Our world is an amazing and vast place, that’s why so many people seek to travel and explore it and that is why people need world map posters to remember the places, the dreams or just to make their living space more attractive. 

Whether you’ve been able to venture to a place across the globe or not, there is a way to capture that wonderful spirit of adventure in your home or office.

In this article, we offer you 40 amazing world map posters that can make your home look better, help you plan your trip or just bring back memories from trips or anything else you might want to remember about a special place.

Why Should You Buy World Map Posters?

World Map posters are not only meant for travelers to guide them somewhere, but they can be a great gift for a loved one, a symbol of a wonderful memory for yourself, or maybe a way to plan and mark your trips with scratch maps.

They look great at your home or office. They can fill in the empty and depressant walls with something you can always look at and have great memories.

Every Travelers Dream – Custom World Map

As travelers, we always want to remember our best trips and greatest memories from them.

We offer you seven custom world map posters that are a ”must have” for every traveler and can be a great gift for your travel buddy.

Famous Monuments Map Poster

If you have visited the world’s most famous monuments, then this is map is for you.

world map posters

Vintage World Map Painting

This vintage style piece can double as a stylish wall art that will look great in addition to guide you places across the world.



Family Travel World Map

Travel with your family? No problem, a map poster is fun for your whole family. You can personalize it with your family name and on this map, and it’s great fun to pin your travel destinations.

Scratch Map

Get this scratch map if you want to show your friends how many different countries you have visited.


Scratch Off World Map Poster

This is something similar to previous one – a scratch map, but instead of the country’s name, it stylishly includes the nation’s flag on the map.



Push Pin Map Poster

If you do not like scratch maps then a great alternative is this custom world map. Push pin map poster allow you to hang them on your wall and add pins to mark your travel destinations.


Travel Plan Map

If you want to plan a future trip on a map, then this would be the one to get. Create a personalized trip for yourself or your friends


Interesting Custom Map Art

Maps can be a very interesting piece of art. A lot of artists around the world are creating custom map art and selling it for a lot of money because it is unique and the only one of that kind.

If you are a person who loves art and paintings then these custom map art posters will be ones that catch your eye.


Watercolor Map Wall Art

This world map poster is painted with watercolors and is a set of three maps together




This is one-of-a-kind map is made by graphic artist PARVEZ TAJ. It is a great piece of art for a great price.


Handmade Customized Map Art

This map poster is a handmade color painting, and it is a unique customized map art.


2014 Atlantic Ocean Floor

Every ocean lover and enthusiast should have this amazing ocean floor map You can’t find any better map art with this detailed ocean floor.


Vintage Map Poster Painting

This painting can be a great accessory to your office, house, apartment or even your garage. This is one of the most beautiful customized map art paintings that I have seen.


Watercolor Canvas Art

Another great watercolor world map poster painting. Personally, if I would have to choose between this and the other watercolor painting, I would pick this one. But it is up to you.


Extra Large Canvas World Map

I would say that this is much better than any other painting that you can hang on a wall. An affordable price.Why you should pay thousands for a unique painting if you can have something great on your wall like this.


Typographic Text World Map

Another digital art world map. Text of the countries’ names makes up all the continents in this innovative piece.


Music Notes World Map

This world map poster is made only from music notes. If you are a traveler who is also a musician, then this is made for you.


Paint Splashes Map Poster

This is a great piece of art. Paint is splashed on paper until the world map has been painted.


Custom Map Posters For Everyone


Maybe you are not a traveler, but you just like maps? Then you can choose one of these maps or create your own custom maps poster with Grafomap for your office or house.

All of these will be a great addition to your home.


Grafomap Poster

Grafomap’s map poster can be a great gift for your loved ones or just for you. Remember your greatest life moments with your custom map poster


Print Your Marathon Map

Have you ever finished a marathon? If yes, then you can print your marathon track on a map and hang on the wall to always remember that day.


World Map Vintage Style Map

This vintage map can be a great addition to your house or apartment if you are a vintage map lover.


Golden Aged Map Poster

Another great vintage world map that would look amazing on your wall. If you have a private home office in vintage style, then this map is one that you need to have on your wall.


Personalized Heart Map

This heart map is a great gift for a wedding or for your girlfriend to show how much you love and care for her. You can add your names, place you first met, date or other important memories..


Multi-Layered Wood.Hand Made

This great handmade map poster is just from another world. It is not cheap, but it is definitely worth the price if you want something unique on your empty wall.


Horizontal Mono Design Map

This is something I haven’t seen anywhere else besides Etsy shop. Amazing color and detailed street view custom map poster.


LED Wood World Map

Be different than others, get a LED world map that can light your way even in the darkest nights.


Love Hearts Map

Present this to your girlfriend who loves to travel. She will be very happy about this gift. You will show that you love her with all the hearts. Map poster for all the lovers.


Huge Customized Wall Maps For Your Office


Does your office need some makeover? Instead of painting a wall in different color, add huge customized wall maps or map on the wall behind your desk. That will definitely draw some attention to your office and your room.


I have seen a lot of offices that have one wall with huge world map and it looks just amazing.

So here are the best huge world map posters that you need to have in your office.


Huge Antique World Map

This map would fit nicely in your personal library where you have a lot of books and vintage-style furniture.


Black World Sticker Map

In my opinion, the best world map that you can have at your office is this amazing black sticker world map. It looks great at your office or meeting room.


Large Painted Wall Map

This is something that not all the offices have. Completely covers all the wall and leaves no trace of the old wall color.


Canvas World Map

This handmade map poster will be a great accessory for your living room or office.


Most Detailed Large World Map

This large 6×10 map will probably not fit at your home or apartment, but if you have a big office then this is something amazing to have. This is the most detailed map you could ever get.


Huge Wall Map For Your Bedroom

This map would fit the best in your bedroom because it is very simple and the color is very peaceful.


Continents & Ocean Names Wall Decal

This is another simple wall map poster, with our country names and cities. Only continent and ocean names. But still one of the most interesting customized wall maps



So here they are —  all 40 world map posters that are an amazing accessory or a great gift for any life situation.

Choose which one you like the most and get it for yourself. You will not regret it, because everyone loves maps, and your friends will appreciate your wall art.

Bring the world back home

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