hand-finished with the best precision.

This masterpiece will accent any room in your house, and if you are looking for a gift, your friends and loved ones will simply adore this.

Inspired by the soaring Blanca Peak Mountains, it is carved by the best hands and contains a lot of details. 

This haunting design comes in numerous designs: 40×80, 30×60, 22.75×46.75, 18×36, and 12×22.75 inches. Not just that, but if you prefer custom finish or color or maybe even a completely custom design, you can simply call them, and your wish will be granted. This customization feature will surely come handy when you want to customize a gift for your family and friends. 

Whether you want to hang it on your bedroom, living room, or just above your study table, this wooden art piece will give the entire room a calm aura. 


Not into simple designs? No worries, this funky colorful reclaimed wood wall art will spice up any room and make it look youthful. It is constructed with plywood, birch, acrylic, and varnish. This bright wall décor has been carefully cut and delicately painted with hands.

Thanks to the poppy, vivid colors against a dark black background, this art décor has a very distinct look. It will be very suitable in the living room or your recreational room. Due to the youthful vibe, this wooden wall art can make excellent presents both for office goers and college students. 

If you are a student living in a dorm or an apartment or you know someone that does, this wall décor from SamRecycleWood will be a fantastic addition to liven up your rooms. If you have a child that is about to go to college, this can be a very memorable and beautiful gift. 

It comes in a height of 31.5cm, a width of 70cm, and a depth of 3.5cm.



If you are an artsy person and have an eye for unique designs, then this geometric wood wall art of the iconic Van Gogh will be a sight to behold. Whether it is your office, your bedroom, your study room, or your living room, this piece will be an excellent addition. This art piece from Betonux is constructed with environmentally friendly materials, so not only are they striking, but you will also be, in a small way, contributing to the environment. 

Every single part was carefully cut and refined by skilled hands and then painted with acrylic and colored wax. The top piece of the wooden wall artis also covered with a particular protective oil. This unique oil will protect the panel from light scratches and moisture. Hooks are provided so that you can hang this beautiful piece in any part of your house.

For the artist in you, this will be a solid choice. Its one of a kind and will surely dazzle the visitors in your home. 

Grindstone Design

wooden wall art

If you want a rusty piece to adorn your home for a truly vintage look, then this wooden wall art from grindstone Design will be an excellent pick. Thanks to its satin finish, it has a smooth, classy look and feels and gives it a very bourgeoisie appearance.

The geometric brown and grey design has an effortless yet elegant look that will be perfect for your office or living room. This beautiful design is manufactured with lumber from barns in rural Missouri. Not just that, but thanks to the barn’s characteristics, each item of this beautiful art piece will have some unique features. No two items will be identical. 

If you are someone that appreciates wooden art home decorations with a story of its own, you will simply love this wooden wall art from Grindstone Design. 

Its unique characteristics are truly what makes this piece spectacular so that you can hang it anywhere in your home or gift it as a beautiful present.


This classy looking geometric wooden wall art will look immaculate as a centerpiece anywhere in your house. It is very large and carved with the highest of detail and will complete the décor of your home. Wherever you want to give a stylish touch, this art piece will be a fantastic addition. Whether it is your master bedroom, above your study table, in the kitchen, living room, or maybe even your bathroom, this art will look very compatible.

It has a stunning geometric design with vibrant colors that looks vivid yet minimalistic. It is hand finished and is a mixture of recycled wood products, hardwood veneers, and natural wood stains.

Regardless of the size of your room, you will find one that will fit perfectly. It comes in four different sizes: 40×80, 30×60, 22.75×46.75, 18×36, 12×22.75 inches. It will also make a wonderful gift to your loved ones. 

Urban Legacy

With this reclaimed wood wall art, you can add a tiny dose of Lancaster County Pennsylvania to adorn your walls. These spectacular Amish handcrafted art pieces are manufactured with reclaimed barn wood.

This art piece from Urban Legacy is constructed from the remnants of their shelves, which will be good news for the environmentally conscious as it means No Waste! Whether you hang it by itself or combine it with other art pieces, it will look great in any room.

It is made with reclaimed wood, so don’t be surprised if it has some uneven texture. Instead, this makes it look more rustic and authentic. It’s like having a fingerprint of its own. This wooden wall art will also make lovely presents for your dear ones. 

It comes in three sizes of 24×36, 18×24, and 18×18, so you can find one that goes smoothly with the size of your home. 


There is a misconception that wooden art home decorations have to look old or mundane. Instead, they can be the most personal and unique pieces of art. If crafted by the best hands, these art pieces will light up any room in your house, and they are sure to be conversation starters. 

Whether it is geometric design, or poppy colors, or made from reclaimed wood, you will find something that goes perfectly with each room in your home. Not just that, but these art pieces make a very special and beautiful present to gift any time of the year.

The above mentioned wooden wall arts have been made by the best hands you could find, and I’m sure you will find one to adorn your home. If you admire art, just hang one of these spectacular pieces, but be warned that you will be bombarded by questions of where you got them.